Scorpio New Moon 2023

Scorpio New Moon 2023

by Maia Mires

We have a New Moon in Scorpio on 13th November 2023 at 8.27 GMT.

Monday 13 November – New Moon in Scorpio 8:27 GMT

Monday 13 November – Sun opposite Uranus 16:20 GMT

Wednesday 15 November – Mercury sextile Venus 11:48 GMT

Friday 17 November – Mars trine Neptune 7:36 GMT

Friday 17 November – Sun trine Neptune 13:52 GMT

Saturday 18 November – Sun conjunct Mars 4:42 GMT

Monday 20 November – Sun sextile Pluto 20:26 GMT

Tuesday 21 November – Mercury trine Chiron 2:08 GMT

Wednesday 22 November – Mars sextile Pluto 00:18 GMT

Wednesday 22 November – Sun into Sagittarius 13:03 GMT

Wednesday 22 November – Venus opposite Chiron 15:44 GMT

Thursday 23 November – Sun square Saturn 8:47 GMT

Friday 24 November – Mars into Sagittarius 9:15 GMT

Saturday 25 November – Mars square Saturn 15:57 GMT

Monday 27 November – Full Moon in Gemini 8:16 GMT

When a planet meets the Sun, it begins a new sydnoic cycle. The Moon does this every month forming a New Moon. Other planets also return to be renewed under the Sun’s basking light, in effect creating a “New Venus” or “New Mercury”. When a planet returns to the Sun, creating a new sydnoic cycle, you can say it gets a reboot and initiates a new journey depending on the sign, house and aspects it makes within your chart and in the sky.

At this New Moon, unusually Mars’ also meets the Sun, giving this New Moon an extra kick, and simultaneously emphasising the importance of this Mars cycle. This New Moon inaugurates the beginning of the new Mars synodic cycle, when the Sun and Mars meet every 2 years. Mars begins a new synodic cycle shortly after this New Moon on 18th.

Mars in Scorpio is in domicile because it is the zodiac sign over which it has rulership. This means it feels at home in Scorpio, as Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio (before Pluto arrived on the scene in modern astrology). Since Mars shares an affinity with Scorpio as its traditional ruler, it has a depth and punch it wouldn’t necessarily have in any other sign. This is good, since it feels like we are about to begin a 2 year journey to make some serious headway.

Unpacking Mars in Scorpio helps us understand the quality of this 2 year Mars cycle. Mars here operates more from a strategically covert position, bidding its time, and in for the long haul. Our sense of timing will be important, our restraint and controlled use of force, as well as a connection to our deeper drives and motivations, desires and purpose.

scorpio new moon - pic 3

This is the extra boost we have been needing to get things moving, since Scorpio Sun-Mars gives us access to a deeper determined and committed action. This is a powerful time to kickstart projects we want to invest years of solid, deliberate and conscious energy towards a longer term goal, since the fixed energy of Mars in Scorpio helps us stay with it to fruition.

The clarity naturally present within new Moons emphasises the importance of clarification with this particular Mars cycle, both in our individual lives and in the collective. We would benefit from spending some time getting clear on what we want to initiate and project forward over the next 2 years for ourselves and what relationship that has with the wider milieu.

It’s time for a serious choice, step up or forward in some area of our lives. It could be anything, from building a house to work project, to commitment to a routine. It enforces a renewal in relation to our agency, autonomy, drive, and power. If there’s a project which requires a ruthlessness or a penetrating-focus, use this New Moon to forge ahead.

Scorpio energy is known for its capacity for penetration, to go deep, to get to the heart of the matter. It is also the realm of ancient fixed frozen water; in other words the unknown territory of old emotional soul wounds from eons ago, still playing out in our lives today. Because this is largely unknown but having a bearing on our lives today, it requires an openness for us to discover something new.

The issues we seek to bring salve to will not be new, but the way we get there and what we find at the root might be. We always think we know where our issues stem from. But we never really know until we get that incredibly strong sense of knowing that “this is it”. These moments come along very rarely, since readiness and willingness to receive deeper truth requires from us preparation work. It is precisely this laid groundwork that opens the door to grace.

If we are fixed in our minds perspective, cycling the same old stories we tell ourselves, or just unwilling to truly be open to learning something new, it is very hard for grace to reach us, and so we will make our lives ever more complicated, oscillating around and around the same patterns, forgetting the most basic of truths – such as we create our own reality from within.

Scorpio New Moon - pic 2

Core issues will often bring us deeply into our fundamental relationship with spirit – our fear, mistrust or disconnection from the Divine love available to us all. And also our fundamental relationship with being human – our fear of pain, emotions, and mess. The two often go together hand in hand. It is not easy to genuinely touch these places within through authentic process – which is the only way to truly heal a deep issue.

In fact the things we don’t want to look at and confront, the things we denial, sit in complete resistance to, which are always the elephants sitting in the room, the unspoken taboos, or the unspeakable subjects – that which is on the edge or beneath our awareness because we push it away as it’s too difficult to do anything with, or so so marginalised, is beginning to emerge from the depths of the Scorpion sea.

This is natural, organic process of arising, repressed material, stuffed away from awareness. New moons are far less triggering than full moons, and despite the co-presence of Sun-Mars-Uranus and the Moon to boot, it doesn’t need to be volatile, combative and unpredictable. It might be somewhat unexpected, but when we are in deep relationship with ourselves, which Scorpio encourages, it’s less likely to take us by surprise, as we will feel that uncomfortable underbelly of stirring in our belly.

So be prepared for revelations and epiphanies. Uranus in opposition always brings in the quality of the unexpected. What also might surprise is the strength of the feeling and the depth we penetrate to, since we all have the tendency to skirt around these deeper foundational issues for lifetimes and hours of therapy, before being ready to mine this realm. It’s not something to be rushed, but it will naturally take you where you need to go, especially since we have the New Moon here urging us to let go.

These are not necessary our deepest soul issues, these could be things we are passionate about knowing deeper or sharing more authentically. This new Mars cycle will give us what it takes to go there. The strategic element of Mars in Scorpio helps us make a plan, the Neptune trine supports a vision, and the loose sextile with Pluto adds to the depth and intensity. While it’s opposition to Uranus brings in the higher path for the collective.

All this aside, November is a month of highs and lows, where you think you have turned a corner to then only find yourself back where you began at the beginning. It’s difficult to feel like we are getting anywhere quickly. Trusting the journey is never finalised is perhaps what November is about. Also trusting in the exposure – we are seeing all the darkest most insidious elements of humanity. We are seeing the deep madness, corrupt positions and irreconcilable views.

Scorpio New Moon - pic 1

The new Mars cycle will help us penetrate into the depth of the shadow and grapple with the forced and played division of humanity, which Mars in its lower expression represents. Where Mars represents the fight, Scorpio doesn’t allow for distractions from the goal. In fact being distracted by the war and conflict wrought on humanity could be less of an issue with this new Mars cycle

We can also see we are being played en mass. There’s no way around it. It has to be seen for what it is. How we are played against each other to keep us a part and in assumption that conflict is the natural state of the world. The breakdown of what we assumed was reality, the friendlier version, where the powers that be were on our side, to be replaced with a shocking realisation that they are not, is quite an impressive moment in history.

We need to remember that while we stand for something higher now, exploring the extreme darkness of the human condition has been an essential part of the trip. There is no let up in the slow reveal, it will only accelerate with major ingresses and aspects of big planetary players (Saturn and the outer planets) over the next few years.

Perhaps it is the humanitarian impulse arising within all of us still sane on this planet, which is the 99.99%, that has had enough and is prepared to stand up to a clear reality that children should be not bombed. This is not rocket science. And it affects all of our own inner children when we hear and see this happening. To think it’s just happening out there, disconnected from us, is to ignore the human and the child within us. It’s to deny our innocence.

Our connection to each other, our capacity for merger, for rebirthing humanity is more important than it’s ever been, but some serious unfolding and disentanglement of the sticking points is now necessary. Some of us will know what and where we need to apply ourselves to move humanity forward in small or big ways, through these points of contention. This will perhaps be the beginning of accessing and sharing our deepest gifts in this lifetime.

Our ideals and visions need to be clear and focused. Our deep feeling for humanity needs to figure in this picture. Our feeling world must be prioritised, if we are to be human beings, we need to integrate our deep feeling. We cannot continue to escape them and pretend they don’t count. Without them we are not really here.

We need to draw upon our vast reservoir of inner resources, the ultimate of which is our Divinity. A world of war and corruption will no longer be able to exist in a reality of fully realised, embodied sovereign Divine beings living in connection to their divinity. It’s simple really, lets get to work.

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