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Taurus Lunar Eclipse 2022 – Card Guidance

Published on: 8 Nov, 2022

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign



Goddess of Ten Thousand Names

If you have felt constrained by a role,

name or identity and are wishing for assistance

in growing beyond it,

or if you have sensed a new role or identity

calling you into greater expression and would

love some divine help in that growth,

this Oracle indicates the help you need is

already with you,

urging your growth from within.

goddess of ten thousand names - isis
tarot - son of flames


Son of Flames

My mother gave the gift of warmth to me.

My father showed me how to direct my heat.

My sister awakened beauty and grace in me.

My flame, which originated in my mother’s golden glow, is called knowledge.

I walk the path of the heart, of laughter, and of lust.

When my fire flows through the entire organism I am called admirer of love’s lust.

I am the drummer, I serve a power, which is greater than myself.

I tell the story of my clan, my kin, and my people through my drumming.

Tongues of fire begin to speak when the drum takes me.

I am the catalyst in the space of distance. I drum feelings out of the gut of people and make them twitch, vibrate, shake, twirl, and dance.

My language is easy to comprehend. It is simple, straight-forward, and direct.


The Maiden

The Maiden archetype is the epitome of innocent arousal, naive sensuality, and precarious purity.

She is compelling (and addictive) because of her flawless and youthful glow.

She’s the first archetype in the trifecta of Maiden-Mother-Crone, and rightfully so – because she has oh so much to learn.

The Maiden is perfectly positioned for trouble to come her way and subject her to a challenge that leads to the next phase of womanhood.

She must grow up, yet hesitates at the threshold, enarmed by the charms of youth.

The Maiden represents the side of us that is riveted and curious, drawn to shadowy forests, dark knights, and taking just one taste of poisonous fruit.

Her magic is edgy and includes both shame and delight.

Let yourself fall down the rabbit hole, young one.

When light it is curious, enchanting, sensual, full of vitality.

When dark it pretends, projects, denies, fantasises.

archetypes the maiden
56 - the way of enrichment

I Ching

56 – The Way of Enrichment

Seekers of newness, the teller stories, moving into the metaphoric, non literal – inspiring, luminous experiences that enrich you – but of a homeopathic dose. This is about not knowing where you are going, knowing home is nowhere, living in a space without boundaries.

Traveling alone you can be guided by just yourself, where profound experiences pierce you.

Moving away from distractions, investments, attachments and conditioning – regular routines, addictions, patterns and behaviour that pulls you down in your 5 senses.

The wanderer embraces the uncertainty and surrender, moving through life with fluidity, flexibility and adaptability.

It’s a time for seeing just what is in front of your eyes and letting that unfold, AND the vast horizon, of not knowing where you are going. This about mutability and transmutation also, lightening the load to embrace the new.

You can’t travel freely with a heavy bag of wood that you need to burn – think what needs to be released – through all levels of your being and life. It can be a time for changes – homes, careers. This is a gift of feeling, sensuality and aliveness.