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Libra New Moon 2022 – Card Guidance

Published on: 21 Sep, 2022

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Power over Seven Scorpions

You are being united

into the magick of conjuring

so as to have power to affect lower vibrational forces

through your own will and spoken word.

You are guided to use this powerful gift

with compassion and discernment,

with mercy and non-judgement.

You can then manage any toxicity

in your life swiftly and with great effect.

serpent of fire - isis
tarot - two of coins





High Priestess

Isis, moon goddess, guardian of cosmic knowledge,

lingering in the temple of eternal change.

Visions born out of silence.

Mover of oceans and the red stream.

Black moon – white moon, deeply inhaling –

exhaling, ebb and tide, seeing without judging.

Mother of duality.

Sometimes creative, she opens the heart.


The Shapeshifter

The Shapeshifter has a love of theater, games, and trickery.

Its energy appears as one thing, only to reveal a more complex story below the surface.

The Shapeshifter is within all of us to some degree; it is the side of ourselves that is slippery, noncommittal, and experimental and longs to dismiss the rules.

We need its energy to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of our existence.

When The Shapeshifter card appears, it’s important you are looking at life through a kaleidoscope rather than a single-focus lens.

At any moment the scene may shift, revealing a more enchanting vision than you imagined.

Be wary though, as the allure of the kaleidoscope can you leave you exhausted and yearning for solid ground.

Dancing long-term with The Shapeshifter requires a central pillar of integrity that links us back to our center.

When light it is vibrant, adaptive, humorous.

When dark it is charlatan, people pleasing, trickery.

I CHING - 48

I Ching

56 – The Way of Enrichment

Seekers of newness, the teller stories, moving into the metaphoric, non literal – inspiring, luminous experiences that enrich you – but of a homeopathic dose. This is about not knowing where you are going, knowing home is nowhere, living in a space without boundaries.

Travelling alone you can be guided by just yourself, where profound experiences pierce you. Moving away from distractions, investments, attachments and conditioning – regular routines, addictions, patterns and behaviour that pulls you down in your 5 senses. The wanderer embraces the uncertainty and surrender, moving through life with fluidity, flexibility and adaptability.

It’s a time for seeing just what is in front of your eyes and letting that unfold, AND the vast horizon, of not knowing where you are going. This about mutability and transmutation also, lightening the load to embrace the new. You can’t travel freely with a heavy bag of wood that you need to burn – think what needs to be released – through all levels of your being and life. It can be a time for changes – homes, careers.

This is a gift of feeling, sensuality and aliveness.