Libra Full Moon 2021

by Maia Mires

We have a Full Moon in Libra at 19.48 BST on 28th March 2021 as the Venus is still conjoining Sun, having ingressed into Aries at the start of the astrological year.

This Full Moon reflects classic Sun-Moon, Venus-Mars, Aries-Libra themes; exploring relationship between self and other and prioritising the needs of the individual, autonomous self with the needs of others, or the group. It’s also not an intense one, as there are some flowing trines both to Saturn and Mars and there’s not a lot of tension in the Mercury-Neptune conjunction.

Moving together, Venus and Sun in quick succession in Aries is raising the temperature, making things more active and warming life up. It’s beginning to feel like spring is in the air, and an internal heatwave is underway. It’s beginning to feel at this time, like it’s time to do more and aspire to more. Aries energy gives us the desire to act more and engage our energy in the world. Aries is the desire for action.

To set the scene, we have Sun-Venus in Aries, rules by Mars, which is the polarity of Venus, and the Moon is in Libra, the sign that rules Venus. So clearly we have Venus-Mars, Libra-Aries spectrum themes and dynamics at this time. That’s the autonomous, individual relationship to, and with, others.

When we think about sovereignty, and what we are learning about this, we have to include the other. We are not Aries islands, we are Aries-Libra. The polarity is always part of the equation. And certainly more so at this Full Moon.

The superior or exterior conjunction of Sun-Venus cazimi, is when Venus is on the far side of the Sun. The Sun is looking out into the cosmos looking out into the far reaches, giving us this more Divine or aspirational feel. It’s potential, but not in the same way as Pisces, which is more idealistic. This time it’s more grounded, more embodied, more sovereign.

Looking out through the lenses of Venus, which in many ways has important connections to sovereignty (more on that another time), it really seems like we are being asked to examine, make adjustments and reframe how we interact with others; personally, professionally and romantically.

This Full Moon where there is an opposition between Sun and Moon (masculine and feminine), in a Venus ruled sign (Moon in Libra), right after that perfect moment between Sun-Venus, brings in the negotiation of autonomous desires with our relational insights – our relationships within and with others. Moon (needs) Libra’s relational themes are further highlighting that Aries-Libra’s theme of self and other.

Perhaps true sovereignty is about this relationship – the dance, integration and unification of the opposites – you don’t get more opposite than Aries-Libra, Venus-Mars.

So the quiet happenings beneath the glow of the Sun’s light are immediately made manifest and put into action by this Full Moon in Venus’ sign. The Moon calls it in. She is making flowing trines to Mars and Saturn – the two malefics, she’s not disappearing, she’s active, impulsive but embracing harmony. This means the Moon forms a grand trine; flowing energy to challenging planets which mitigates some of the challenge and perhaps encourages a look at the difficulties, without fear, even if the issues feel very present.

Here it’s possible to find the right angle on the issues – a functional approach to the problem. So while there is no absence of problems, there’s a way forward to solving them. These flowing trine aspects from Mars and Saturn mean the Moon is not boxed in, it has resources. The Aries-Mars shows a willing dance, even if these issues are uncomfortable to address.

With the first decan of Aries, the question is how do we all get to maximise our own potential and follow our own desires, while remaining in harmonious  relationship with each other, with the whole. How do we resolve and negotiate the moments when me and you collide into each other?