Leo New Moon 2021 - card guidance 2

Leo New Moon 2021 – Card Guidance

Published on: 26 Jul, 2021

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Choose to release

that which

would lower

your vibration into fear.

Come back to love,

stay true to yourself,

and you shall

inspire others to think

or speak positively

when they are around you.

Invoking the power of speech

and words for  your strength,

protection and spiritual growth

will work effectively for you.

Isis cards cartouche
Tarot - Ace of flames



Nine of Cups

Fulfilment and happiness.

A tiny grain of sand is washed into a shell.

Being hard, sharp and angular it embeds itself in the soft flesh and causes continuous pain.

The shell covers the grain of sand with many layers of mother of pearl until a round, beautifully shimmering pearl has been created.

This process was initiated through pain.

If you really accept your pain, it will change you and bring you knowledge, wisdom and happiness.

This is a gift from the far depths of the ocean.



The Thread

Life is a tangle. So much happens simultaneously and circuitously, leaving us grappling for meaning and direction in a network of distractions.

When we connect to the energy of The Thread, however, we strike the deepest vein in our body. Our whole being responds to its tug.

Meaning is pumped through our bloodstream. Our mind and spirits are lifted.

We remember who we are and what we came into this world to do.

Though this happens on the most profound level, it could be the simplest incident that activates The Thread – a song, an image, a conversation heard in passing.

No matter how confusing and multilayered our modern lives become, if we are connected to The Thread, we are free.

Being tethered to it is the only anchor our heart requires.

When light it is the circuit of meaning within chaos.

When dark it is binding, frustrating, taut.

the creator - archetypes
I Ching - 47

I Ching

45 – The Way of Synergy

We have fallen out of trust, the human dilemma being insecurity leading to Dominance instead of Communion.

This Shadow frequency only feels unsafe, as it has lost touch with the whole. We have to overcome our insecurity in a world run by the frequency of dominance.

The challenge is to feel safe in a world that doesn’t easily let us relax. Much of the Shadow of Dominance is about ownership. Life is slipping away so we want to hold onto something.

The only way to overcome your insecurity is by facing the Shadow, feeling and embracing it. This is how fear is transformed and behind it lies trust.

When we trust we come into alignment with the whole cosmos, and we feel calm and ease, no matter what we’re going through.

The wave of synergy is an aspect of the evolutionary impulse at work; it’s the creative field of transformation as the old themes of dominance are set aside in favour of a new awareness.

The self-organising principle exists at all levels within the cosmos. When we allow life – with its wild, organic patterns, it naturally tends towards evolution and seeks a higher manifestation.