What Is Sovereignty For You?


Stepping into the arena of sovereignty is a bit still like we are stepping into unknown territory. We as individuals and as a community are constantly learning what it means.

We would love to hear what sovereignty means for you, write in the comments section below.

“Sovereign Being to me is about being true. Being true to yourself, knowing yourself, knowing truth. Having principles and an ethos that’s true. Yes it sounds familiar and sounds and feels strong, powerful and big. It’s like no matter what you do it rises up it’s always there, you can never knock it down it’s solid, but not in a hard stone like way but in a light and bouncy way.”

– Sophie

“For me a Sovereign Being is all about reclaiming back and standing in my power and energy. It’s all about having full control over my body and my life. The image I see is me surrounded by gold light and nothing from the outside world can dim or get into my light. I am fully protected by my own power.”

– Becky

“On a more spiritual level – Sovereign Being means to me to live my life independent and free of all attachments, chords, beliefs that aren’t inherently my own, but that I took over and carry from ancestors, society, my own past lives etc… On a more worldly level – Sovereign Being means to me to have 100% control of my body, my choices and my life.”

– Tina

“I really am struggling with this one.  As a black person, without a chip on my shoulder, I wouldn’t know what it would look or feel like.

Here goes… to go ‘unnoticed’ anywhere in the world.  Free to walk into any place without feeling I don’t belong.  Free to help others without them feeling there’s a hidden agenda or can they trust me.  To be out of a system that tries to manipulate your actions and your thoughts (internet for example). To walk as tall as others.

– M

“I see a bright white-golden light, and my higher self, and it reminds me of angels for some reason. Awareness, Harmony, Confidence, Power, and Authority but not what we are used to seeing/experiencing in the physical world.”

– Veronica



“The true self, our spiritual self, knowingness without limit, a complete lack of judgement and fear.”

– Lucy

“Clear; fearless; self-governing, capabilities: discernment; truthful action.”

– Anna

“I imagine a feeling of being in your own power. As in, the power of your being/existence. It’s like knowing what shape your being is and the satisfaction of having found where you, as your shape, fit in the jigsaw puzzle and so you slot in perfectly. And then feeling able and safe in how you live your life, because the way you live it will fit too.”

– Chetan



“Truth, feminine goddess, warrior, release old patterns, keeping hidden/small/too much different. Put self first. Wild woman. Fears/identities/stuckness anger rage. Bridge, feminine to crown. Being mother, maternal instinct, spirit, trust and open heart, intuition, leadership, being my own parent, connect the goddess to the crone, being truth to own values whilst still operating in the corporate system.”

– Kayuri


“Before I started my spiritual journey, I would’ve thought “Sovereign Being” meant to have political rights or a right in the external world **to be granted rights in the system** but only now I can see how much deeper it actually is & how many levels it actually transcends.”


– Nadia

“I think of freedom, of people governing themselves because they are in touch with what is good for them and the universe, I think of a society without judgement and brainwashing. Visuals related to it is a crown… and I liked to think of all of us wearing a crown, having that responsibility to look after our own lives.”

– Ilse



“Independence, strength, solidarity. When I closed my eyes and thought of Sovereign Being, I got an image of a being who has this wonderful charisma and energy who distributes this very strong energy to everyone else. İt felt gentle yet strong, calm yet loud enough to make a difference.”

– Yesim


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