Where To Start With Realignment

by Maia Mires

“I am learning to trust in something that walks with me, whether I call it spirit, the universe, or even myself, I trust in it fully and unconditionally.”

Being out of alignment can be necessary, sometimes we need to unravel, so we can pick up something we need or have forgotten, and then learn how to consciously find our way back home. 

Perhaps one of the issues here is that many of us do not even know what home really is. What it feels like, how it tastes and how good it can be. But once you get a taste of that freedom, and feeling of infinite worth and potential within, it’s something you can never forget.

Is it different with the small unravelings – the misalignments – where we just feel out of sorts? How do we know when we are out of alignment? 

What are the indicators? 

Is it first about becoming aware that there is an ‘I’ that can witness and make choices for us? 

Are we aware of what we are choosing, what is informing that choice, and why?

We have the choice. We can slow down and take a moment to tap into our awareness or intuition. If we do, we might recognise when something doesn’t feel aligned and true to us anymore. 

Yet there can be many obstacles in the way that prevent us slowing down to notice. Perhaps the greatest is not having the self-love, or the belief in our infinite worth. 

Many of these obstacles are our own creations and some we unconsciously agree to collectively; like following mainstream value systems that inhibit our capacity to even notice what it is we feel. Both are challenging to work with, for different reasons.

Yet there is always a longing to feel free and fulfilled within each of us, and so letting this guide us. It is worth noting that we have all had the experience of freedom, even if it’s the smallest of memories. There is always this seed planted somewhere within us.

So what of our own creations prevent us aligning with our infinite worth and potential?

Now, of course the answer to that question will be very specific to each individual and will require us to turn inwards at points. Perhaps this is why the unraveling needs to happen, so we feel uncomfortable feelings and point our awareness at what it is that is creating the issue.

Yet denial and self-deception are big problems (on this planet). We all need to learn to be honest with ourselves and discover which value and belief systems, habitual behaviours are creating our suffering.

So why do we not go inwards, follow the small voice of intuition and our heart’s longing and realign ourselves right now?

Generally change is uncomfortable, humans by and large hate it. Change requires faith in the unknown, trust in one’s safety and belief in one’s worth and capability to overcome challenges. So if we haven’t worked on deep core beliefs like;

“I am learning to trust in something that walks with me wherever I go, whether I call it spirit, the universe, or even myself, I trust in it fully and unconditionally. I feel deeply safe in this body and guided in my life, my environment and my feelings, and I am so capable of overcoming any difficult challenges presented to me and I have infinite value.”

– we are most likely to get triggered and revert back to our old safe habits and coping mechanisms to soothe the little inner child within. You see, when confronted with the desire or need to change (even if it’s just our own mind talking to us) to enter into greater realignment, we face our lack of self-love head on.

But perhaps it’s worth noting also that while we often think change requires faith, perhaps it doesn’t also. Perhaps it just requires us to dive into life more without needing a safety net like ‘faith’. As whatever emerges from the dive, we will learn and grow from. This is perhaps the ultimate truth – trust in our evolutionary growth.

What are the triggers we need to watch out for? It has been said that we either act out of fear or out of love. Where does this concept come from? Can we trust in this as a guidance tool for our life? It’s good to test what we pick up so we get a grounding in our own experience of life and what works for us. Do we notice ourselves moving from fear or love? Is it easier to know fear or love in ourselves? Love is multi-faceted, with many levels to it.

Jesus often greeted his disciples with ‘fear not’, is this because he knew of the gripping fear that arises when we approach love? 

The infinite, immense power of love largely remains very unknown in our everyday lives. The fear of this ‘unknown love’ can feel so great that it overpowers any desire for it. Through past experience, our body and mind have become so accustomed to living in survival mode that it feels normal. 

Yet it is so worth taking that leap, whether through faith or sheer impulsive knowing, towards the unknown. Just recognise fear, fear doesn’t need to be feared. And choose life anyways. Perhaps it’s easier to make a choice between ‘life’ or fear.

Realignment is a conscious choice. And it does take a bit of trust, even though all we may want to do is close-down and run away.

Investigate what you are afraid of?

What do you think will happen if you try out something you’ve always wanted to try but thought you’re not “talented” enough? 

Are you afraid of others’ judgement? 

Are you afraid of failure? 

Are you afraid of life – love, joy or freedom?

This last question may seem odd but you’d be surprised what we can find in the depths of our being.

What do you prioritise in your life, that may just be a distraction to keep you busy so you don’t have to change anything? 

What is your actual purpose with the life you live right now, today? 

Does that purpose feel fulfilling or are you longing for something else?

We have to dig deep to lose the illusion of reality, to know the truth and fully step into our greatest potential – our ultimate purpose. As we increasingly follow what brings life and our hearts more each day, we come together in a celebration of life. As we do this, we step into alignment, into purpose, both individually and collectively.

Much Love x