Aquarius New Moon 2022

by Maia Mires

We have a New Moon in Aquarius at 5.46 am GMT on 1st February 2022.

Tuesday 1 February – New Moon in Aquarius 5:46 GMT

Friday 4 February – Mercury Direct 4:13 GMT

Friday 4 February – Mars sextile Jupiter 13:37 GMT

Friday 4 February – Sun conjunct Saturn 19:05 GMT

Sunday 6 February – Mars square Chiron 12:57 GMT

Tuesday 8 February – Mars trine Uranus 14:57 GMT

Friday 11 February – Mercury conjunct Pluto 14:04 GMT

Monday 14 February – Mercury into Aquarius 21:54 GMT

Wednesday 16 February – Venus conjunct Mars 14:29 GMT

Wednesday 16 February – Full Moon in Leo 16:56 GMT

Mercury stations direct a few degrees away from Pluto. He will be close to Pluto for the entire week. As the Moon in Pisces comes around to make her sextile aspect to that Mercury-Pluto on 4th, as Mercury stations direct, we should be able to see connect to something that brings either clearer elements into the equation, or a different higher perspective.

Mercury is communication, thinking. Pluto is deep truth. 

This whole Venus and now Mercury retrograde; Venus ended and Mercury about to end, has drawn a lot of lines in the sand. The depth, reorientation or truth that has emerged or been revealed has been permanently life changing. 

We have been working out how to spend our time, energy and resources and how to do this with more efficiency, integrity, inner connection and honouring deeper values. Things have and still might need to drop away. Big choices need to be made soon. Things will never be the same again, it seems.

We have been assessing our strategies, in all areas of life, what plans do we need to now form and how best to implement what we have diligently been learning. 

A lot of it is about coming back to what we have lost, as boring as it might sound. There have been many distractions, but we didn’t know the extent of the distractions, we didn’t realise and many still have no clue, how deeply we are exhausting our energies pursuing meaningless paths. 

Meaningless as it might ‘appear’ or ‘reflect’ meaning, but we have to ask now, what is really meaningful? Where have I applied meaning where it is not worthy? Where are my values skewed or screwed (more to the point). Values become clear when we need to assess our motivations, wants and needs.

When we get redirected, either when its forced upon us unwillingly from outside, or from inside in the form of something no longer feeling right, we are being asked to make new choices, or recommit. 

Sagittarius Solar eclipse 2021 pic 1

If our internal world is shifting and re-orientating, we are certainly being called to honour that. This might not be easy, since our drivers can be strong, pulled by thought distortions of what we have been told is important in life, when in fact much of what we have been told through books, media, courses and figures/gurus – wherever authority outside is sort – is not an accurate reflection of deeper truth, which we now earnestly very much need.

Either way, sacrifices might need to be made, new realisations accepted, embraced and honoured. If we choose the path of depth and truth, sometimes our whole version of reality needs to fall away. Some people are on the verge of realising their entire make-up is formed on lies. Lies is a big word, I know, but if we cannot discern at this clear polarised level of truth and reality, fact and fiction, we cannot even hope to move authentically beyond it.

I’m all for more nuance, ultimately, and not laying blame or fault, but we simply do need to face reality and figure out what works and what doesn’t. There IS a level of fact, truth and reality, which we need to at least desire to access.

A lot of that we orientate towards, needs unlearning.

I admit, not everyone is there, here, but we are all heading in this direction, and I am speaking to those ready for this chapter, not those still sitting in the wings comfortably, awaiting their call and time to discover what’s real.

Reality, we have been taught, is all inside, but it is not. Through therapy, self-help and all manner of social engineering, we have been slowly entrained to accept only the version of reality which is within.

The reality is, that there is an inside and outside. Both, not one. Yet the outside, the other has been forsaken. Our orientation to within needs some readdressing. Just before we experience something, it doesn’t make it ‘real’ or ‘true’.

If we are an amalgamation of other’s views, and no central connection within, trusting ourselves might not come easily. What are we trusting? The signs? Most of the time, it’s our desire to be right and our resistance to acknowledging our denial.

We need to learn to trust truth, not our truth, but THE truth. And first lay the foundations for it. Discernment is the central tenet for sovereignty.

We need to honour that there is a reality outside, for pretty much currently this is the only reality we can all unite through and agree upon. A chair is fundamentally a chair, even if we disagree as to it’s finite make-up.

We search after all the mystical knowledge, forgetting what is starring us right in the face. We must ask, why? How have we gotten so far away from outside reality, and how we have gotten to such a place where we have no connection with what’s valuable.

Our own inner world, while fascinating and meaningful for us, and even perhaps for others if we are in the habit of sharing it, does not offer something that we as a human race can meaningfully agree upon. The reality of this realm is too relative and subjective to ever hold much eternal truth, or offer axioms of life that can be foundations of a new earth. It’s a rich space, of course.

It’s same when you put a load of people in a group, all with different views, how on earth can they get things done? Generally it’s like herding cats. Someone needs to be a filter for all the crap. Not all views are valuable.

So, why do we spend most of our time supporting this inner reality, forsaking that which unifies us? Because we have been taught that this is what we should do if we want to be hip spiritual people. I think it is good to be able to draw clear distinctions at this time, to develop our discernment, to know what’s real and what is just a fabric of our own imagined meaning making. 

The simplicity of truth sets a part the complexity of opinion. It slices through, with a clean sharp knife, that which is useful and needs to be adopted, and that which needs to be chucked in the bin and never returned to. People hate it with a passion. Like I said, try shutting someone up who just likes the sound of their own opinion. These people are not interested in discovering something that unifies… not yet.

Sagittarius Solar eclipse 2021 pic 2

Why are we so hesitant to discern our way through life? To bring ourselves in fully? To shape and form who we are – not from a place of view, opinion, inner value – but from a place of truth, clear, honest truth, that cannot be argued with.

Truth is beyond feelings, emotions. It’s the realm of knowing. It’s uncompromisable. It knows what’s right and what’s wrong. It knows evil deeds and looks it squarely in the face without fear. It stands firmly on the ground, feet tethered into the earth and it will not budge, no matter how many excuses, reasons and illusion are thrown upon it.

There is truth that we live in some kind of illusionary matrix, since there are many ideologies, promoted by people both consciously and unconsciously, attempting to convince us that there exists a ‘matrix’ which we are subject to; in a kind of pseudo reality. 

Their roles are to exhaust all sense of authority in us to know what is and is not true and what is and is not right. It is by no means a rule that we live within that reality. But to reorientate, to extricate ourselves, we need first to put certain things aside and see their valuelessness for what it is and how they warp our minds and hearts. 

There is an independent world, outside of us. We are not alone here creating reality, to think such a thing is a God complex, and a new age lie. Yes we are co-creating there is truth in that, but there is even more beyond that. Existence is beyond our own perceptions, and to believe or think otherwise is dangerous and takes us outside of truth.

Once we begin to step outside of our own reactions, perceptions and viewpoints, and start smelling the flowers, quite literally, we are reconnected to truth. In fact the truth is that we can create so many illusions on the inside, which we then live by vividly and adamantly, if we have no connection to the truth on the outside. This is what I mean by discernment. A chair is a chair, no matter if someone else says inspiringly that it’s 99.9% empty space.

Does it really matter that it’s mainly empty space. Doesn’t this actually disconnect us from reality? It makes life and physical reality unknowable, reducing it to something which makes little sense and can never be known, and only works to blow our little minds and still, where does it actually take us? Into a lot more unknowns and more intangibility. It also disconnects us from testable, discernible facts, and dare I say it, real science.

But do we care? Do we actually want truth and facts? Can we muster up the desire to question the unquestionable? Are we able to question the words I heard someone retort with the other day to me, thinking they were being clever “but, there is no truth”. Are we prepared to bring our critical mind online? Are we prepared to assess through applying just an ounce of logic?

Scorpio New Moon 2021 pic 2

I’m under no illusions that this is not all that’s needed, since I’ve spent years bringing my body back online! But I never thought for one second that my mind was central also, being told the mind was just a monkey, a nuisance to be overcome. At least, not until I began to notice my kid being brainwashed into nonsense thinking “what if hamburgers went out of fashion, well, there would be no cows!” and saw the clear attack on intellectualism, which comes in many forms; Peppa’s daddy pig portrayed as an intellectual bumbling idiot.

There is a certain book out there that I won’t name yet, but one that subtly (and not so if you are on the look out) promotes the hatred of men by women, quite a few chapters on it. And it’s a well respected one, that many female spiritual aspirants lap up and lend to their friends, promote on YouTube, feel cool for having read the high brow nonsense, having no clue what it is doing to their inner masculine.

Yes this marries up with the internal experience of people, who are sucked into defending their subjective opinions and emotions because it is, well, their opinion and feeling. 

What do you think happens to the inner and outer masculine, the protector? He gets increasingly relegated into the recesses of our being and the inner feminine feels the pressure to ‘perform’ in his absence. 

Do not underestimate the agendas, allow some suspicion, but equally do not let it take you over.

Surely the issue we have now on our planet is that everybody is living in a pseudo reality, their own personal one, and sometimes they join up with others who agree with this personal version of reality (with a little variation to prevent the boredom factor), all then serving to keep in place, contain and maintain people’s minds in a closed system.

Where is the self-questioning? We must stop trying to become more, as frankly it’s just serving to expand more of this BS, and come back to looking at our very foundations. We can’t expand if our foundations are not in reality. So I’m done with the whole 5D crap for now. I might come back to it, but frankly, people need to get back to the bones, and hopefully Venus and Mercury retrograde have instigated this process for you.

There are more issues in our current paradigm’s foundations than we currently could even begin to fathom – it would blow our minds I think, hence slow release where possible. And unfortunately, they are not the ones we think, in fact, you could inverse pretty much all of the current accepted mainstream realities, and then you might touch upon a little hard truth.