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Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse 2023 – Card Guidance

Published on: 5 May, 2023

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign


Proper Burial for Freedom

There is nothing

to be gained and

everything to be lost

by trying to hold on

to that which no

longer serves us.

Osiris, Lord of the Dead,

guides you now to release that

which no longer needs to be a part

of your life so that you may be free.

Isis - Lady of the Stars
Three of flames



Ten of Cups


The ocean.

The water that contains all and gives birth to everything.

To springs, rivers, waves, depths and tears.

You have accepted all the facets of your emotions.

The ocean has welcomed you, held you, absorbed you, thrown you around, gently rocked you, washed you up onto the shore, and pulled you back.

It has immersed you in hidden chasms and shown you the richness of your emotions.

The ocean has engulfed you, cooled, and warmed you.

It has been your mirror and quenched your thirst.



What if instead of putting yourself at the center of your spiritual practice, you put god, goddess, or nature at the center?

How would this change your approach? Such is the energy of Agape.

It is alive when we are in awe and wonder, our breath taken away by the sacred force that surrounds us and asks for nothing in return.

This card can indicate a spiritual initiation that stretches your capacity to love and serve. You sense the earthly as the heavenly and vice versa. Such an initiatory moment can appear in any form, and, like a healing balm to the modern soul, its effects last a lifetime.

The Agape card may also suggest you reassess what you worship every day (consciously or unconsciously). What are you elevating? Where does the sacred ladder you climb ultimately lead to?

When light it is service, reverence, honor, joy.

When dark it is spiritual bypassing, righteousness. 

the creator - archetypes
45 - Gathering Together

I Ching

53 – The Way of Expansion

This hexagram is the Way of Expansion through transforming Immaturity to Superabundance. The Shadow of Immaturity is that stage in human evolution where we haven’t yet learned to look inwards for the resolution of our problems. It spans the spectrum from externally fixated to internally grounded. The question that dictates maturity is how do we deal with and meet suffering. There’s immaturity on many levels – in a single lifetime, as we grow up and hopefully become wiser, and then there’s incarnative maturity, where our consciousness increases its light over many, many cycles and lifetimes. The Dilemma here is Restlessness and our greatest thing to learn is that outer life can never offer genuine fulfillment. We have many incarnations where we seek pleasure or run from pain, until we begin to question the game of life. Our restless spirit has to go through this exhaustive search, this great quest. Eventually that becomes our spiritual quest. Maturity is rooted in slowing down and is a stage in our seeking. Our rhythm may slow down, but our awareness quickens, our intelligence heightens and becomes more refined. Our lives become more efficient, more effective. We enter into a period of gradual expansion. Maturity knows that expansion must be balanced between awareness, love and creativity. Can we use our suffering as a means to expand our awareness, or do we let it overwhelm us and crush our spirit? Superabundance is beyond abundance. Expansion is the other side of contraction; life and death. Superabundance is the state beyond both, beyond seeking.