Cancer Full Moon 2022

by Maia Mires

We have a Full Moon in Cancer on 17th January 2022 at 23:48 GMT. 

Monday 17 January – Full Moon in Cancer 23:48 GMT

Tuesday 18 January – Mercury sextile Chiron 10:03 GMT

Tuesday 18 January  – Uranus Direct 15:26 GMT

Thursday 20 January – Sun into Aquarius 2:39 GMT

Sunday 23 January – Sun conjunct Mercury 10:28 GMT

Monday 24 January – Mars into Capricorn 12:53 GMT

Wednesday 26 January – Mercury into Capricorn 3:05 GMT

Saturday 29 January – Sun sextile Chiron 2:57 GMT

Saturday 29 January – Mercury conjunct Pluto 4:15 GMT

Saturday 29 January – Venus Direct 8:46 GMT

Sunday 30 January – Sun square Uranus 19:32 GMT

Tuesday 1 February – New Moon in Aquarius 5:46 GMT

The Moon is in the final degrees opposing the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. Bringing all 2020 stuff right back into the foreground and to a head.

Once again, Pluto strongly highlighted conjoined by the Sun. Pluto in the deepest recess of the unconscious. Pluto’s role is to depolarise the fabric of reality. Take us out of eating our own tail through taking us to the truth.

Venus and Mercury retrograde take us very internal, throw things about, make nothing make sense, make it mean something its not one minute and then the next something entirely different. We are struggling to literally ‘make sense’ and ‘make meaning’ – perhaps because the way we have always done it needs some serious revamping.

Both retrogrades are pulling everything a part, but perhaps this is not for everyone, just those ready, able and willing. Note though we are beginning to near the end of this Venus retrograde.

Well, we did want knowledge and truth. And while we haven’t quite gotten it yet by any means, we are certainly getting something. Lucifer, as Venus the morning star from 14th January, bringer of light and truth, is doing a fine job of airing out our minds. Taking a part our reality. Helping us see dark and light clearly, so that then we can eventually recombine them, to make the third, the trinity.

The ‘Lu’ in ‘Lucifer’ is the luminescent of ‘light.’ The light or truth bringer. Our relationship with knowledge, the truth of good and evil, is in the process of illumination.  Perhaps this is the knowledge. Perhaps that distinction is exactly what is needed right now. Since it seems large segments of society are very lost and confused. Many also don’t seem to care about this distinction or that they are lost. Heads buried in the sand.

But evil is not ‘out there’. The devil never enacts evil, he just tempts us into doing the dirty work for him, and that seems to be rather easier than I at least assumed was the case. All he’s really doing is imploring humans to act freely rather than submitting to the will of some kind of inner authority. We do it to ourselves. The lemmings waiting for their death – we all have a right to choose our own path – where we choose from matters.

I can think of various high profile individuals who act as the emulsifiers, binding dark and light, black with white, right and wrong. Many New Agers. But we don’t want that now. We need the trinity – the third, that which neutralises the duality. Lucifer is the serpent who eats its tail throughout infinity. So while it’s looking ridiculous out there in the world, it will and is giving birth to a third.

It’s a bridge though, allowing us go move back and forth, not a binding or null and void.

Sagittarius Solar eclipse 2021 pic 1

But, we must not jump into trinity too soon. There is a clear agenda to channel this conflict, this created division (through divine and rule), which will only increase in the outer world this year, into some kind of order, unity, bringing us all together in a New Age utopia. Lets’ not fall for this. This trinity is to be found by the people, not those in current world power.

It’s a head f*ck to get this. I need a few attempts to distill and explain this.

My sense is that everyone’s process in this at least western crisis seems to be so utterly individual that there’s very few common threads. What feels unifying is that we are in a process of disintegration, dismantling and pulling a part – outside and inside. And all are at different stages, levels, having different priorties in that process.

People feel insane, very internal at times in an attempt to integrate, then discombobulated, polarised, in their truth, then and also fragmented, ungrounded. Essentially – all over the place. It’s like being a Russian doll and having layer after layer taken off you and with each layer pulled off we see more of what we are, but with still have no idea quite what that is in words or where it’s all heading. 

Honestly, it feels like we are only at the beginning. But these retrogrades have generated a real biggie. That’s why I took a little time out to assimilate. 

Navigating this very unknown territory is not easy, its near impossible as the head is pummelled into non existense, it can’t make sense of everything. Certain new aspects are being called forth from us that are way, way new. We are refining or creating new ways of processing, or even not processing, just sitting with what is there. Even making sense of it is beyond us, at this time. 

But there are some things we need and some things we don’t at this time. We need to get grounded. That means, no third eye meditation or visualisation. This sort of awakening is never helpful – in fact it can result in the complete opposite.

Activating the third eye begins to separate you from this earth, this reality. Hopefully this Venus Retrograde has brought the recognition of your human body. Without the support of the body and earth and the grounding these offer, it is going to get very difficult to filter all these intense energies through, making them more complex than the simplicity we are looking for.

Our energy needs to be directed down into the heart, or lower still, into the dantien, instead of up into our illusions. 

Sagittarius Solar eclipse 2021 pic 2

Remember, we are all born full of truth, but our spiritual journey is a process of rediscovering the truth that lives within us, this is not the same as the subjective truth of our emotions. 

One way we ordinarily discover this truth is through the mirroring we get in our relationships. We all yearn for an undistorted mirror, that reflects without distortion. There’s just not many of them around.

Truth cannot easily be reflected back to us, in our relationships, when everyone is more or less consumed with their own unique and challenging process or indeed feeling quite insane. Our level of susceptibility and impressionability to these mirrors, distortions highlighted through Neptune’s long transit through Pisces until 2024, has reached colossal levels, it seems.

So much has been controlling our minds, our thinking, our emotions, our identities and the roles we find ourselves in. If images, words, language is repeated day in day out, most of us will just assimilate it all and eventually shut down our questioning, as it becomes assumed as part of our reality, fixed and who we are. Even if it holds no ultimate truth. This is how we lose our truth and give in and give up.

The meaning we give things also, the linking of cause to effect – whether past or future, whether deliberate and conscious or just causal happens because we’ve forgotten how to discriminate between what’s illusion and reality, the map and the landscape. This is what transhumanism wants. In fact transhumanism and enlightenment are currently in a battle.

If you are reading this, then you are on the conscious journey now, and so you have probably already come into contact with how challenging it is to learn the skill of discernment. Discrimination is a central tenant in critical thinking and of navigating this current phase.

We live in a postmodern world where the distinction between reality and illusion is dissolving at a fast rate. Now, perhaps, we are seeing, some are experiencing a pathway out of that. So that there is no longer this so-called matrix. The matrix is no longer kidding us into believing it exists.

Scorpio New Moon 2021 pic 2

Everyone has different views right now and this worship of subjectivity, of value in all opinions is known as relativism or subjectivity. I know this approach better than most, as I unfortunately or fortunately got half brainwashed into it. I have to admit, I never gave over my soul to it, I knew, unlike all the others, it wasn’t truth. 

It goes that if every opinion counts, then we might as well say what’s the point in critique, in assessing value. This, kinda ironically, creates black and white thinking also, even though it parades as something more diversity oriented. But hidden behind it is totalitarianism. 

In other words – what’s floating around seems all tolerant and diversity promising, but it just isn’t. 

If we continue to insist on receiving our reality through a stream of mainstream information (frankly there’s a mainstream existing within all the sides now), then it becomes more difficult to locate objective reality, and the truth that lies within that. Then we fall into the Guardian and BBC approach that pretends to give voice to all sides, yet it doesn’t.

We have been convinced that the images are real, and images have become synonymous with truth. But all opinions are not equal and while some are more fascinating than others, some can also affect us more deeply, even damage us. This is what we need to be alert to.

Yet it seems like we have been conditioned into not really being that interested in the truth, or believing we can make contact with it. In fact, I’ve witnessed many people say causally over the last couple of years that the truth is elusive and cannot be located, perhaps doesn’t even exist anymore. It seems that people are more interested in their ‘peace’ and happiness, even if that requires shutting down, convincing themselves, rather than the real truth out there.

This is disturbing, and it should disturb all of us. Critical thinking has been eradicated in our schools and universities, from the media. We are content with soundbites and cartoons to explain deep and complex subjects. We are not interested in finding ways of discovering the truth as it’s hard work, it’s frankly a full time job. False sense of peace is preferred; false as only truth can bring you peace. 

There are no excuses if you are seriously on this path.