We want to bring some truth to the illusion, delusion and reality of what awakening really is; we want to reawaken awakening. There are many layers and levels to awakening. Initially there are many more plateaus, where we feel like we are in an endless fog, than moments of illumination. 

Slowly we become willing and open to see the illusions we build and maintain for ourselves. Thus more veils drop away, revealing layers and further layers of truth.

After the wonder, awe and confusion of what’s opened up, we land gently or with a thud back to earth, quickly learning that the work begins here. As we begin to sort through our new reality, we discover certain values, beliefs and opinions now do not resonate with us. 

Our new awareness of Divine laws arise to be embodied. These encourage inner truth, facing self denial. Our perseverance and commitment to the process and our connection with our inner source slowly develops, deepens, redefines and refines our relationship to self and the truth of reality. We become more sovereign.

As we move along our path, opening to more of ourselves, we wake up to both truth and possibility within; our sleeping potential. But the sense of expansion, spaciousness and light, the visions and bliss can both encourage and blind us. Many at this point get stuck in a new identity; the spiritual ego. Clinging to altered states long after they’ve passed. Focusing on higher frequencies; the lower consciousness doesn’t get processed so they cannot progress sustainably.

As long as we commit to stay inside ourselves and process what wants to come out, the grace of life is bestowed upon us. A new direction often initiates us in ways that bring our true life purpose to light. At this stage we see how everything was for a reason, we needed all we’ve experienced to get to where we are, and we take life in as effortlessly as we do our own breath.