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Scorpio New Moon 2022 – Card Guidance

Published on: 12 Oct, 2022

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The Brother in Darkness

Whenever negative

energy is present,

it is a sign that we

are ready to move more

deeply into our

feminine divine power.

You shall overcome any

negative energy with

grace and triumph.

Stay in your heart.

There is no need to be afraid.

Divine Sun Child
Tarot Cards - 4 cups




The Crone

Aging as spiritual journey.

The soul listening inward through the ear labyrinth.

Listening to the voice of the heart – place of knowledge and wisdom.

The old traveler on her way to the point of oneness,

where she touches the cosmic whole.

Wingless flying straight into the heart.

Every step is perfect.



The Prayer

What is prayer? When are we in a state of prayer and when are we not? To whom or what do we pray?

Archetypally, the practice of prayer has been with us since the dawn of time as a remedy for the omnipresent self-centered thinking that spins us toward illusion.

Prayer leads us beyond our ego, as we move from our little story to the big one. Some say we are in a state of prayer anytime we are not the center of our own thoughts.

Others say prayer is a natural result of gratitude. Perhaps it is simply surrender. Or service. Whatever prayer is for you…this card reminds us of its importance.

Get quiet, low, humble, and soft. Bow and touch the ground as your heart lifts to the sky. Though it may be uncomfortable, it is time. Nothing else will do.

When light it is offering to be of service, asking for guidance.

When dark it is expecting results, self-aggrandizement.

Archetypes the underworld
I Ching - 28 preponderance of the great

I Ching

39 – The Way of Dynamism

Avoid trapping your life force through fear.

You are waking up, and so anger and provocation is the first stage.

It cracks the inertia.

And we project out our fear onto others, at first we externalise our fear through causing pain.

But fear, adversity or obstruction is the universal face of change.

It leads to innovation and ultimately to harmony.

It can reveal how to achieve movement and flow, in more innovative ways.

Explore a new way.

Your path of evolution is only limited by your unwillingness to move with change.

Stay open-minded and impartial at this time.

Observe a world that is becoming.

This is a time where life can unleash your genius, and your dynamism within.