Reality is mostly created inside us, through absorbed influences. We have swallowed and internalised conditioning, delusions, propaganda and toxicity. Reclaiming involves tuning in deeper to who we are. With discernment, filtering and distilling, we learn what is ours and what is not. With awareness, we start to reclaim our boundaries and unique sense of self.

As we more deeply connect to our own self-governance, we enter into a natural process of purification, where what’s detrimental and stagnant comes to the surface for acknowledgement, transmutation, integration or release.

Numb or forgotten parts awaken and return which feels both blissful and dangerous. As we acclimatise to new inner spaciousness, a more empowered, feeling-based way of being; sovereign and creative, becomes expressed. It is now you who influences your own experience of reality.

We are the creators and the created. As children we are born with a very deep connection to imagination and potential. Through the cult of growing up; the education system, societal influences, and our parenting, we are systematically disconnected from our natural creativity and our magical inner child. As we reclaim our creativity, we activate the value of self and our creations. 

We can ignite our inner creator every day, as life is a creation, your work of art. Your erotic energy and your passion for life are intimately connected to creativity. As you awaken into your passion and purpose, you gradually let go of all fears and shame around sharing yourself with the world. Then, there is no stopping you.

Life can bring moments and stretches of time where we feel overwhelmed, or constricted, by uncertainty. We outsource our authority to others, groups or societal norms, incessantly looking for an outside steer to show us the way.

Our sovereignty speaks to us through our inner guidance systems; subtle intuition or feeling, signs and synchronicities, gut instinct or direction, opening up or closing. As we rekindle our inner connection, we learn if, how and when to act. Your inner source, in all the ways you experience it, is your highest authority. A reclaiming and repositioning from external influences to internal trust, is the essential step in activating your own authority.