Reclaim the fire of our true selves to experience real power

Our outer reality is created from inside of us. We ignite our inner creator everyday, as life is creation and you are a work of art. Yet we are the creators and the created, and can experience blocks to our creative energy through many absorbed and wounded influences. 

We are born with a very deep connection to imagination and potential. But through the cult of growing up; the education system, societal influences, and conditioning, we are systematically disconnected from our innate creativity and spirit. Life can also bring moments or long stretches of time where we feel overwhelmed, or constricted, by uncertainty. In this place, we often outsource our authority to an outside steer to show us the way; other people, google search, groups or societal norms.

On a mental level, we have internalised many non realities and forms of mind control. On a physical level we have swallowed many physical toxins. On an emotional level, we carry the weight of our parents unacknowledged emotions during gestation and at birth. On an etheric spiritual level, we have amassed lower vibrational energies which disconnect us from our soul and spirit. While all of this was necessary to learn about being separate from our spiritual essence, the toxcity now needs to be released.

Reclaiming involves tuning in deeper to our inner truth and working with our spirit to re-empower ourselves. As we reclaim our energy, power and projections from wherever it has been given or taken away, we grow in our capacity to discern.  Through further filtering and distilling, we learn what is ours and what is not, what is important and what is superfluous or full on deceptive. Bringing our inner guidance and awareness more online – our subtle intuition or deeper feeling, our heart’s desire, our connection to sensory information, to signs and synchronicities, to gut instinct – awakens an entirely unique sense of self.

As we deepen our connection to our own self-governance, we can enter into a natural and organic process of purification, where the toxcity comes to the surface for acknowledgement, transmutation, integration or release. Alongside this, numb or forgotten parts begin to heal, awaken or return, bringing your spiritiual essence more online. As your erotic energy and passion for life opens, you further let go of the fear of sharing yourself and your gifts, inviting more purpose and better relationships. As we acclimatise to a more spiritually empowered, creative and truth-based way of being, you then understand it is you who fundamentally influences your own experience of reality, and no one else.

As we rekindle this highest authority – our inner connection to Source – we learn how and when to act. Our lives become more intentional as we reposition from external influence to internal trust. As the universal cycle of separation comes to a close over the forthcoming decades, and we reclaim our sovereignty we will become an unstoppable force, interested only in what serves life and love.