The Sovereign journey is the embodied, integrated, lived spirit of the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine and Divine Child, which when Divinely empowered through love, goes out into the world, creating meaningful, purposeful and powerful change.


You are born sovereign. You have birthright to your body and soul. You have reign over your choices, consciousness and creations.

Beneath the layers of conditioning, your Sovereign Being is always present. Your connection to your Sovereign Being is your birthright. There is no limit to your nature, no end to your capacity for understanding, love or joy.

The ancients knew that evolution was not linear, but subject to death and rebirth and that no individual, or nation for that matter, would escape this reality. Our western society has rejected what the ancients knew; that life is wave-like and that valleys hold as much value as peaks.


We are of all of infinite value, complete within and beyond worthy. This is our fundamental nature; regardless of our experience or expression. 

You are integrally valuable to the whole. Each and every part of you is also valuable. For, as with all things in nature, every part has a unique and essential purpose.

Through your essential sovereign existence, you play your part in the tapestry of the whole. Your value is intrinsic, it can not be given or taken away. We all stand equal in our infinite value.


As we now move into the valley or winter time we enter into the internal preparation phase necessary for our blossoming. The planted seed is in a time of reflection, deep in the cold earth and so it feels sometimes disorientating and overwhelming. For in western society, we live disconnected from life and it’s natural cycles; pushing and forcing agendas and jarring against life’s natural processes into seeming dead-ends. In our resistance of resistance itself, we fight life itself. Now as the western dominance of the world begins its fall, into it’s downward spiral, we will all face seemingly closed doors.

All uncompromising dead-ends are very much full of life and as we learn to navigate the world in this new way, going deeper, opening up and releasing our expectations, we will trust in what life offers regardless of appearances. In turn, we will be released from our obsession with linearity, duality and progression, taking us once and for all off the patriarchal hook. In fact our very freedom and collective unity even lies in our ultimate acceptance of the downturn or descension process.


We are all born free, beholden to no one and nothing. Of course this is rarely our experience and yet it can be, when we orientate towards a truer understanding of what it means to live in alignment with Divine law.

Every moment is an opportunity for freedom, yet often we choose the labyrinth, windings, wandering path.

Divine Truth and Law is coded within our DNA and it sets us free. Human laws betroth us into a heavier, denser, alternate realities. Your joy of life comes from Divine law, but you are always free to choose, in every moment of life.

We are being challenged to develop our inner compass in the midst of many opening and accelerating levels and layers, dimensions and phases of consciousness, which at first feel confusing. Nothing is what first meets our eye, and as we learn to acclimatise, navigate and then bathe in this new multidimensionality, we will exhume this true path of sovereignty and activate the Divine code deep within, in our DNA.

The seed of our consciousness is now receiving a different type of light and heat, one we are not familiar or comfortable with, and that which has been held in the darkness is slowly cracking through the shell. The forgotten, dormant, squirrelled away wounds and gifts are now urgently breaking through. In this profound re-membering and rebirthing process, humanity will finally blossom from the inside-out; we are here to provide understanding, direction, tools and depth.


Join Us

Here in a physical body, you are like the minerals, the plants and the animals of earth.

But nothing commands life’s intelligence like you. Nothing else has the same capacity to choose to search out your purpose like you. 

We are here to show you how to receive life’s fulfilment, as – while you might not know it – you have a complete and total desire and ability to fulfil your dreams and purpose.

When you align with natural laws and your true nature, you have dominion alongside life. 

Go forth, be the change and create the change.