We offer many options for your transformation.


We are devoted to sharing geniune, practical and uplifting healing and teaching. Clear, accessible, rich and inspiring. Wisdom at your fingertips.


There are many ways of gathering and interacting within our community: courses, classes, podcasts and website content, online discussion, active circles and meditations.


We will shortly offer a mix of short and long online courses, healing tools and podcasts to meet your needs and later in person meet-ups.

Maia Mires 2

Maia Mires

Maia is the founder of Sovereign Being. A spiritual counsellor, healer and astrologer, dabbling in many other areas of spirituality and ancient wisdom, she is passionate about our potential and works with individuals so that they might realise their own sovereignty. She has a strong connection with the Goddess. She has been in practice since 2008 with her counselling and healing website is spiritualcounselling.co.uk

Samira Teymouri

Samira Teymouri

Samira is an actress and filmmaker, passionate about creating and producing stories about freedom. She has been practicing yoga, meditations and breathwork for a few years daily and keeps diving deeply into her transformative journey. Samira is in a creative and relational role for this project, a core supportive role for the emergence of Sovereignty into the world.