Taurus New Moon 2023

Taurus New Moon 2023

by Maia Mires

We have a New Moon in Taurus on 19th May at 16:53 GMT.

Friday 19 May – New Moon in Taurus 16:53 BST

Saturday 20 May – Mercury sextile Saturn 8:30 BST

Saturday 20 May – Mars into Leo 16:31 BST

Sunday 21 May – Mars opposite Pluto 4:12 BST

Sunday 21 May – Sun into Gemini 8:09 BST

Sunday 21 May – Sun trine Pluto 14:58 BST

Monday 22 May – Sun sextile Mars 6:56 BST

Tuesday 23 May – Mars square Jupiter 6:13 BST

Thursday 25 May – Venus square Chiron 00:39 BST

Friday 26 May – Venus sextile Uranus 8:37 BST

Sunday 28 May – Sun square Saturn 11:46 BST

Friday 2 June – Venus trine Neptune 23:42 BST

Sunday 3 June – Full Moon in Sagittarius 4:42 BST

The Sun-Moon conjunction is in sextile to Neptune, making this a creative, yet somewhat contemplative time.

The end of the lunar cycle, which is the dark of the Moon, can bring a sense of restlessness and unease. Yet Taurus offers an earthy, practical energy to tap into in your New Moon rituals.

Jupiter has just ingressed into Taurus, bringing a degree of long awaited relief for fixed signs. It might take a little while for Jupiter’s more tangible, solid foundations in Taurus to be felt. Know that things can now be slowly built to last, but at your own pace.

Shortly after this New Moon, Mars at the end of Cancer slips into Leo, which likes to exert its authority with assertion, stubbornness, drama, fire and entitlement. Mars in Leo is a very show off, happy to make others appear less than.


Taurus New Moon 2023 - pic 3

With this ingress, Mars then opposes Pluto and squares Jupiter. This is a forceful yet determined energy which if channelled into something that needs power and endurance works well; it could equally be quite ruthless, violent and eruptive.

At the same time, the Sun moves into Gemini trining Pluto and then sextiles Mars. The Sun in Gemini feeds into this configuration, albeit more constructively than Mars, bringing empowered communication and sharing of information. Perhaps also oversharing or overstating. A time to watch the ego for a few days.

Mercury turned direct a few days ago now. If you have planets or angles at or close to 6 degrees of the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius know that what is in your mind now will receive an eclipse in October, upping the ante.

Venus squaring Chiron, bringing up some inadequacy and insecurity, but then making flowing aspects to Uranus and Neptune, suggesting there’s some understanding and healing to be garnered.

The overall feeling of the second half of the month is that while new things are emerging, it’s not flowing, and feels a bit like there’s nowhere to get light relief. It also might feel at times, like you are trying to get blood out of a stone.


Taurus New Moon 2023 - pic 2

Consider perhaps in what and where you are placing your energy. What are you serving; yourself, others, the Divine? An image of yourself, what you project or your true self? A lot of people are striving towards the wrong things – castles that are ultimately in the sky in that they are not based on the deeper truth of what brings joy.

It seems to be that people think they know what is right and truth. But in reality, none of us know anything at all, we just convince ourselves and others that we do, and then sit comfortably in this reassurance for some time. It’s all denial and self-deception. Yet it’s part of the process and also shouldn’t be judged.

Staying open to the wonder and awe potentially available in the unknown supports the Divine to make itself known. Sometimes less words, more space gives rise to the numinous. This might be harder in Gemini season. As it’s very natural to share. It’s also a time for feedback though.

In the sharing of perspective, information, bias even, we have the opportunity to then pause and open to hear others, to what their reality is, and to what is actually trying to emerge, as opposed to what we want or think might be needed.

Taurus New Moon 2023 - pic 1

We want to generally possess, attach and achieve. Anything that pits us above others, to make us feel less empty. In my personal, humble opinion, it is those that can take low dive, drop their attachments, do whatever it takes, live with no privilege or entitlement, that are the ones that will make it into heaven.

There’s a lot to learn this second half of the month, a lot of strong planetary activity. Headway can be made, but it might require dropping into pauses and noticing what’s really running your ship, to really get things to the next level.

Keep your head on, when others start losing theirs (even if it’s only an internal process). The fickle, flakey, flimsy and brittle egos of others, valuing and secure in things that run through fingertips like sand, are about to begin to cave under the pressure.

What is of value, real value and substance, is about to start gaining some traction. Always be open to being surprised, so you do not need to undergo a shock wave to your system, that forces a realignment. Try not to butt with too many egos over the next week or so. Softness overcomes hard. Be like water.

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