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Scorpio New Moon 2023 – Card Guidance

Published on: 12 Nov, 2023

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign


Flower of Life

You are entering

a fertile period of your life.

You are guided to think

of yourself as a creative being

and to surrender your control

over how things will

manifest and, instead,

allow them to do so.

Don’t resist change; instead,

go with the flow and

let it happen.

Now is the time

for your blossoming.

Isis - mother of life
Tarot - The Devil


Father of Cups

I adjust to every movement of water without losing myself.

Submerged in a state of alertness I enter the space born out of the emptying stream of my internal dialogue.

I was able to tame my never-ending thirst. I ride my horse without the use of reins.

I understand the many songs and languages of water through my silence. I swam through the river of forgetting.

My body’s knowledge reminded me of the separation of Logos and Eros.

I am aware of unity while my ego builds crystalline landscapes.  I ate from the tree of knowledge. The tissues of my organism release many images.

Roses grew from neuroses. I swam through the labyrinth of everything In learned and gently touched the crustacean at the seashore.

Tenderness is flowing through my veins.

I became participant, receiver, sensor, and giver.

My wife, the flowing one, told me that beneath the surface of the water depths, caves, and canyons exist.

Through her shimmering mother of pearl I glided down to the bottom.


The Orphan

To study The Orphan is to study the deep and challenging energy of our time. We are ever more connected, yet face collective isolation.

The refugee crisis, haunts our planet, children are separated from parents, and the earth begs for our attention.

We are in a time of universal orphanage – of nature, of each other, of our own hearts.

Take refuge in the fact that we all share this core wound and dilemma. It is normal to fear this card, as it haunts the caverns of the soul.

When it appears, take time – real time – to be in the presence of the feelings this card stirs up in you. Let it humble you. What are you starving for? What is the deepest gift you could imagine giving to others? 

What has been rejected is quite possibly what is most needed, dear one.

When light it is deep solace, deep acceptance, deep love.

When dark it is distanced, “hates” and avoids, controlling, limiting.

ARCHETYPE CARDS - the orphan
54 - the marrying maiden

I Ching

23 – The Way of Simplicity

One of the keys to happiness is simplicity and synchronicity.

The symbol for this hexagram is a knife.

Slicing through – streamlining. It’s about exposing shadow but not in a negative light.

It’s about allowing things to break down, distilling and rebuilding them so they shine the beauty within.

This is about the quintessence and numinous of life which is found in the problem. When we have lost this simplicity in our individual and collective lives, it’s time for declines, decrease and deterioration, and this is a natural part of life.

This is a time of waiting and protecting while in difficult times. Reaching into the heart of the matter. Life needs different things at different times as it runs on rhythms. By attempting to resolve things that are not at this time resolvable, you can do more damage than good. The answer here is trusting simplicity, getting back to nature. Complexity comes from an incoherence in the mind, simplicity from the being, the quintessence at the heart of things.