Sagittarius Solar Eclipse 2021 – Card Guidance

Published on: 30 Nov, 2021

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign


Pyramid of Light – Psychic Protection

As a being of light, darker energies

may at times seek to interfere

with your spiritual progress.

There is nothing to fear

and only more awareness

of the power and protection of

divine love to experience.

The Pyramid of Light

confirms that energies

have been causing

interference with your path,

and it is now time for that

interference to cease completely,

through loving divine power.

Isis - mother of life
Tarot - 7 of feathers



Five of Feathers

Fighting in vain.

Give up!

If I do that, you might think one thing or another.

Because I know you might think one thing or another, I say something else to confuse you.

This will be my triumph.

To show you how you manipulate.

No, I won’t do it.

I’m afraid it might be too obvious.

I don’t really want to fight or to hurt anybody.

She always thinks that. Always! Why always?

I didn’t mean it like that.

Nobody should think I would… Forgo your imagined triumph.




The Stone

As an archetypal object, The Stone holds psychic and literal weight.

Its energy is one of permanence, concreteness, and reliability.

The Stone’s ability to transform is nearly imperceptible to us, as it changes ever so slowly over countless human life spans. A single stone may see thousands of generations come and go; therefore it contains an ancient and eternal presence.

The Stone is best used to anchor our wild side, so no matter how far we roam, we can always find our way back.

The Stone tethers us to Earth, helping to ground and connect us to stillness, quiet, and peace.

When this card appears, it is likely The Stone is a remedy for what ails us. Humble and easily unnoticed, the power of The Stone balances the frenzy of our world.

When light it is steadfast, loyal, committed, present.

When dark it is weighted down, holding back, cold.

archetypes - the vessel
46 - iching

I Ching

22 – The Way of Graciousness

This hexagram is the real Divine Feminine. Life is about learning to be accountable for one’s own state. This is a challenge for humans because at the Shadow frequency we always revert to a victim stance. If we don’t feel comfortable we immediately look for a reason and blame someone or something else instead of taking responsibility. We aren’t comfortable being uncomfortable so we deflect our awareness in some way out of the present moment. Dishonor runs deep. We dishonor ourselves every time we don’t accept the way we feel or behave. All transformation begins with Accountability, we have to accept our Shadows. The point is that all feelings are journeys. We just have to be honest with our own nature. This honoring of the pattern itself is what begins the process of transformation. Will we honor the process or dishonor the wound we carry by avoiding it? Self-honesty that’s all that’s needed. The Gift of Graciousness is an attitude carried in our aura and is rooted in a deep reverence for all life. Graciousness stems from our ability to be accountibile. When we’re accountable for our own aura, our own chemistry, our own emotions, then we move in such a clean way through the world. The great word of this gift is soul. When our Soul shines out, we become grateful for whatever life brings. When we feel grateful to life, it’s because we’re so aware of death, and so our priorities are transformed. We feel equanimous, we live life lightly but at the same time deeply.  Graciousness is the process of bringing grace into form. It doesn’t exist without challenges, it thrives on them. Our graciousness needs to be tested so that we can refine it. Thus flows the font of the Divine Feminine. It’s really about owning our own stuff. The ultimate meaning of grace are states of being that transcend suffering.