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Pisces Full Moon 2022 – Card Guidance

Published on: 8 Sep, 2022

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Serpent of Fire

Do not assess

Your current ability

Based on past standards,

As they no longer apply to you.

You are stronger

And more powerful now

Than you have been before.

You need to learn afresh

What you are capable of –

And Isis helps you,


serpent of fire - isis
tarot - two of coins



Two of Coins

The soles of your feet are the part of your body which have direct contact with the earth.

This card is all about transforming all that happens often

– for example walking –

from a mechanical, auto-matic, and unconscious act into a conscious one.

Take a step and be aware of it.

On the physical and mental levels become aware of unconscious patterns, step aside, and simply observe.

Balance the new with the old.

It’s all a game, a flowing back and forth.

One part of you is still connected to the old; another dares to step out into the unknown.

In the Tao Te Ching it is written “A way is created by walking it”.



The Mirror

We look into mirrors every day without recognizing them as portals into another realm.

They can shatter, flatter, distort, reflect, and project an image back to us that we deem to be true.

The energy of The Mirror is all about self-perception.

When the archetype of The Mirror appears, we are in the mythic land of Narcissus, who saw himself reflected in a pool and fell in love with his own image.

So compelled by his reflection, he could not turn away – a fixation that eventually led to his death.

Recognize the power and danger of The Mirror: it is a construct, one that may drive a shard between you and yourself.

The Mirror contains trickster energy.

Put the phone down, stop with the comparisons, and let The Mirror stand empty for a while.

Rest with the one inside. When light it is witnessing the deeper self, pure awareness. When dark it is narcissism, comparison, harsh edges.

the mirror
I CHING - 48

I Ching

48 – The Way of Resourcefulness

Wisdom is rooted in not-knowing. As a Shadow pattern, not-knowing is experienced as inadequacy, the belief that one can’t cope or the fear that one may fail or falter. This is a deep fear that we experience when facing the unknown. The fear of annihilation. Our life will bring us this fear if we have the courage to face it, and face it we must. This hexagram consists of two trigrams – abysmal and gentle. Go gently into the abyss. The abyss will treat us with gentleness. We have learned tension and unlearned gentleness. To choose to believe we’re inadequate is to allow ourself to become a victim of our fear of the unknown. There is a lot of beauty we find once we transmute our fear, and we will gain the Gift of Resourcefulness to connect others with their own depth or helping them find whatever’s missing from their lives, whatever brings them into balance. The 48th card is in what we don’t know. We alone are defined by our willingness to approach the unknown with confidence, openness, and a sense of adventure. From this open space we’ll become the field through which knowing arises, of its own accord. This hexagram is the deepest. It’s the most yin along with the 2nd. Here we find the true place of the Goddess, the unknown, the unknowable, the eternally abundant, infinitely unpredictable – the mystery of mysteries. This Gene Key is all woman, the wind and the water. Surrendered and accepting of everything, passionate and on fire with the greatest power being in stillness. Wisdom comes from not-knowing, from innocence. It requires deep unlearning of knowledge. Wisdom is the only thing in the universe that will survive the end of the universe.