Taurus Lunar Eclipse 2022

Taurus Lunar Eclipse 2022

by Maia Mires

We have a Taurus Lunar Eclipse on 8th November at 11.02 GMT. 

Tuesday 8 November – Full Moon in Taurus 11:02 GMT

Tuesday 8 November – Sun conjunct Mercury 16:42 GMT

Wednesday 9 November – Mercury opposite Uranus 2:40 GMT

Wednesday 9 November – Sun opposite Uranus 8:26 GMT

Thursday 10 November – Mercury square Saturn 7:52 GMT

Thursday 10 November – Venus trine Neptune 12:22 GMT

Friday 11 November – Sun square Saturn 8:04 GMT

Saturday 12 November – Mercury trine Neptune 18:36 GMT

Sunday 13 November – Venus sextile Pluto 9:41 GMT

Tuesday 15 November – Mercury sextile Pluto 2:27 GMT

Tuesday 15 November – Sun trine Neptune 3:43 GMT

Tuesday 15 November – Venus trine Jupiter 9:36 GMT

Wednesday 16 November – Venus into Sagittarius 6:08 GMT

Wednesday 16 November – Mercury trine Jupiter 15:43 GMT

Thursday 17 November – Mercury into Sagittarius 8:42 GMT

Friday 18 November – Sun sextile Pluto 21:38 GMT

Saturday 19 November – Mars square Neptune 15:43 GMT

Monday 21 November – Sun trine Jupiter 4:07 GMT

Monday 21 November – Mercury conjunct Venus 22:55 GMT

Tuesday 22 November  – Sun into Sagittarius 8:20 GMT

Wednesday 23 November  – New Moon in Sagittarius 22:57 GMT

Taurus is about what feeds us at the deepest most potent level – which can be physical substance, or spiritual, and likely both. We are facing realities, we are facing the bones of our existence.

We are also having our value systems stirred up like never before. We are being asked to reprioritise and dig deeper into our being to align with what is now needing more attention – perhaps something we have ignored or avoided now needs our urgent attention. Heed the messages.

I have been making bone broth, this is the sort of thing I am talking about. The reconnection to the bones of existence and at this eclipse drawing that deep inner reconnection to the body and its substance deep into your being. We have been missing this sense of the physical existence of life and its importance for a long time.

The bones provide so much – they give us structure, or take it away, and much is centred around this, everything can go awry if we do not have the correct structure.

Taurus Lunar Eclipse 2022-1

The blood also, it tends our body with its fluid, and as this is a lunar blood Moon, and the last for a while, we can expect to feel the emphasis on blood over the last few weeks and going forward into the next month. The blood is a feminine mystery after all.

The mystery of the bones and the blood are at the forefront of our lives. See how these symbols keep creeping in to be recognised or acknowledged by you.

Another level of this Taurus Lunar Eclipse is the now perhaps more urgent need to bring in our substance, our application of our being in the realm of doing, the dedication and devotion to life.

Do not be tricked into thinking these energies can be approached simply from the realm of taking planned action. The wisdom of the soul, spirit and body are spontaneous and unpredictable. A bit like Uranus’ conjunction to the Moon in Taurus, we are being reminded that the most refined actions are those that emerge from non-action. Electric, unpredictable, unexpected.

Taurus Lunar Eclipse 2022-2

Our spontaneity emerges from the inherent creativity of the moment, of our essential beingness. Our connection to that being is only interrupted by our worry and ungroundedness. In a deeper, more spontaneous connection, there is only the continuous moment of creation expressing itself.

Here your body just IS in its creativity, there is no hesitation, we trust it to know and instinctively act. These Lunar energies amplify this depth of being, reconnect us into that emergent space, so we can live more authentically.

Make sure in your day to allow these lunar energies, a lunar consciousness, to penetrate you deeply, from your skin down, into your body and down to the very bones of your existence. Let that eclipse infuse itself into your blood and bones.

We have been so disconnected from the instinctive movement and awareness, so paralysed by a multitude of ideas, beliefs and approaches. It is time to start laying down the foundations for this new depth of being. Drink bone broth, connect to the bones, bring in the bones at all levels of your existence.

The system – in all directions and all areas – is now falling a part, it cannot ‘hold’ itself together under the growing awareness and consciousness that it is not working. It is being exposed. The fear that it drills into people just keeps on being exposed for what it is – fear and quite frankly, disinformation.

Taurus Lunar Eclipse 2022-3

It is a waterwash, an illusion, a bag of lies and distortions that we do not need to go along with anymore. Together, the aspects of the ‘system’ conceals the truth and keeps us held up, trapped and disempowered. We can now trust that if you stand, softly, gently or firmly, against the system, you will be fine.

Life is supporting those that do not shrink back in fear of what is not the deepest truth. You can trust it will have your back. Do test this theory of mine, and assume that whatever engagement you need to have with this ‘system’ is for your benefit, to show you how now everything runs through its grasping fingers.

Those in it, mostly, will try and hold on and out. In whatever fashion they perceive is appropriate – out of loyalty, desperateness, kinship, denial, hope and fear. This path is only going to create more pain for them until they acknowledge what they have as yet refused to admit into their lives.

People adhere to the system because for them it’s the safe bet. Unfortunately and increasingly now, they will soon and with more ferocity, see how inadequate and embittered that side of the fence has become.

It cannot address the complexity of the human experience, soul and body. It cannot see things down to the bones and blood. While is the ‘system’, it is anything but systemic. It cannot perceive the whole. It only takes a part and dissects. It is not equipped to see the whole. It does not have the eyes, ears or metaskills for this.

So it has to dissolve. How long this will take will depend on the big spiritual plan. But everyone will learn to see through these eyes and ears of wholeness, to see the interconnectedness.

Lunar eclipses are dark and shadowy. Their power is in their capacity to penetrate that which is hidden, to demand depth of insight, to make contact with the soul of things. The yin morphs and distorts, evades detection, its art is shapeshifting and keeping us in the unknown and on our toes.

If you are in this space then you are in the initiation of the feminine. It’s an uncomfortable zone, a waiting place until the ripeness is birthed from our feeling or inner knowing. It is an art form to live like this and not everyone is made for it at this time, many are not, their fate is already determined.

Talking of fate. I always see it as a bag of magic potential that keeps opening up the more we accept it in our lives. We need not be scared of fate, for it doesn’t really exist, not as we have seen it, or fear it, as something that takes away our power, purpose and love of life.

Fate is so much more than this – it is a doorway into more majesty than we could ever dream of. Keep letting it open up, never fix it down into an immovable object. Know that there is always continuous movement within all that seems lifeless or dense. This is the path of the bones and blood.

The value of this eclipse is that it wants to open up this new world within and around you. You might not understand it all yet, this is not necessary. But at least you will see the borders and edges, the contours of what you are dealing with.

Vague directions might start to emerge but stay out of defining things. Do not try to control or fix. Work alongside the process. Unearth things, stir things up, mix things together, make a potent mixture for you and others to drink from. They will drink it, when the time is right.

The mixing can be fun, you are learning to stir life, to add the ingredients in just the right way at the right time. This is the way to take charge of your life. This is the way to wield life and follow process. And never forget there is always something for us to learn, always, no matter where we are at, be the student and the master.


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