Pisces Full Moon 2022

Pisces Full Moon 2022

Published on: 10 Sep, 2022

We have a devotional Full Moon in Pisces on 1o September 2022 at 10:59 BST.

Saturday 10 September – Full moon in Pisces 10:59 BST

Sunday 11 September – Sun trine Uranus 14:09 BST

Friday 16 September – Venus square Mars 19:49 BST

Friday 16 September – Sun opposite Neptune 23:21 BST

Sunday 18 September  – Mars sextile Chiron 4:54 BST

Sunday 18 September  – Mercury opposite Jupiter 23:34 BST

Monday 19 September – Sun trine Pluto 4:58 BST

Tuesday 20 September – Venus trine Uranus 5:44 BST

Friday 23 September – Sun into Libra 2:04 BST

Friday 23 September – Sun conjunct Mercury 7:50 BST

Friday 23 September – Mercury into Virgo 13:04 BST

Saturday 24 September – Venus opposite Neptune 9:52 BST

Sunday 25 September  – New Moon in Libra 22:54 BST

This full Moon is strong on mutability with both the Moon in Pisces and the Sun in Virgo. This means we are in a period of transition, which we will all be feeling in different ways.

Life is changing, fast, we have the opportunity now to make transitions into more alignment. Alignment in terms of our life structures, our routines and organisation, our habits and orientation to what supports us to move to the next level.

We have been hanging out in a lot of tension, with the seemingly infinite Sun-Mars square, which brought things to a head, and forced our hand, or pushed us into a corner to make change. Now the energy is behind us to make those changes.

Change is well supported this month while the Sun travels through Virgo. In addition, with Mercury just turned retrograde, we have the opportunity to go more within, slow things down, and really focus intently on the internal changes that need to take place.

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Mercury retrograde is often seen as a time of things not coming to fruition, since decisions taken are hard to stick with. So rather than newness, go back to the old things you committed to in the past, that you never saw through. Now the energy is returning us to what perhaps in the past we weren’t quite ready for; at a commitment, intentional, practical or spiritual level.

Now there’s an eagerness, readiness, stronger capacity and capability to pick up and deepen practices from the past. If things are out of alignment, reengage your discipline and consistency, and complete and take forward, from a more internal, precise, perceptive.

We are now needing to refine our lives, meditate where perhaps we had no need, because we are in the process of strong purification in order to make the most of the upcoming Sun-Venus conjunction.

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As I mentioned before, Virgo is important for our planet as the cosmic axis runs towards the sign of Virgo. Virgo reflects the process and steps of how to journey towards our Divine embodiment, bringing spirit into matter, into manifestation.

Many think that ascension will happen regardless of effort, this is not the case. If you are not prepared to work for this goal, it will not occur. It is not automatic. It requires devotion, will, perseverance and patience. This is because we are bringing our being into higher frequencies, out of passive lethargy (sloth) into active service to the greater Divine presence, of which we are all a part.

Perhaps in the past, we were motivated in our ‘doing’ or routines from a lower place, a discipline that was out of duty not inner connection or commitment. Now we are shifting into discipline that emerges from a more refined space of sacred ritual to ourselves and our goals.

Virgo and particularly Mercury retrograde asks of us a reverence to the inner life, to recommitting to our presence, to self-connection, to focus and adherence. This is in opposition to dispersing our energy, getting easily distracted and losing interest and commitment to what we do and want. Half the population under focus, are hyperextensive, overly flexible, processing, rather than focused, intent-full and even fixed on what we want.

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This is the time to re-develop a healthy relationship, re-return to approaches and allow a new commitment to emerge from a more humble, connected place. It’s hard to just do humility; it is a combination of doing and being. It is an attitude of understanding our place in the larger order.

It helps us discover our wholeness, since the essence of humility sees all the parts and their roles as valid. It doesn’t judge one role as more important, but views all as relevant, necessity and interconnected.

When we can view life from this lens, we see beyond the veil, we enter into the world of spirit, of knowing all has a purpose (yet we do not need to search out the meaning). All in life serves, if you can see life from many different levels of interaction. All in life needs to undergo its transformation and journey.

We do not know what each soul is here to learn, or their part in this process of evolution. We can rarely, with true authenticity, reach into this level of reality, so sometimes we need to be satisfied with the acceptance that it is so. Judgment will throw us into, or let’s say align us further, with the frequency of whatever we are judging and trying to escape. That’s the irony.

Virgo in its lower frequency will judge. Virgo in its exhaled frequency will simply choose without judgment. We can create from a place of choosing without judgment. We can be intent-full in this way.

There is some kinder and smoother energy flowing through us this month. Go slow, be methodical, recommit and take yourself where you know you need to go.

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