Lions Gate Sun Ritual 8/8

Sun Ritual Lions Gate – August 2021

by Maia Mires


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Working with ritual magick, the planets and your Sovereign Being is a powerful way to start harnessing the energies of the universe and the Divine for your own growth and transformation. It’s a way to bring more grace into your life, to accentuate certain aspects and restrict the niggly, lower freqeuncy elements that work more as interference than learnings. 


The Lion’s Gate Portal is a cosmic activation that occurs from 28 July until 12 August with it’s culmination on 8th August. It is said that the three stars of Orion’s belt align with the three pyramids at Giza, Egypt. At this time, we are able to bridge all the different dimensional planes and aspects of ourselves, through our hearts. This year it is also on the New Moon in Leo. On this sovereign journey, knowing our vast, infinite nature, multidimensional nature is key. 

Some of us are even connected to other constellations, other planets and galaxies. Our sovereign journey is to ground and embody this reality and connection within and then bring it into reality on Earth. As we connect with all that we are, we open to the limitless possibility of who we are. This is our ultimate freedom. We are here to remember our connection to the galactic core and this remembrance of our full sovereign essence.

All rituals are best when done with precise timing when the specific planetary energy is on your side. While this Lions Gate ritual is for a specific time, this is a Sun ritual and you can repeat whenever Sun is strong in the sky. Join our membership to get the perfect dates and times in advance to ritualise your sovereignty in all your life’s areas.

What you need:

It can be as complex or as simple as you feel is right for you. Choose from the list:

  • A Sun candle – yellow or orange
  • Something to represents your Sovereignty related intention
  • Colours – yellow, gold, royal purple, red in altar or even clothes
  • Symbols – lions
  • Writing paper – to write down your intention
  • Work with St. John’s Wort, Calendula, Rosemary, Citrus – source dried plant material to make a tea or decoction, a prepared tincture, glycerite, syrup, hydrosols or infused oil
Sun ritual
  • Crystals and gems – red ruby, red garnet, amber, tiger eye, topaz, goldstone, citrine
  • Incense – frankincense oil and powder, dried rosemary and juniper, cinnamon oil and bark, sunfower seeds/petals or marigold petals, 
  • An offering of a glass of wine
  • 4 elements around you – to represent water, fire, air and earth (a container of water, another candle, a feather, a plant)
  • Music Deva Premal & Miten Heart like the Sun, Michal Franti Soulshine, Snatnam Kaur Long time Sun, Xavier Rudd Follow The Sun, Bob Marley Sun Is Shining, Bach Air on a G String, Dvorak Symphonic Variations Op.78, Vltava Smetana The Moldau, Mendelssohn Fingal’s Cave
Sun Leo ritual


When working with ritual, you are working with an intention of what you want to bring more into your life and also release. At a New Moon, we are looking to release and seed new intentions.

A Sun ritual will enhance all things related to leadership, radiance, confidence, visibility, faith (steady nature, we trust it to rise), clarity (see it clearly), inspiration (apollo and flashes of insight),  life-giving (foundation of all life), vitality (energy), sovereignty (agency). It’s where we thrive and flourish rather than compete with others.

The Sun is the heart of our solar system. At the human level is connected to the quality of spirit. We work with the Sun when we want self transformation, and we are looking to radiate, be more visible and sovereign, since the Sun is a star that all other planets orbit around. It’s a great time to improve how you function in a position of leadership, drawing from the Sun an understanding of what it’s like to be in the centre and hold attention from others. The Sun also helps us gain the favour of those who are already in positions of authority.

When working with ritual, you need to have a clear intention of what you wish to enhance, or diminish.

It’s never a good idea to draw a specific person – keep it broad.

Sun ritual Leo


Have your ritual space all ready for 14:50 GMT Sunday 8th August 2021

  • Cleanse your space – join our membership for powerful space clearing tools – saging is a great start
  • Set up your altar and directions, place each element in each direction. Different systems designate different element for each direction. Choose the system that most resonates with you. Taoist, celtic, shamanic etc.
  • Light your incense, smudge stick or essential oils, play your music
  • Light your candle at 14.50 pm and call in the Sun
  • Call in your Sovereign Being – this is the BIG you that is facilitating this whole process, not your ego self. Join for free and get the Sovereign Being meditation
  • Now take some time to go inside and attune with the energy of Sun
  • State your intention, and then write down your intention
  • Visualise, feel your intention being carried forth
  • Enjoy your apple, and follow your guidance, perhaps you want to burn or bury your written intention

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