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Taurus New Moon 2023 – Card Guidance

Published on: 15 May, 2023

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign





When you are being initiated

into the Divine mysteries of

light, love and power,

there are moments of profound challenge.

The key is to find the light

within the challenge –

the opportunity for growth that

can transform any challenge into

an experience of healing.

With compassion and cleverness,

you will not burn during your challenges

– you shall thrive.

Isis Cards - Initiation
Tarot - The Devil


Father of Cups

I adjust to every movement of water without losing myself.

Submerged in a state of alertness I enter the space born out of the emptying stream of my internal dialogue.

I was able to tame my never-ending thirst. I ride my horse without the use of reins. I understand the many songs and languages of water through my silence.

I swam through the river of forgetting.

My body’s knowledge reminded me of the separation of Logos and Eros.

I am aware of unity while my ego builds crystalline landscapes.

I ate from the tree of knowledge.

The tissues of my organism release many images.

Roses grew from neuroses. I swam through the labyrinth of everything In learned and gently touched the crustacean at the seashore.

Tenderness is flowing through my veins. I became participant, receiver, sensor, and giver.

My wife, the flowing one, told me that beneath the surface of the water depths, caves, and canyons exist. Through her shimmering mother of pearl I glided down to the bottom. 




True knowledge is not found in facts and figures in scholarly books on library shelves.

Rather, Gnosis points to the deep and timeless archetypal wisdom that rises from the felt experience of having touched the unknown with every one of the senses.

Those who are drawn to Gnosis find themselves in esoteric studies, likely involving mysticism, alchemy, healing, or perhaps science.

Knowing is their calling. Not knowing is their job description.

No matter how far the alchemists take their studies, they come to the ultimate conclusion that facts slip toward mystery and soon the mystery results in facts.

This card signifies a “knowing” that is life-changing. Once you experience it, you are forever changed and become a guardian of Gnosis.

The eternal mystery is calling you… study your passion in the deepest way available to you.

When light it is contemplating the mystery, unanswerable questions.

When dark it is overintellectualizing and literalizing, asking others.

ARCHETYPE CARDS - the orphan
58 I ching

I Ching

13 – The Way of Discernment

The Transformational Way through this Gene Key moves from discord at the Shadow frequency, to Sympathy at the Gift, and Empathy at the Siddhi. The great secret of the 13th Gene Key is listening, but the Dilemma of its Shadow is pessimism. Pessimism is not really a choice, it’s a sense of hopelessness. It’s a sense that magic and idealism are things we only have when we’re a child and as an adult we have to enter into the ‘real world’. At the Shadow frequency we only see the crisis, focus on bad news, only being tuned to the vibrations of chaos. It’s about only hearing Shadow frequencies. This Gene Key is about human emotional connection, yet it is riddled with distrust in one another but ultimately the distrust in life. It carries a lot of weight, it drags behind it the experimental weight of human history. To only hear from the Shadow frequency is to be weighed down by the human wound. We’ve forgotten about beauty in the world, trust in the present moment and most importantly, we’ve forgotten about love. Start listening inwardly again, to your body, to your heart. This is the secret. Listen to your heart. Discern the heart first, then bring in the mind. You can only hear someone else’s heart if you can hear your own heart. Empathy is all embracing. It’s witnessing, it’s an acceptance so profound that it brings all beings into the centre of the wheel. All we are is the universe listening to itself. This is what Empathy is – it’s our full remembrance of the greatest secret there has ever been – the secret of our union with all that is.