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Virgo New Moon 2022 – Card Guidance

Published on: 24 Aug, 2022

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Soul Retrieval

Isis, healing Goddess,

now offers you spiritual restoration

and deep soul healing

through the art of soul retrieval,

reclaiming prices of you

lost through trauma,

old and new. Soon you will

enjoy greater wellness,

energy and power,

so be willing to go

through the healing process,

knowing that any emotional clearing

taking place is leading you to wholeness.

Isis Cards - Initiation
Tarot - The Devil



Nine of Coins


Meditate on a stone and you will have abundance in your life.

Abundance and treasure are not apparent, they are hidden in the ordinary and commonplace.

Everybody can partake in this abundance of life.

If your thoughts are directed towards the unattainable or things that you don’t have, you will experience scarcity, not abundance.

A state of emptiness is the prerequisite for experiencing fullness.

If you have ever fasted, you will know the intense taste of the first bite.

It is said that all minerals are contained within any given stone.

Round unworked stones symbolizes the feminine.

Stones hide their treasure within.

Through meditation a stone will become soft and ready to reveal its treasure.



The Mask

We often think of a mask as something that conceals our identity.

Yet contemplate the possibility that The mask permits our true identity to be revealed. It allows. The Mask gives voice to that which was previously rejected.

When this card appears, enact the side of you that is seeking expression, yet was never given a role to play on stage of your life.

You are the realm of theatre, so anything is possible. Speak with the Other’s voice, embody the Other’s limbs. You are taking part in the ritual of expanding The Self.

There may be mischief and deception around, and others may be trying on new masks too. No one is sure who is who. It’s likely you’ve become so attached to a single mask that you need to fall face forward into this perception-bending time. Trust it.

When light it reveals what has been suppressed.

When dark it further conceals what is rejected.

Archetypes - Empty Room
I Ching Cards - 19

I Ching

42 – The Way of Detachment

This hexagram is about our attachment to the story of our life. At the Shadow frequency we’re so immersed and involved in our story that we identify fully with the characters and cast in our lives. This Gene Key is all about our relationship to death. If we know that we’re just an actor and will return again to play another role in another play, then detachment will be much easier for us.

Without this key insight we can really suffer more. We all begin life with hope. When our mind starts to shape that hope into specific ambitions and ideas and those outcomes don’t play out the way we wish, it engenders huge disappointment. The world is filled with disappointed people who have stopped trusting in life, in their hearts, and in others’ hearts. The true purpose of expectation and disappointment is to teach us the art of letting go.

To be detached means to not worry about outcomes, to begin to trust in life. If we start listening to life, we learn to let go of our expectations but we never let go of our hope. Being detached doesn’t mean we become more distant and objective to life, it means we begin to accept life. To live life with detachment is to move into a really deep flow with the universe and the harmony in the greater pattern.

This is the essence of the teaching of the Buddha – to let life pass us by and become the witness to our own story.