Leo New Moon 2021 (1)

Leo New Moon 2021

by Maia Mires

We have a New Moon in Leo at on 8th August at 14:50 GMT.


Sunday 8 August – New Moon in Leo 14:50 GMT

Tuesday 10 August – Venus opposite Neptune 1:20 GMT

Wednesday 11 August – Mercury opposite Jupiter 2:20GMT

Wednesday 11 August – Mercury into Virgo 22:57 GMT

Wednesday 11 August – Venus trine Pluto 23:34 GMT

Monday 16 August  – Venus into Libra 5:26 GMT

Thursday 19 August – Mercury conjunct Mars 4:38 GMT

Friday 20 August – Sun opposite Jupiter 1:28 GMT

Friday 20 August – Uranus Retrograde 2:40 GMT

Friday 20 August – Mercury trine Urnaus 9:06 GMT

Sunday 22 August – Mars trine Urnaus 7:38 GMT

Sunday 22 August – Full Moon in Aquarius 13:02 GMT

We have a New Moon in Leo on 8th August (8/8 Lions Gate) at 14:50 pm GMT. A great day for a ritual.

This New Moon shares its date with the Lion’s Gate portal 8/8, the opening of a portal which bridges all the different dimensional planes and aspects of ourselves, since our sovereign heart is pretty vast and infinite.

The Sun in Leo is a time for radiance, leadership, promoting visibility, and having faith in ourselves. The Sun, in its home sign of Leo, is a life-giver, it’s our vitality. It’s what animates and supports us to flourish and thrive. This happens when we shift from patterns of competition to supporting others as extensions of ourselves. It’s not about power over, but power alongside.

Perhaps this is true sovereignty – where we are sovereign and above reign within ourselves and see others as lions alongside us.

This is especially the case since the Sun is a star that could be the star of many other constellations and planets, a collection of kings amongst kings. A bit like a collection of people in their sovereignty, participating in other people’s lives. This is a time for courage – heart centredness is inclusive of us – acting from a place of true love.

A few things are clear here, as the very clear deconstruction and dissolution continues, of all the illusionary realities we’e held so dear, the matrix that once appeared so real and full of life, was our foundation, our world and life, is beginning to feel rather empty. 

Some things now simply hold no fulfilment for our deeper sovereign selves which we are now more in touch with. Sometimes the emptiness can be a relief, in that finally the clinging is over. Sometimes it’s highly disorientating and uncomfortable. Like you are sitting on hot coal quite frankly. 

Perhaps you can feel the things that still hold you, that still maintain you. And you are beginning to hate them with such a passion you could explode! Well that’s how I feel about some things now anyway.

Yet its annoying as we still need to negotiate, facilitate, compromise and engage with all these things that we would prefer gone. Everyone talks about the external war between dark and light, but what about the internal one. The judgments of this over that, of what pulls us down and what lifts us up. It’s an endless tug of war with a few reprieves.

One sovereignty path is; commit to getting out of your head and in your body. Commit to feeling and sensing yourself. And when you don’t like what you find, if you are brave enough to go on that journey, then do something to change what you find.

Leo New Moon 2021 pic 1

Leo rules the heart and is ruled by the Sun, so this is our heart’s sovereign, solar journey back to our understanding of love. Love for me is not an internal state, it’s caring enough to say, do what needs to be said or done.

It’s not clean, its not easy, it’s not pleasant. Love feels exhausted, but it keeps going regardless. Love doesn’t stop when it starts getting a little bit messy, that’s actually when it gets discovers its deeper drive! Love is a force that can’t be reckoned with. It’s non negotiable. This is I hope what people start to feel – a burning passion for service – and in this case its to set yourself and others free.

This is because no one can convince me that they are free on this planet. This journey never ends unless we get comfortable with our lot. How do you navigate a journey that feels endless. Well, you get to grips with Saturn. You befriend, ally him.

This sovereign journey is about many things, many layers and levels. It’s very easy to simplify or think you know what sovereignty is. Oh, it’s about freedom, or truth, or embodied living. And all these things would be true, but I instinctively feel there’s something deeply missing or misunderstood here also.

The reality is that no one has a claim to know or label what sovereignty is as we are all so conditioned into this or that, whether it’s through the indoctrination of the education system, or the media, or the new age, or something else that we just can’t see beyond, we all have filters that blind us and betray us to what would free us up.

I think it’s every individual to discover it within for themselves and what their flavour is for them.

I almost think the only thing that truly encapsulates this sovereign journey is that it’s individual and unique and is not like any other. That there are no words to put it into, it is therefore like the Tao, unspeakable and unfathomable to some degree. The purpose is the path and nothing else.

We all are given or choose certain limitations to work with, and these limitations frustrate the hell out of us and make living uncomfortable, to the point where we sometimes can’t even be this body and want to leave. They force us into acceptance, reluctant gratitude, surrender, pausing and giving up on the things we thought were important.

When we can’t go further in a direction, when we’ve come to the end of a road, perhaps these are the moments when we can really feel that sovereign journey speak to us, whispering ‘no more child’, at these points and perhaps only at these points we glimpse for a moment our true north, the direction of our purpose.

Limitations – we don’t like them, but we do like to talk endlessly about them. With Saturn still active in the sky at this New Moon, we are facing what truly is, the limitations, the bindings, the reality of this existence in a body.

Sure we can get our breaks from that, with the beautiful galactic love pouring down on us will give us that, and we can access it, and this opens up our remembrance of who we are in our true, original Divine nature, but in all honesty, once we are more of a clean slate without the fear, the pure joy of creating and the miracle of being in a body, is enough.

It’s enough to want to smile to someone just for the sake of smiling, with no agenda. It’s enough to be able to put your hands on a tree. We don’t need high vibrational experiences to enjoy this bodily experience. In fact many have discovered their inner sovereignty in the most dire of human conditions. We know this.

I always ask myself how can a child be so happy? What do they know that we have forgotten. Or rather what have we accumulated that we need give back. And there are common denominators. There are patterns and paths that will be useful.

Another path of sovereignty is to awaken to our full potential, since it is no longer reflected back to us. Again that potential is not definable. We don’t need to know what it is, we just need to know we are it, that we are an infinite, eternal being, and also an unfolding process that is constantly creating alongside all else.

But we are largely more comfortable in our familiar reality and everyday self, we prefer our lot and leave it at that. There would be something noble in that humility if indeed our everyday self was ourself. It isn’t though, it’s an amalgamation of everything but who we truly are. It’s our personality, our archetypes, or our unconscious,

This is not our true nature, although it’s fine to hang out in it. But there is limited joy in the day in and day out experiencing of this level of reality. And eventually it will kill us.

With this vaccine, and it’s impact on our bodies and our consciousness, a friend wrote today, “the vaccine is an all out assault on the final vestiges of those faculties that can embody that potential…not all have been compromised to the extent that this will be successful, but, the lines are becoming clearer between who has a fighting chance and who does not…”. I really hope this is not the case.

The sovereign being is like a bridge from our Divine nature to our action in the world, it negotiates all within, it defines us, it regulates us, it’s our BS detector and much more besides.

If we don’t have the capacity to know our truth or the truth because we are so brainwashed, injected with poison, swayed by electromagnetic fields and downtrodden, then we have a lot of work to do to get ourselves back. Or let our regrets inform our growth and once again surrender to the limitations of this life, which we will inevitably at times feel.

Our capacity to be, act on and from our embodied sovereignty is something intrinsic within, constant and permanent, infinite and eternal, and yet it is also non defined, full of potential and rich in it’s present, magical living, where you literally have no idea what will be with you next.

Can it be destroyed? I don’t think so, but the physical vessel can be so downtrodden that it isn’t expressed. But looking at a person with nonordinary eyes and senses, it will always be there, bright as a button.

There is something very profound and powerful moving through us at this time, both individually and collectively. We are coming into closer contact with our sovereignty or lack of it, either way, it needs to happen. Whether it’s through lack and limitation or fullness of expression. Lets see what happens in the collective and to those around us. Let’s see what opens up.

Our sovereign journey is to observe, feel and embody this connection within and then bring it to Earth, into our bodies, and out into the world. As we connect with all that we are, that’s the full spectrum, not just some high level, that’s the dark as well as the light, the low and dense elements also, we open ourselves to this infinite, limitless possibility of who we are.

They say at this time we can receive and anchor in the galactic core, the Great central Sun and receive powerful codes, and as our heart’s act as a bridge between realities and dimensions, these will go into the new earth’s crystalline grid. And I’ve felt things like this so I’m sure there’s truth in it. Do I want to have this as the centre of my sovereignty journey? Hell not.

So see this time as another little leap frog moment in the stepping stone process of awakening.

When the Moon is conjunct with the Sun, it’s a time of completion (rather than culmination). Here she diminishes what is in excess and increases what is deficient. The Moon at this time reveals the Sun’s influence bringing forth whatever the Sun has accomplished. In other words, it’s a time to let go of what’s ready to go in order to seed and grow a new cycle.

We grow in the same way as the Moon, through an expansion and contraction, invoking deeper and deeper connections with our Sovereign Being. As our individual embodiment of the Divine Masculine, Feminine, Divine Inner Child comes into fruition and balance, all other aspects of self come into balance also.

We are in many ways preparing our body for the integration and expansion of light throughout us, as a sovereign vessel that brings that then brings that into the world. So this is a powerful time of activation through ceremony.

Another way to connect to all this high level stuff is through the grounded reality of nature. This is what the sovereign being does in fact. The Sun is at the highest point in the sky and the days are long. Nature is at its fullest expression – all the leaves on the trees are fully grown, and the animals are busy feeding their young. Being and doing in nature is our way of being sovereign.

Let’s not forget also that first harvest time is itself a portal, a time for spiritual ritual. Nature is our portal to other dimensions in the stars, it’s the way we make quantum leaps and shifts. This is one way how we bridge dimensions, through ritual. It’s like we can portal hop from one gateway to the next, weaving them together.

Ritual is a way of bringing your Sovereign Being in, through and around you, beneath, above, and in front of you – it’s expression. Here’s a Sun ritual for this lions gate.

Astrologically, the point of interest is that this New Moon triggers the larger pattern Uranus square Saturn. This has the potential to bring upheaval and change and certainly amplify this dynamic process around freedom. I’m all for that, since I think there’s little choice frankly but be conscious that if you really need a break from change and to integrate.

Perhaps most important now is the love within our hearts. Love for the sake of love, not for anything or anyone in particular, since this is what we all have accessible within us. This is true Leo. This is sovereignty also, it emanates love and yes loving action emerge from that space. Knowing that love is not what we might think it is. It’s all spectrums of expression.

Another simple thing is that we are here to deeply connect soul to soul, person to person, with less barriers between us, despite the ferocious attempts to out there to divide. Sovereignty stands up for what it holds dear. Know what your truth is right now, know how to tell the difference, work it out, there are many ways to discover the truth.

On a more positive note, we are multidimensional, connected to other constellations, other planets, even other galaxies. It’s perhaps not everyone’s path to know themselves as this, and yet it’s everyone’s potential.

One of the key steps to sovereignty is our capacity to connect the dots. We have all, over the last year, been diving into one of these dots in our lives. Perhaps we have been researching something that is opening us up – this is certainly the time for this – to open up our fixed minds.

Yet it’s no use if we stay in the dot for the next year, we need to explore another and yet another dot, and then slowly the dots begin to come together. It’s not until this occurs that we can truly look behind all the veils, and perceive the true reality of things, from the whole spectrum of reality, the whole multidimensionality.

Of course we might jump in and out of these dots, to help our orientation and integration of what we are beginning to deeply perceive, differently. This is natural, but if we only stick to one side, one reality, one corner of reality, we won’t get very far at this time, and will invite more challenge to shift and move us forward.

There is nothing to fear in ANY of these dots. You have only been made to believe that something is better than something else and that you must stay away from certain things. Look beyond the trap that was set for us light workers many years ago. And go next where you resist to go.

This Lions Gate is a time to ritualise our sovereignty so we can embrace more of this dimensionality, more of the full spectrum – the high AND the low. The light and the dense. Nothing is intrinsically bad, and all the programming around just hanging out with higher frequencies, is only confining you into one corner of your existence.

Let’s use this powerful time to move beyond that corner, or one little dot, and open to the whole of existence and reality before us. Do not let anything hold you back, this is Leo courage and faith after all.


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