Sovereign Being

Be the change and create the change

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The Sovereign Being is the embodied, human, lived spirit of the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine and Magical Child, all within you, which when Divinely led through love, goes forth into the world, creates meaningful, powerful change.

Sovereign being logo for website


We are born into this world with sovereignty; over our own life & minds 

We are born free to think, feel, learn and love

We have infinite potential and through that we express our infinite worth, value and self-love

Freedom itself is the infinite value of the human sovereign being

To understand our inherent freedom is to understand our inherent value

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A Resource To Support You:

At this time of change and confusion, we struggle to know the path. Have we skipped steps? Discover where you are on the path of sovereignty & then learn how to heal rather than plug the holes and gaps

As You Retrace Your Steps:

Moving through the Re’s – realign, reclaim, reclaim & reawaken, you deepen your understanding, inner connection & remember, returning to your sovereignty 

Individual & Community:

Let go of old patterns & move forward into experiencing more internal freedom on your path of sovereignty; develop order, structure and clarity within this rediscovery process