Aquarius Full Moon 2021 – Card Guidance

Published on: 15 Jul, 2021

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The Dark Mysteries

The Dark Goddess

calls you to

her inner chamber,

where she holds

a test and a gift for you.

The test is your

willingness to meet

and release fears

within that have been

secretly holding you back.

The gift is freedom, peace,

opportunity and prosperity

in all its forms.

Will you accept her call?

Your time for deeper initiation is here.

Isis - Dark Mysteries
Tarot - Ace of flames




Ace of Flames

The fire of the life fore.

Flame out of flame.

Source of fire.

A force blasting through shells, capsules, buds, frames, and boundaries.

The might of inner forces.

That which has been gathered, incubated and heated now wants to break free.

The past and the future have been burned.

The only thing that counts is the present.

Being present and aware and making instant decisions.



The Creator

The Creator – the first archetype in the trio of existence – is not intimidated by darkness or by lack.

They know that from the void, creation inevitably emerges.

With meager, minimal, and outlandish materials The Creator reveals a new image. They make The Empty Room resonate with healing sounds; they generate bounty from the seed that others tossed away.

Though generative, this archetype annihilates preconceived notions of what is possible, leaving unexpected openings in the wake of its destruction.

The Creator does this by, first, being absolutely present to what is (not imagining or wishing things were different) and, second, trusting that a force greater than themselves awaits constant collaboration with each human soul.

Whether we call it nature, god, goddess, shakti, or divinity, it remains nameless… it is The Creator’s lifelong companion.

When light it is curious, playful, open, surprising.

When dark it loses spark, feels burdened.

the creator - archetypes
I Ching - 47

I Ching

61 – The Way of Transmutation

The 47th Gene Key points towards one of the greatest problems of humankind – the issue and purpose of suffering.

Oppression is universal. Our oppression, the particular nuances and flavours of our suffering and karma during this lifetime are exactly equivalent to the greatness of our inner light.

Their purpose is to awaken that light. The Shadow of Oppression is always externalised through our life until we turn inwards. Most people don’t own their karma and therefore they become a victim of it.

The Gift of Transmutation occurs more and more as we enter into the present moment more fully. Once we become aware of our oppression, our suffering, it becomes more and more acute, an aching to remember something.

As our contemplation moves deeper inside us, we begin to reach out into the Siddhic realm. Transmutation takes place in the belly, in the cauldron. Here all karma is burned from our DNA and transformed.

Our lives are an allegory for the playing out of consciousness as it burrows into the form, transmutes and digests it before its true nature can be realised.