Taurus Full Moon 2021

by Maia Mires

We have a Taurus Lunar Eclipse on 19th November 2021 at 8.57 GMT.

Friday 19 November – Full Moon in Taurus 8:57 GMT

Saturday 20 November – Mercury square Jupiter 23:43 GMT

Sunday 21 November – Mercury sextile Pluto 9:14 GMT

Monday 22 November – Sun into Sagittarius 2:34 GMT

Wednesday 24 November – Mercury into Sagittarius 15:36 GMT

Saturday 27 November – Saturn sextile Chiron 1:03 GMT

Monday 29 November – Sun conjunct Mercury 4:39 GMT

Monday 29 November – Mars trine Neptune 14:10 GMT

Tuesday 30 November – Mercury trine Chiron 2:41 GMT

Tuesday 30 November – Mercury sextile Saturn 7:19 GMT

Tuesday 30 November – Sun trine Chiron 14:38 GMT

Tuesday 30 November – Venus sextile Neptune 20:46 GMT

Tuesday 30 November – Sun sextile Saturn 23:14 GMT

Wednesday 1 December – Neptune Direct 13:22 GMT

Saturday 4 December – New Moon in Sagittarius 7:43 GMT

This is partial lunar eclipse, and the first one in the Taurus season. The nodes though are on the cusp of Gemini still, so this is a funny one.

The challenges are currently great – internal and external. Some are feeling it more than others. Those final degrees of signs (I talk about in the astrology overview for the next few years) are now coming under immense pressure. Especially since from now onwards every full moon up to May 2022 is in the final 26-28 degrees of each sign.

If you have planets in this final degrees, you are about to enter, (as if you haven’t been already), into an intense growth and transformation process. My feeling with this is that the old skin of the snake is going to be shed, and something new will be born within.

It’s already happening. Through the pain, we are becoming more alive. Pain and life are intricately connected. If you are incapable of feeling pain then you are alive. When pain is no longer accessible to us, we are already exiting the the earth place. It is important for us to develop a healthy relationship with pain.

With Venus just entering the shadow phase. This is where she will retrograde back to in December and January. So these degrees will be revisited. So be aware of what is pulsing through you now – emotionally, and on a thinking level. What is beginning to enter into your reality now, since it will be part of the focus between now and the end of January.

Mercury-Mars-Saturn November 2021

See it as a time when the themes and dynamics are being set up, all related to Venus in our charts – by sign, aspect and house. If you know your chart, see what house she is retrograding through. Look for any aspects she makes to any planets or points. Venus themes are related to beauty, art, balance, harmony, love, pleasure, desire, fairness, diplomacy, finances, possessions, values.

Often though, relationships enter into a redefining period, where issues need to be faced and processed. Relationships, with both women and men, may feel more unstable and inconsistent, reality is about to take you where you have been needing to go for a good long while.

This will be especially the case if you have planets and points at 26-28 degrees, since Venus conjoins Pluto at the end of December on this degree (as well as the full moons in the following months pressurising life further for those months).

“Time becomes a living thing that watches over us and tells us precisely when to speak or act… It is all about patience and precision. No clock can guide you… wait for the rush of inner knowing and not a moment longer. The word evil comes from the word unripe. Consider that everything has a time of ripeness.”

Scorpio New Moon 2021 pic 1

There’s a certain endurance being called for right now. We are being challenged to manage ourselves and situations over a long period of time. Our whole life approach is being challenged. We are learning to move more like water, and release the blocks and stagnancy that impedes our flow.

A fulcrum point or balance is being negotiated where we know who and what needs to show up in us at any given moment. If we struggle with this level of inner spectrum or access, then we will need to experience events to free us up. All challenge, if met with presence and respect for what it brings, takes us forward.

Scorpio New Moon 2021 pic 2

“The challenge for every human being is to find their true inner authority, our voice that emerges from the depths of our inner world.”

For those who are already on the volatility spectrum – who struggle to maintain their composure and need to control their lives and those of them around them – there’s a sense of losing the capacity to maintain balance and control even more. This is contributing and further going to add to the Venus issues in later December.

The Moon is conjoined Algol, which indicates an out of control, losing your head, there’s a shocking, traumatic aspect. It’s very strong in its volatility and will draw to it very intense physical experiences. So there’s a need to not let primitive and raw experiences force you into expression that you later regret. Let’s not forget that Mars is in opposition to Uranus at this Full Moon flaring tempers even further.

You probably now have a sense of where things need to go for you to break free from that chrysalis, and you can bet that the next few months is going to provide you with all you need to actualise that. Since actualisation is what we are all coming into.

The Sabian symbol for this Full Moon is “a woman pursued by mature romance”. Unfortunately this doesn’t translate literally. Blain Bovee writes that “attempting to maintain a mature centre while being called to a deep longing; trying not to lose one’s head in love and romance…personal creativity blooming late in life; attentions that seem to come out of another realm; a strange sense of security in never quite returning home; staying with a rigid routine out of fear of mystery.”

Others speak of a make it or break it situation. I think when you put this together with Algol there, you get the picture. Scoprio season is also the season of the underworld, and under these circumstances, rearing its ugliest head. So we might be taken a little by surprise with what’s emerging into our reality, more veils coming down as we see people and things for what they really are.

“This is both about losing control and trying to maintain control. A balance of maintaining control and being flexible enough to change to accommodate a new situation.”

With this Taurus Full Moon, the issues surrounding Taurus such as finances, body, inner and outer resources. With Uranus moving through Taurus and a real sense of our resources being challenged. And when our resources are under threat, the root, our survival centre gets out of balance (that’s if it’s not already).

Most of humanity struggle with survival consciousness. Who wouldn’t. It doesn’t really matter what level you are at or think you are at, root survival issues need to be faced and processed. There is so much stagnancy here.

So while we are moving out of the intensely challenging mid month energy, which might not have even been that challenging, as for some with Mercury-Mars-Saturn, gave them direction, clarity and focus. We are now being shown yet another corner we need to turn, perhaps in order to carry forth what ignited under the difficult mid-month energies.

We must be prepared for more restrictions around the Saturn-Uranus square at the end of December, whom they will decide to restrict is up for discussion. More on that in the next post. As well as Venus retrograde conjoining Pluto.

It’s never easy with a lot of activity in fixed signs Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius. Not much room for negotiation and there’s not many ways through. Sometimes it’s case of using the energy to see the obstacles clearly. Mercury conjoining Neptune might help us find creative solutions or bring some compassion into situations, taking the edge off things.

But the main thrust of this energy is a call to come into your sovereignty. Which is different for every person. The questions that need to be asked is do you know what will make you free? At all levels, not just the physical.

We have Venus in sextile to Mars over the next two weeks. Mars has more strength than Venus, as Mars in Scorpio is his traditional rulership. Venus is in Capricorn, and Mars would be in its dignity in Capricorn. So Mars wins the day, especially since Venus is in her shadow.

This is not an easy time for the feminine. It’s as though she needs to let go of a lot – no longer holding it together perhaps. Trusting in the surrender, even if it sets her on a difficult journey.

However, Venus doesn’t quite harmonise fully with Mars, since she’s slowing down and instead heads slowly into a conjunction with Pluto, and she’s passes Pluto at the start of March also. She’s never that far away from Pluto. This is a massive call to change and it feels like there’s no way out of this one.

With Venus in Capricorn, it’s our relationship with authority, and where it’s projected is up for review. Hence a bit of a battle with the establishment and rules ahead, that ends in March. Endurance is certainly the word. I suspect a lot will become clear through this process.

Plan and prepare as best you can.

The good news is that when the Sun leaves Scoprio, Mercury does also, flagging it, so we should see an ease of pressure at least at the end of November.

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