Pisces New Moon 2022

Pisces New Moon 2022

by Maia Mires

We have a Pisces New Moon on 2nd March 2022 at 17:35 GMT. 

Wednesday 2 March – New Moon in Pisces 17:35 GMT

Thursday 3 March – Mars conjunct Pluto 8:43 GMT

Thursday 3 March – Venus conjunct Pluto 17:56 GMT

Saturday 5 March – Sun conjunct Jupiter 14:06 GMT

Sunday 6 March – Mars into Aquarius 6:23 GMT

Sunday 6 March – Venus into Aquarius 6:30 GMT

Sunday 6 March – Venus conjunct Mars 7:12 GMT

Thursday 10 March – Mercury into Pisces 1:32 GMT

Sunday 13 March – Sun conjunct Neptune 12:43 GMT

Thursday 17 March – Mercury sextile Uranus 13:13 GMT

Friday 18 March – Full Moon in Virgo 8:17 GMT

This New Moon draws in both Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, giving us a flavour of the big event at the end of April, when Jupiter and Neptune conjoin, a once in a 12 year event.

In the last post, I edited out the words ‘something biblical is happening’. I feel this now applies, and yet I do not think we have come anywhere near a pinnacle. The US is having its Pluto’s return, signifying a major shift in this empire’s destiny – potentially a fall from grace for this dominant power dynasty. 

The last Full Moon activated Venus-Mars-Pluto, revealing yet another mirror for humanity’s purview (how many more do we need?). Yet again we have an opportunity to watch as we are pulled into polarisation. This shift in the terrain from virus to war has thrown many cards up in the air. What do we cling to now? What next? What’s going to come?

Our response is to all clamber upon a side again, even if it’s the side of ‘no side’, it’s still feels like an immobilising stance, keeping us disconnected from a deeper stream of understanding or truth. Everyone is trying to find their territory, some aiming for more engagement, others higher or deeper terrain, others just lapping up the latest MSM manipulated reality, but we all want a comfortable stakeout.

There is little comfortable space left though and I feel the space will become increasingly pressured and squeezed. Perhaps this is the birthing process, as the room around us evaporates to transport us into new reality, new awareness. We all want to move into a corner where we won’t be reached or challenged, but something keeps bringing us down. There is no escape.

Pisces New Moon pic 1

We need to keep returning to what we collectively share, rather than our own personal desires that take us away from what we share (and often emerge out of illusions and fears, rather than our authentic heart). What can we all say we feel deep down, no matter where we exist in the peripheral. These shared human experiences are our uniting resources.

This doesn’t mean we forsake the individual, quite the opposite. We become more whole when we feel our shared humanity. And yet this is not a collectivism or a giving over of power, or a martyrdom or putting others before our selves. It’s knowing where we begin and end, our unique role and place, how we connect into the whole, how the whole is always within us (this spectrum of life), and how we are vessels which the Divine expresses through.

Our specialness is not in our separateness, in our role, or what we express, it’s in our intrinsic being. If we value or devalue individuals through what emerges from them, then we are judging reality and others. It’s time to cultivate an open mind, open to the powerful orchestration behind the scenes which can help free us up to know our hearts more deeply.

On a consciousness level, it feels like someone has gotten hold of our world and shook it vigorously and now everything is up in the air. The dust is now everywhere and it’s hard to breathe (and sleep). For many, it’s now impossible to deny a deeper human crisis. The effect of this dust is rising confusion and overwhelm, and for some a growing existential crisis. We can help settle it within or scatter it further.

Our existential anguish encompasses many things; our fear of life, that the world is ‘not evolving’, or progressing, essentially devolving. It brings in the nature of humanity, what it means to be a human being and our relationship to the good, bad and ugly. It even makes us question the existence of the Divine. One thing I’ve noticed is that humans like to have something to project onto: to demonise. Without that, there’s a lot of uncomfortableness.

Perhaps in response to this and other things, it is our desire for comfort, passivity, denial, resistance and naivety that is being disturbed, amongst many other shards of shadow consciousness grappling for awareness, light and reintegration. But also our automatic response to all of this disturbance is closing the heart for protection, which works to insulates us from other people, energies, and challenging, impossible dynamics.

Pisces New Moon pic 2

Impossible dynamics because I’m not sure that human minds and hearts are geared for dealing with the daily suffering caused by death, chaos and destruction. We need to strike a balance, in other words, bringing it into our living rooms every evening is just not going to support us, but disengaging from reality doesn’t either.

Find a way to feel into your own inner reality. Rather than get continuously pulled into the outer reality, keep the balance by going within.

Going back to the wisdom of the tao, the path of least resistance can support us to navigate this territory. Using will not force (on ourselves and others). And reminding ourselves of our humility and humanity, our limitations, our boundaries. We cannot be that which we are not yet. Stay with your own reality.

Needless to say that the seat we sit on is getting uncomfortably hot, it possibly will only just get hotter. We are learning to not react but to consciously jump into the fire within our hearts, that will burn it all up. We need to let go, and let go and let go again and again until this is the automatic. There’s so many levels which we cling at. The opening, softening and surrender is what this New Moon in Pisces is bringing forth, especially with Jupiter and Neptune.

Surrender is not giving up or being passive. It is an acceptance of what is and what your feelings tell you. There are things we can change and things we cannot. Either way, we can trust in a spiritual orchestration and drop deeper and deeper into this envelope of safety. Cultivate your healthy safe space.

There is a lot of power, spiritual power and authority, that we can access at this New Moon. We have a choice; we can become a beacon, a gentle and soft radiating light for others in the ensuing confusion, supporting us to feel our humble service, or we can join them in all the tides and waves of emotion and crusade into the future wielding a sword.

At this time, we are learning how to lean into humility and selflessness; of carrying water and chopping wood. This is the antidote to the confusion and righteousness. This is where we are right with Jupiter and Sun in Pisces.

Stepping into leadership is often about learning how to follow a process with gentleness, diligence, patience and trust; what do you want the world to look like – a place of chaos, survival and fear, or a place of trust and gentle growth. It’s not easy to develop our trust in life, there’s always a back story that needs unfolding… but begin with an open mind and clear heart.

Unstable emotions within are easily triggered, and outdated protective mechanisms will thwart your heart’s opening – figure out your back story.

Pisces New Moon pic 3

So we are not here to be leaders of the crusader type, arching a new earth from within a paradigm of urgency – or the frenetic if not me, then who. How many followers we have is not the paradigm of the future, and neither should it be the focus of the present. There are too many leaders who are in fact here to be doing other things.

Come back to you in the moment. And accept what you need to. And ask for celestial support.

We need to really start appreciating what is happening in the moment at this time. Our path is to stay with this time, this reality, and honour this time for humanity with your own personal journey lived. Let’s not get hung up on attaining the future fruits. It’s too soon to energise that; we are not energetically ready or at the level of consciousness required.

I feel it’s better to start seeing the path we have personally and collectively taken, and start making different choices as best we can, and forming the connections and linking the dots. That means resisting the endless global narratives, developing your inner rudder and seeing the generated emotion and fear for what it is; something to observe and wash out.

The simple work of initiating our own and each other’s hearts – this – is the tsunami that needs to flood over humanity. In this light, there is no separation, and only in the light of this will it all make sense, will we know what to do and what and whom to trust going forward. Without our heart on board, fully fledged and in it’s wisdom, it’s going to be zig zag path.

So keep returning to your core guiding principles for life and keep laying the foundations of your being. Just simple ones. Relinquish the complications. We need to come back to the lightness and simplicity and let this guide our path for some far amount of time, so we can filter and disperse this fog, this cloud of dust.

If you are one of the lucky ones who has not lost your centre, and are where you know you need to be, that’s great, then help others gain or return to what they know within. Most of us are in it all and asking many questions of life, foundational, philosophical questions that have been laying dormant for millennia, let alone in our individual consciousness.

Our spirit is here to lead us through this chaos and dismantling. Step in line with it, start attuning and chiming with it. Listen to your dreams, ask for guidance, and wait patiently for your answers, without expectations, since any manner of responses can appear into our reality, and it rarely is what we suspect when we are more deeply aligned.

There’s a lot of messages and information on its way, we are not alone, so be the receiver. This doesn’t need to be experienced as a pressure. You can be relaxed about it. Access what might help you become a better receiver.

Drink less caffeine, eat better, do some qi gong, listen to more music, disconnect from your phone, spend time in nature, play with your children. What simple steps can you put in place ritualistically to support you over the next couple of months?

It is about coming back to basics, bringing yourself back to your conscious awareness in the moment. Like the Taoists said, a way is created by walking it, consciously.

We can notice the illusions of the world without being pulled into them. There is no hope in the illusions. You will not find hope there, only disconnect and suffering. You can sit and feel the pain of the world, and for sure some people are here to work on that level, but if you know it is not for you, step aside from it.

Remember any schedule you set up for support yourself, still needs a level of spaciousness within it, a looseness, for it support your growth. If you cannot circle away and spiral back and forth in your life, and you are on a one way trajectory, you will always feel that niggling discontent. As we move between the old and the new, and make this transition individually and collectively, you need to give yourself a tonne of space.

Let yourself eat chocolate cake if you really want it (as a wise woman once said to me).

Take time to consider what is your energy is flowing towards? What is it feeding? What are you feeding? Does it serve me, the collective, or feed another tired narrative? When our energy gets pulled into the media and its scenes of destruction and pain, it feeds it, rather than heals it. We get etherically transported there and our emotions channel into it.

This is not supportive for anyone. Witness, feel deeply if you choose, but do not feed the sides of this drama with emotions; get curious. It’s just pulling us back into that strong polarisation which we are trying to shift beyond.

Learn what is right for you at this time by listening to your heart – it always knows what you need, so connect to it liberally. Life is softly ecstatic when we live through and with our heart.

Sunday early morning brings the union of Mars and Venus in the zero degree point of Aquarius, highlighting the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of December 2020 at this same point. This is a perfect time to tune in and marry the here and now with your heart’s yearnings.


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