The reeds have a spiritual meaning which we are returning to on our planet. They teach us to;

Realign the flowing waters of your inner, deeper connection to love through the Goddess, and discover what form you will gift this to the world

Reclaim the fire and essence of your true creative, sexual selves, your authentic gifts and fully experience your embodied power

Reawaken the knowing of self and the awareness of being to understand what you are here to receive and learn about your purpose

Reroot the earth of your being so you can show up in service and leadership, and the practical application of sharing your gifts

Humanity has forgotten it’s deeper purpose. We have been focused on the outside now, for a long time. Our hope, values and drivers have been anchored in the material, the sexual, the emotional and the intellectual. This is not who we are. We are not using our elemental nature for what it was made. We have become pulled off course and our lives driven by things that are now not important. We are here to deepen our connection to and balance the reeds. Through a process of purification and reconnection, we prepare the ground for stepping fully into the light, the true essence of who we are.

They represent the elements, water, fire, earth and air and four directions. The intelligence of the 4 elements is indestructible and always available within us. In fact it is our connection to them that sustains our lives, since they fiercely support our orientation and reorientation, our reconnection to nature, the earth and the cosmos. They help us bridge realities, shift through dimensions and rebalance at all levels. They bring us back to our essential sovereign nature – in its whole expression.

sovereign being REEDS

They act like a container or basket. They hold and know everything, since they have been here since the point of creation. Each reed acts like a cohesive, interwoven nest, protecting its precious eggs. The eggs it holds are the individuating consciousness which is growing inside of us. We are the result of the sacred act of separation and division, and just as a nest protects an egg, each reed holds us in its field of consciousness.

As we grow this consciousness within, we begin to hold broader and more nuanced levels of awareness; our spirit takes shape in and through each reed, each basket, and we come to understand ourselves as intricately woven into the tapestry of life, the elements, and nature all around. We literally take up our embodiment, space and place in the world and claim our life as ours to live.

reeds 2

We can also see the reeds as revolving around an axis, a rotational point around which we orientate, like the four directions revolve around the cosmic axis. They are elements and directions, and so provide a multi-layered map or structure for navigating our process of sovereignty, orientating us into reality and act as dimensional gateways to deeper levels of understanding, manifestation and self-mastery.  Their exhumation is here to support the global and individual transition into the new level of consciousness of our evolving earth.

reeds 4

Just as a reed is bending, supple and pliant, they provide flexibility. They are hollow and empty, allowing space for us to emerge and grow. Each reed is distinct and yet they combine and intermingle to produce a resilient, complete yet yielding vessel for our shifting consciousness.

reeds 5

The reeds represent the balance struck among the elemental forces of nature, which is ancient and primal. Reeds hold steady like fire and naturally connect earth with water and sky, reflecting the law of four, and eight, and ultimately the sixty-four.

Journey into each reed element below.