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Humanity has forgotten it’s deeper purpose. We have been overly focused on the material for a long time. Our hope, values and drivers have been anchored in the material, the sexual, the emotional and the intellectual and things that are now not important. This is not who we are. We are not using our elemental nature for what it was made.

The intelligence of the 4 elements is indestructible and always available within us, yet they have been vastly underrepresented. It is our connection to them that sustains our lives, since they fiercely support our orientation and reorientation, our connection and reconnection to nature, the earth, our soul, spirit and the cosmos. They help us bridge realities, shift through dimensions and rebalance at all levels. They bring us back to our essential sovereign nature – in its whole expression.

The 4 elements act like a container, basket or nest. They revolve around an axis, a rotational point around which we orientate, like the four directions revolve around the cosmic axis. They hold and know everything, since they have been here since the point of creation and each element holds us in it’s field of consciousness. Like a nest, they nurture and protect the individuating consciousness growing inside each of us, in the sacred act of separation and division.

As this consciousness grows within, we begin to hold broader and more nuanced levels of awareness; our spirit takes shape in and through each reed, and we come to understand ourselves as intricately woven into the tapestry of life, the elements, and nature all around. We literally take up our sovereign embodiment, space and place in the world and claim our life as ours to live.

The elements provide a multi-layered map or structure for navigating the process of sovereignty, orientating us into reality and act as dimensional gateways to deeper levels of understanding, manifestation and self-mastery.  Their exhumation now is to support the global and individual transition into the new level of consciousness of our evolving earth.


Realign to the waters of our inner, deeper being to expand into self-love and flow. 

Our original nature is flowing love; receiving, giving, receiving. Just as water effortlessly finds its way over and around the rocks that block the river’s journey we can learn to flow with, around, over and under with the course of life.

If we learn to work with our resistance and align with deeper and more subtle levels of flow, we begin to attune deeper to the rhythmic cycles of life and feel that infinite trust available at the heart of nature and cosmos.

Your emotional energy creates new life in and around you. It is yours to channel, sacred and powerful, yet its power has also been forgotten and distorted. We have gathered emotional, intellectual and chemical toxicity damming its natural flow.

There is much to look at; our self-hatred, fears of the unknown, our escapism, denial and avoidance, of being rudderless without orientation. We need to work with the emotional energy within us to return to our natural state of self-love.


Our outer reality is created from inside of us. We ignite our inner creator everyday, as life is creation and you are a work of art. Yet we are the creators and the created, and can experience blocks to our creative energy through many absorbed and wounded influences.

We are born with a very deep connection to imagination and potential. But through the cult of growing up; the education system, societal influences, and conditioning, we are systematically disconnected from our innate creativity and spirit. Life can also bring moments or long stretches of time where we feel overwhelmed, or constricted, by uncertainty. In this place, we often outsource our authority to an outside steer to show us the way; other people, google search, groups or societal norms.

We have amassed many non realities, forms of mind control, physical toxins, other people’s emotions, lower vibrational energies all which disconnect us from our soul and spirit. While all of this was necessary to learn about being separate from our spiritual essence, the toxcity now needs to be released.

Reclaiming involves tuning in deeper to our inner truth and working with our spirit to re-empower ourselves. As we reclaim our energy, power and projections from wherever it has been given or taken away, we grow in our capacity to discern, learning what is ours and what is not, what is important and what is superfluous or full on deceptive. We bring our inner guidance and awareness more online, awakening an entirely unique sense of self.

As the toxcity comes to the surface for acknowledgement, transmutation, integration or release, numb or forgotten parts begin to heal, awaken or return. Your erotic energy and passion for life opens, and start sharing yourself and your gifts, inviting more purpose and better relationships. As we acclimatise to a more spiritually empowered, creative and truth-based way of being, you then understand it is you who fundamentally influences your own experience of reality, and no one else.


Reawaken the spirit and knowing. Develop awareness and understanding of purpose.

After the veils lift, and the wonder and awe recedes, we are often left with confusion and disorientation. Our values, beliefs and opinions do not stand up to interrogation and sometimes our whole life – the foundation, our drivers and our relationships – start to fall a part at the seams.

In this cauldron of alchemy, letting go of many of our support mechanisms and structures, we are waiting to be reborn. Before this burgeoning, newly orientated self can take a place in the world, much will need to go. Moving beyond the confines of who we once were means things need to be sacrificed to the truth. This allows space for deep review and deconstruction.

As we become propelled into sorting and sifting through our new reality, at first we can feel isolated. But our willingness and openness, courage and curiosity, helps us face life and ourselves. As we begin to meet the edges of our consciousness, thresholds and all else kept in the dark and disconnected, the shadows begin to arise for acknowledgement.

Facing our deepest pain, self-righteousness, denial and abdication of responsibility is perhaps some of the hardest things a human being can do, but once these thresholds are crossed and the work fully integrated, there is little chance of return. As we then lose all fear and all triggers, we enter into our full creative power as Source itself, knowing reality as our own creation.


Reroot into the earth of our being so we can show up in service and leadership.

We have lost connection to our bodies and the wider earth body of Gaia. We corset our bodies into unnatural conditions and cycles; using chemicals to sleep, injections for health, hormones for false cycles, and following an AI vision of how our bodies should behave. This lack of relationship to the physical earth and dishonouring of cycles, has resulted in de-souling and de-spiriting the body and a distortion of our true sovereign nature.

Working alongside nature and it’s perfect timing upholds our body and the earth as sacred. The work is to unlearn the unnatural cycles and get back in touch with receiving light into our bodies. As we learn that physical life is sacred, spirit, soul and body reawaken together. We will begin to uphold the guidance that comes to us through the wisdom of rhythms and cycles; death, birth and renewal.

We need to relearn to trust the earth beneath our feet and love our body for what it gifts us. The earth has provided us with everything we need. As we grow our trust in the earth to compassionately hold us while supporting us to let go of what we no longer need, we will heal our division from the physical.

Our nature is to be free, spontaneous, in sync and connected. Cultivating a connection to earth and cosmos, brings us unimaginable health, clarity through feeling and resonance.

While earth is a slower pace and rhythm, it does not mean we slow our vibration, in fact when we slow our rhythm we speed up our vibration. As we become aware that we are nature itself and all of cosmos, we start to strive and thrive in new ways, freeing ourselves up into a greater embodiment of our spirit.


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Training to support the sovereign journey of healing, wholeness & awareness.

Sovereign Being levels 0f training offers you guided video courses, classes, online and in person workshops, community connection and much more. This is advanced work for your path of transformation. These resources help people to trust, reconnect, deepen, enrich and expand their authentic self in the world.

What you will discover:

  • Practices to awaken inner resources and vitality in your body
  • Tools to develop you individually, interdependently and professionally
  • Keys to positive expansion and change within yourself and your community

No matter where you are in your journey, these spirit led resources will meet you where you are at and guide you to where you need to be. I have structured them into what I call the REEDS, which are essentially the elements, but from a whole new level. Join the community to learn more about the REEDS and how they are interwoven into our lives.


Level One

Per Month (paid quarterly)

  •  Working on yourself
  • Gives you access to realign, reclaim, reawaken and reroot paths
  • Classes, courses, events for working on your sovereign journey.


Level Two

Per Month (paid quarterly)

  • All of Silver level one
  • Working on others
  • Classes, courses, events for helping others work on their soveriegn journey


Level Three

Per Month (paid quarterly)

  • All previous levels
  • Working in groups and your community
  • Classes, courses, events for working in groups and community.


Level Four

Per Month (paid quarterly)

  • All previous levels
  • Working on the collective
  • Classes, courses, events for working for the collective.

Sovereignty Keystones

Your foundation for inner & outer freedom.



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How do I access the remote healing?

Find the time here. You simply set your intention to receive. You will receive an email with the time of the healing. You do not need to lay down, you can set your intention to receive it later when you are asleep.

How do I access the online courses?

On signing up above you receive two emails. For the online courses, you need to sign up to teachable as it says in the email. Our online courses run through teachable separate from our online community. Please save your passwords, you will have one for the online community and one for teachable.

To access the Sovereign Being course, use the coupon you receive in your welcome email specifically for that. For all additional courses that are a part of your membership, use your specific membership coupon received in the email.