It is modern, ancient and timeless. It is both complex and simple yet deeply rich. It adapts fluidly and effortlessly to wherever we are at, whatever the consciousness, inviting us on the deeper path. 

It works with a whole spectrum of being, doing, feeling and thinking through fluid structure. It reveals what we cannot yet see, it takes us into places we have never been, it opens up internal realities so we can stand in our truth and wholeness.

It is much needed gift bestowed to the planet at this time.

Join us on the journey.

The Sovereign Being movement is a cosmic and ground level movement. The mission is to restore the knowledge around which the cosmic process of life, emanates, emerges, organises and revolves. To teach that our lives and life itself is not random, but rich with direction, purpose and meaning.

This movement is rebirthing a new and yet ancient, forgotten structure for understanding and orientation to the shifting, accelerating consciousness. It is the means to better heal; realigning, rerooting, reclaiming and reawakening us into our sovereign birthright.

The Sovereign Journey.


April through August 2020; a series of revelations or transmissions were received by Maia, which guided her, with the help of others, to put together this resource.

It is a resource to support the dissolving of our current illusion, and the emergence of what will replace it.


People are awakening in greater numbers and at a lightening speed, more than ever before; they quickly find that the internal and external structures, rules and models, once obediently followed, are defunct.

We are here to exhume and create paths, structures and patterns which better suit our new direction and changing needs; individually, in our relationships, our communities and the wider collective structures.



The world is being reborn. We are reclaiming ancient, natural wisdoms which bridge earth and cosmos.  One that honours all journeys, yet seeks out sovereignty.

Sovereign values and principles restore the spectrum of consciousness within polarity, and take us beyond it, bringing depth, subtlety, richness and finesse.

The real duality issue is the promoted deception that we are just the body or just the spirit, that it’s just them or us. The truth is that it’s all of that, both combined and something else we haven’t even entertained yet. When you get start living like this, you enter into whole new relationship with life and living.


 Our mission is to unify, bridge, integrate and embody all the dimensions of body and spirit. This means honouring the separateness of physical form and the unity of spirit, learning how to fluidly move between the two spectrums, and invite in what we do not yet know, usually at the farthest edge or entirely outside of our awareness. This is how we begin to live our wholeness.

Be The Change And Create The Change.