Virgo New Moon 2022

Virgo New Moon 2022

Published on: 26 Aug, 2022

We have a New Moon in Virgo on 27 August 2022 at 9:17 BST.

Saturday 27 August – New Moon in Virgo 9:17 BST

Sunday 28 August – Venus opposite Saturn 19:27 BST

Thursday 1 September – Mars sextile Jupiter 12:52 BST

Saturday 3 September  – Mercury opposite Jupiter 2:49 BST

Monday 5 September – Venus into Virgo 5:05 BST

Saturday 10 September – Mercury Retrograde 4:38 BST

Saturday 10 September – Full moon in Pisces 10:59 BST

Fiery since the Moon will be conjoining the Sun as it sits in its protracted square to Mars. This potentially brings in an impatient, impulsive and pushy quality to the New Moon in Virgo, where the reigning need for Virgo order and cleanliness meets rash and do it now Mars.

We could be juggling a lot of things at once, since Mars is straggling Gemini, distracted and unfocused. Perhaps the holiday season has left many things up in the air, on lots of levels. People have used this holiday time to finally fully escape the reality of what life has been throwing at us, non stop, over the past couple of years.

Now it’s time to bring back the order to the chaos and infuse some peace and calm into your environment, body and being.

As New Moons are generally a time of feeling more depleted energetically, this Sun-Mars adds in an interesting flavour of feeling a little nerve fried, stressed and frazzled, in need of gentle physical movement to get the body and emotions releasing.

New Moons are a time of release, especially for women, as whatever emotions have accumulated throughout the month moves into the menstrual blood (if our menstruation is attuned to the Moon cycle) for release.

virgo new moon 1

Pay more attention to releasing at this new moon, in whatever form it arrives in your life – be it paying more attention to the body or your environment. Virgo is known for its meticulous nature, for setting things right, for correcting and noticing details that others overlook or avoid.

Yet it is Virgo’s capacity to open to spiritual insight through the third eye and through this its association with purity and clarity, that generally gets overlooked.

The association of Virgo with purity, the purity of the white sacred fire, the ultimate flame of purification and oneness, which is realised through the third eye, allowing us to see things as they are, in their truth and with discernment. Virgo is the master of discernment.

It could also be argued that Virgo is the spiritual ruler of our planet, since our earth’s cosmic axis points into the Virgo constellation. So perhaps particularly relevant for ‘humans’.

Anyhow the discernment is knocking loudly at our door this harvest, throughout all August and September, with initially the Sun and Venus sojourning Virgo, and then Mercury which turns retrogrades shortly (from 10 September) and journeys back into Virgo for 17 extra days.


virgo new moon 2

This need for ground, reality checks, discerning what is important and what can be put aside is very important for our health. Increasingly also, a need to detox and cleanse our system – from physical to spiritual – since we need to be clear for the powerful Sun-Venus conjunction in October.

Lay the groundwork, prepare your being and body, get in shape and start sorting through things – it’s the one time this year where it will just flow and make sense and support a strong sense of order and clarity. Our world, as the old quantum mechanics maintains, is not based on the uncertainty principle, but on the underlying implicate order in life.

This is our time to root deeper into this implicate order and out of the nebulous unknown we have been up against while Neptune has been putting us through his paces, the last remnants of the final degrees of dreamy fantasy filled Pisces. At some point, in 2025 we will begin to emerge from all this confusion….

But we need to do the groundwork and this Virgo New Moon and intense Virgo season lends us an opportunity to return our being and body to purity. This Sun-Mars gives us a very physical foundation – perhaps it’s time at this New Moon to channel that Mars energy into a new routine, or reenergise an old one.

Venus has been zipping through Leo and enters Virgo on 5 September. She is currently in a square to Uranus, which ups the ante further at this time, bringing in a volatile and erratic quality to both our resources and relationships. It adds to this quality of nothing feeling secure or solid. The entry into Virgo is a good time for regaining some of that rooting that we might have lost.

virgo new moon 3

With these current two dynamic squares; Sun and Mars, and Venus and Uranus, we have the lovers, Mars and Venus, both in a bit of an uncomfortable dancing whirl. This is not so easy, but is likely, if worked with to bring some kind of release or realisation.

However, as mentioned in the last point, we then have Saturn putting the brakes on and bringing us right back down to earth. With Venus opposing Saturn on 28 August, we might feel like whatever breakthrough we made either wasn’t enough or what we expected.

Again, as with much of the astrological weather over the last couple of years, we are being teased a part, shown our stuff, show other people’s stuff, given a high and then a deadens.

If we are willing to receive and learn, we are being taught what really counts deep down, what will engender happiness at the foundation of our lives. These highs or breakthroughs might feel empty, or just not on the money.

It feels like we want to put our energy into something, to fuel something, to make something ours, but we can’t choose or settle. Mars in Gemini doesn’t support focus, and he will be in Gemini until March 2023. There’s a restless quality to our lives and it’s like like an itch we can’t scratch. By next March we will understand more about the roots of this restlessness.

Impatience and frustration also, we are being forced to face our frustration and impatience. It will be interesting to see what we transmute this restlessness into and in the process, what it teaches us about our motivations and drives.

What are we running on? This is perhaps one of the most important questions of our time. Frazzled nerves or spaciousness?

The good news is that we might be getting a little used to this extended Sun-Mars dynamic, since it’s been building for a week. The New Moon heralds a peak, and that then extends for yet another 3 days, only then to have Mercury forming a smoother trine to Mars allowing for some easier discussions.

The good news is that as Venus opposes Saturn, which is a low, a couple of days after we feel reenergised again by the Mars sextile Jupiter, although we will need to put some energy into it get it moving, so perhaps it’s important to go deeper with the Venus-Saturn, so to locate that inner strength that keeps you going despite all the odds.

It’s not the easiest of months, but we will have access to increasing ease as Venus catches up with the Sun in October. Just use this time now to get rerooted and make space for the new infusion of light in October.


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