Capricorn New Moon 2024

Capricorn New Moon 2024

by Maia Mires

We have a New Moon in Capricorn on 11th January 2024 at 11.57 GMT.

Thursday 11 January – New Moon in Capricorn 11.57 GMT

Thursday 11 January – Venus trine Chiron 14:36 GMT

Friday 12 January – Mars trine Jupiter 10:42 GMT

Sunday 14 January – Mercury into Capricorn 2:49 GMT

Tuesday 16 January – Sun sextile Neptune 00:24 GMT

Thursday 18 January – Mercury sextile Saturn 20:49 GMT

Friday 19 January – Mercury trine Jupiter 9:31 GMT

Friday 19 January – Venus square Neptune 15:49 GMT

Saturday 20 January – Sun conjunct Pluto 13:46 GMT

Saturday 20 January – Sun into Aquarius 14:07 GMT

Sunday 21 January – Pluto into Aquarius 00:50 GMT

Tuesday 23 January – Venus into Capricorn 20:50 GMT

Thursday 25 January – Mars square Chiron 17:15 GMT

Thursday 25 January – Full Moon in Leo 17:54 GMT

There is an intensity to this Sun-Moon conjunction as it squares the nodal axis exactly, bringing an eclipse quality. When the nodes are in conjunction to either the Sun or Moon at New or Full Moon, then this is an eclipse. A square aspect is not an eclipse, but it highlights that we are at a crossroads and a place of no return. It increases its impact, emphasising the tension between past and future.

Not only does this New Moon suggest intensity, but the whole of January inaugurates a new cycle, or further deepens our connection to it. That simultaneously will mean more to get beyond, leaps of faith to make and a time to think deeply about what needs to take up more space and form in your life.

Pluto has been moving direct since October and is now ready to make his second ingress into Aquarius. He will stay in Aquarius for a little longer this time, until September 2024, then he will retreat back into Capricorn for a couple of months after which taking up permanent residency in Aquarius for 20 years. So these are important junctures; Pluto will herald life-altering circumstances and massive growth in the new house he sojourns in your chart.

As if by Divine design, Pluto moves into Aquarius on the same day that the Sun moves into Aquarius, which is 20th January. This is highly significant as it once again highlights the 0-1 degree Aquarius point, which was emphasised in December 2020 when the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction formed on this very point.

Additionally, there have been both new and full moons on Aquarius 1 degree, or in square to it (as well as other aspects also), all since 2020. You can see why the ancients saw this time on planet earth as a serious game-changer for human history and a clear sign of our shift into the Aquarian age.

The key is that it places an incredible amount of importance on Aquarius as well as Uranus and Saturn (its modern and traditional rulers). So we need to dive into what this will mean for us individually and globally in the forthcoming years and let Pluto shine it’s transformative light into this new area of our charts and lives.


Capricorn new moon 2024 - pic 1

With Aquarius’ rulers – Uranus and Saturn respectively – change and innovation on the one hand and keeping things the same and within boundaries on the other – Aquarius is always full of contradictions. We can perhaps expect our world or our lives to feel more at odds and in a battle between progress and the status quo. The consciousness shifts which I will get into in later posts are even more interesting.

With Jupiter forming a conjunction with Uranus in April this year, we can expect a build up of accelerating energies, beginning this month. But not only this, since all the planets will be direct by the end of January, this fast-paced rate of change and advancement will be undeniable. How we keep our heads screwed on in this amidst all of this, will be the key to moving through the first half of 2024.

While at one level, there’s a movement forward that might be hard to make sense of, keep up with or integrate, there will equally be a disjointed, disunified feeling, since we have for a while had this sense of are we coming or going, low or high.

Aquarius is about energy patterns also, and as a fixed sign, it quickly crystallise patterns, for better or for worse. With Pluto moving through Aquarius, a lot of patterns that have been fixed, perhaps throughout time and especially in respect to our social interaction, our groups, communities, families and mental patterns will be challenged, transformed and reborn.


Where we meet each other, in our consciousness, where the boundaries have fixed our social life, discourse will need to take place and new paths formed to allow for all individuals or rather ‘the individual’ to have a place in the group, regardless of what is brought. Especially for those who exist ‘on the edge’, which is so Aquarius.

Capricorn new moon 2024 - pic 2

Saturn in Aquarius over the past few years, with help from Uranus or Pluto, brought up all the issues. Our confinement to identity in particular, how people are marginalised, pushed out of groups, will need rethinking.

Our fixed or fixation on identity is now going to experience a Pluto storm. Likely, this Pluto storm will force an uprooting, ousting a lot of people from their comfort zones of ‘holding it together’. Whatever social norms, labels, ideas, even the whole concept of intellect will be questioned. This is one of the many foundations of the consciousness shifts.

Our individual and collective capacity to act as machines, on automatic pilot, fixed habits and social patterns (from birth), without an engagement with our true selves, is going to be thrown to the dogs. We will need to question our relationship to technology, specifically AI and begin to draw some conclusions, both individually and collectively. Initially, until we get into trouble, we might run away with the machines.

Ultimately, there will be space for the most outcast members of society to have a space, but we should not assume we know who those members are at this stage. Since the whole umbrella of ‘outcast’ and ‘belonging’ and ‘difference’ and ‘uniqueness’ is what Pluto will transform.

If you have been one of those people who has been legitimately cast aside, it might now be your time to shine. Just expect a lot of work in the process of that, since a lot of minds and hearts will need to change for that assimilation to take place. More specifically, a lot of victim consciousness.

Capricorn new moon 2024 - pic 3

So how do we begin this year? In awareness that a lot of potential will be emerging, some of that will be exquisite, some will be dubious like the devil in sheep’s clothing, some ugly, and some so obscene that it’s beyond our worst nightmares. Our role is to know that this is from also part of us, and to treat it thus, ie. do not hate it, but get good at making choices that reflect a life you want lived.

The patterns we are beginning to form now, could be both supportive or habitual. We are now creating some order in our lives to support us for take off. This is a heart and feeling opening experience though, in spite of appearances. Since we are slowly warming up to letting life and others in with deliberation and consideration. It is a time to not be against yourself and perhaps the best way to get in touch with this is to let your self-imposed boundaries break down.

The penultimate final curtain of Pluto in Capricorn, really is about breaking free of all of the boundaries and armour. With an understanding that now we have new foundations, or are growing them, feeling them, at least.

Perhaps the greatest foundation that we have, which all of us must grow, is our capacity to see the world as it is, without filters. To see the world as it is, the filters must go. If we can take the time to notice what these filters are specifically for us – what beliefs we overlay onto our reality, the lenses through which we perceive others, ourselves, the world, life, the Divine – then this is probably enough for now.

Perhaps another foundation we can create in our lives this specific month is setting in place fixed patterns which are sacred for us; habits and rhythms that will support us if the world goes more nuts. Feel into what that is for you. New forms begun now will be crystallised over time, and they will be difficult to break, so ensure they are right for you. Let it be a part of your embodiment process also – whatever form that needs to take for you.

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