Aquarius New Moon 2022 – Card Guidance

Published on: 27 Jan, 2022

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign


Flower of Life

You are entering

a fertile period

of your life.

You are guided

to think of yourself

as a creative being

and to surrender

your control over

how things will

manifest and, instead,

allow them to do so.

Don’t resist change;

instead, go with the flow

and let it happen.

Now is the time for your blossoming.

Isis - mother of life
Tarot - 7 of feathers


The Sun

Brightly singing

– a sound grown white –

you appear at the boundary

of day and night.

Cosmic yellow-skinned goddess,

far away, with your rays you

touch the plexus named after you.

Pulsating organism, illuminating

the dark and light parts of the world.

None more attractive than the other.

You see what happens far away and deep inside.

You shape the visible world.

You make whole what is seperate.

Everything you touch is transformed.



The River

There is a reason so many rituals of change and rebirth take place in The River – it is forgiveness embodied in physical form.

Without asking anything in return, The River washes away what is no longer necessary, smoothing over sharp edges and accepting all our mistakes and grievances.

Once we step in, we are no longer in control: The River carries us farther down the stream of transformation than we planned to go.

Its waters have a special gift for you reflecting back to us a new and dreamlike vision.

Once the tears have passed, we see ourselves as we haven’t before: with a little more lightness, grace, and fluidity.

Keep in mind the you that stands within The River is the real you – full of deep emotion and potential, nothing to hide, nothing to judge.

May you drink in the sight of your true self.

When light it is acceptance, grace, reflection, forgiveness.

When dark it is a torment of emotions, flooding, overwhelm.

archetypes - the vessel
Tarot - 7 of feathers

I Ching

55 – The Way of Freedom

Most of the time we experience life as though we are somehow victims of material reality and in servitude to our bodies and the emotions that flood through. Escaping the lower, emotional reality to transcend into higher spiritual states is a way we can become trapped.

Yet every emotional experience, if it makes you unhappy, tells us that there’s something there to heal, there’s a correction, we’ve forgotten our true identity as Source.

In the search for the heightened state, the fullness, we want it to last forever, and we can cling. But it’s natural for states to change.

But as the Sun appears to set and the moon appears to wane, they always remain full. There is fullness within the emptiness, an inexhaustible source. But attitude is everything and true abundance is where we know whatever state or emotion, it is as it should be, even if it then becomes the raw material for inner alchemy.

This card is about riding on top of the waves, letting peace reside within, and life replenishes you from this space. Trusting in life, knowing that some of the highest levels of consciousness annihilate the illusion of some kind of spiritual experience.

Everything serves us, if we can choose the attitude to see it. And if you can’t find that place, use that as fodder to find the place requiring healing.