Reroot into the earth of our being so we can show up in service and leadership

We have lost connection to our bodies and the wider earth body of Gaia. We corset our bodies into unnatural conditions and cycles; using chemicals to sleep, injections for health, hormones for false cycles, and following an AI vision of how our bodies should behave. This lack of relationship to the physical earth and dishonouring of cycles, has resulted in de-souling and de-spiriting the body and a distortion of our true sovereign nature.

Working alongside nature and it’s perfect timing upholds our body and the earth as sacred. The work is to unlearn the unnatural cycles and get back in touch with receiving light into our bodies. As we learn that physical life is sacred, spirit, soul and body reawaken together. We will begin to uphold the guidance that comes to us through the wisdom of rhythms and cycles; death, birth and renewal.

We need to relearn to trust the earth beneath our feet and love our body for what it gifts us. The earth has provided us with everything we need. As we grow our trust in the earth to compassionately hold us while supporting us to let go of what we no longer need, we will heal our division from the physical.

Our nature is to be free, spontaneous, in sync and connected. Cultivating a connection to earth and cosmos, brings us unimaginable health, clarity through feeling and resonance.

While earth is a slower pace and rhythm, it does not mean we slow our vibration, in fact when we slow our rhythm we speed up our vibration. As we become aware that we are nature itself and all of cosmos, we start to strive and thrive in new ways, freeing ourselves up into a greater embodiment of our spirit.