How do we begin this sovereign journey?

Published on: 30 Mar, 2021


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The Dark Mysteries

The Dark Goddess

calls you to her inner chamber,

where she holds a test

and a gift for you.

The test is your willingness

to meet and release fears

within that have been

secretly holding you back.

The gift is freedom, peace,

opportunity and prosperity

in all its forms.

Will you accept her call?

Your time for deeper initiation is here.

Isis Cards - Dark Mysteries
Isis Cards - Initiation



When you are being initiated

into the Divine mysteries

of light, love and power

there are moments

of profound challenge.

The key is to find the light

within the challenge –

the opportunity for growth

that can transform

any challenge into an experience

of healing.

With compassion and cleverness,

you will not burn during your challenges

– you shall thrive.


The Womb

Everything has an origin story.

The Womb archetype asks us to contemplate the beginning beyond the beginning, The Mother beyond The Mother.

In a world that often negates the power and necessity of feminine principles, this card returns us to the warmth, tenderness, and sacred intelligence from which we came.

It is a card of receiving, not achieving, of accepting love from The Mother of us all. She is the life-giving force that forgives and cherishes even the most wounded and desperate soul.

No matter how lost you are, The Womb awaits your return to help you heal and grow. This card is a call to keep things simple, to return, to be reborn in the name of love.

The Womb is everywhere. It is beyond gender, beyond time. We are within it as it is within us.

When light it is nourishment, harmony, warmth, love.

When dark it is stricken, ecological, crisis, infertility, imbalance.

Archetype Cards - The Womb
I Ching Cards - 19

I Ching

19 – The Way of Sensitivity

It’s an extraordinary trick we’re living in; we’re woven into the fabric made of dreams.

The reason we’re so easily hoodwinked is because of our attachments, our co-dependence.

We agree unconsciously to support each other’s illusions. Our co-dependence is with the energetic environment we live in. It’s with our thoughtforms, belief structures, opinions, emotional patterns, unconscious belief that we’re a victim or that we can behave badly and get away with it.

The Gift of Sensitivity is strength and it is healing. Sensitivity feels like coming home. The sensitive has learned the art of approach.

We start to gently approach our life in a new way, one that meets our primary needs.

To reach the highest frequency, we have to move beyond good and evil and step out of the drama altogether.

The greatest sacrifices are unseen. Whatever we give up, if it truly is selfless, justice will reward us and we’ll discover the inner Truth.