Realignment is about flow. Sometimes we flow too much with what’s outside, influenced by others, media and events. We are too receptive and passive, we absorb it all without discernment and boundaries. Other times our flow is stifled, we are unbending and rigid, fixed and controlled in our ways. We resist changing course and instead stay stuck on dead end trajectories. 

Our original nature is flow. Just as water effortlessly finds its way over and around the rocks that block the river’s journey we can learn to flow with, around, over and under the course of life. If we let go of our resistance and align with flow, we begin to accept the unintentional, unexpected events of life.

We are a body of water; a dynamic force that connects and adapts to life itself. We can advance through life like a fluid, endless stream of energy. We are a creative force, giving birth to life itself, just as we emerge from the still ‘waters’ at birth. 

Your life force can create new life in and around you. It is yours to channel, sacred and powerful, yet it’s power has been distorted and forgotten. We have gathered emotional, intellectual and chemical toxicity damming its flow.

Like water, we are constantly cycling, circling and spiralling in continuous expansion. Change naturally springs forth as we birth our unique life experiences. Amidst change, your inner source, your deep-feeling navigation tool, fluidly regulates the currents in which you live. As you increasingly return to cultivate this inner connection, you will discover you are entirely supported. 

As you increasingly surrender and adapt to flow and change, you let go with more ease, dissolving attachments, and accepting life as it is. You discover that all change, density and resistance simply act as a supportive feedback system, there to open paths back to your sovereignty.