Pisces New Moon 2022 – Card Guidance

by Samira Teymouri

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign



Mother of Life

When life seems dry,

depleted, filled with repetitive tasks

or simply stagnant and stifled,

Isis, the Mother of Life,

holds the ability to revive

even the most numb,

resistant and difficult

circumstances in your life.

She calls to you now,

seeking to bestow

gifts of life upon you.

Be bold and brave;

open your arms and receive.

Isis - mother of life
Tarot - 7 of feathers




Two of Coins

The soles of your feet are the part of your body which have direct contact with the earth.

This card is all about transforming all that happens often – for example walking – from a mechanical, auto-matic, and unconscious act into a conscious one.

Take a step and be aware of it.

On the physical and mental levels become aware of unconscious patterns, step aside, and simply observe.

Balance the new with the old.

It’s all a game, a flowing back and forth.

One part of you is still connected to the old; another dares to step out into the unknown.

In the Tao Te Ching it is written “A way is created by walking it”.



The Stone

As an archetypal object, The Stone holds psychic and literal weight.

Its energy is one of permanence, concreteness, and reliability.

The Stone’s ability to transform is nearly imperceptible to us, as it changes ever so slowly over countless human life spans. A single stone may see thousands of generations come and go; therefore it contains an ancient and eternal presence.

The Stone is best used to anchor our wild side, so no matter how far we roam, we can always find our way back.

The Stone tethers us to Earth, helping to ground and connect us to stillness, quiet, and peace.

When this card appears, it is likely The Stone is a remedy for what ails us. Humble and easily unnoticed, the power of The Stone balances the frenzy of our world.

When light it is steadfast, loyal, committed, present.

When dark it is weighted down, holding back, cold.

archetypes - the vessel
Tarot - 7 of feathers

I Ching

46 – The Way of Delight

If we could see that every thought, word, deed, and act we make has direct consequences for our future, the world would clean itself up really fast. Seriousness is about how deeply submerged we are in the drama. Sooner or later, we’ll see the joke. Seriousness is all about attachment.

The deeper we are in the Maya, the illusion, the more attached and constricted we are. Our mind and its beliefs and opinions are based on good and bad. There is no good and bad, only the playing out of the mechanics of fortune. Bad behaviour simply leads to a consequence, which takes us deeper into matter. Good behaviour loosens the grip of matter.

A system should be loose for it to be truly transformational. Fortune favours the fool, the one who can see the joke but still respects the drama. We are here to learn that death is falsehood. Delight comes only with a beginner’s mind, a certain innocence. When we’ve realised the truth of the principles of karma, everything becomes simpler.

A master of the Gift of Delight brings a light touch to everything they do, and good fortune to the world. We’re natural-born ecstatics, but to allow that level of beauty into our inner being we have to unlearn many of our masculine traits.

It begins with breath. When we learn to breathe deeply, not in a forced way, but in a relaxed and open way, then the softness of life can approach us. When our inner being is at rest or play, then ecstasy can come. Ecstasy is like the wind, it swells and dips, so we have to give ourself to it.




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