Taurus Full Moon 2021 – Card Guidance

Published on: 16 Nov, 2021

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign


Knot of Isis

Part of your spiritual destiny

involves a

special relationship

with the Goddess.

This means that

not only do you

have the important

spiritual task of

helping her thrive

in this world,

but you are afforded

her power, protection

and abundance, too.

You are now deepening

your connection to the Goddess.

Isis - mother of life
Tarot - 7 of feathers



Eight of Coins

Mindfulness and cooperation.

A single leaf can tell a whole story.

It reveals to you the tree it belongs to. (Belonging and cooperating are two sides of the same coin.)

The leaf tells you about the roots of the tree, which supply nourishment to the leaves from the bottom upward. In the same manner the leaves supply nourishment to the roots from the crown downward.

The sap from the Earth’s womb and the light from the universe nourish the whole system consisting of roots, trunk, branches, and leaves.

The leaf tell stories about the workings of the cosmos, about coldness and heat, light and darkness, spring, summer, fall, and winter. It talks of the interconnectedness of the plant and animal kingdom and the human realm.

There is no hierarchy, only an interconnectedness and interrelatedness. If you look closely at a leaf, whole worlds will open up. The leaf is an octave.

Whereas the number four represents a space defines by its boundaries, the number eight is ruled by cosmic dimensions.




We have all had the experience of timelessness, of life beyond the ticking clock.

It may be felt as time standing still, slow motion, or losing track of time on a walk or in a lovely conversation. This is known as mythic time, and it is the territory of kairos.

This card suggests there is a secondary time continuum that goes beyond our earthly clocks and schedules. Within this nonlinear realm we access divine timing.

A single moment ripens with auspiciousness… and our actions change the trajectory of our whole life.

Time becomes a living thing that watches over us and tells us precisely when to speak or act. When this card appears, it is all about patience and precision.

No clock can guide you… wait for the rush of inner knowing and not a moment longer. The word evil comes from the word unripe. Consider that everything has a time of ripeness.

When in alignment ease in decision making and action.

When dark time is fought.

archetypes - the vessel
46 - iching

I Ching

21 – The Way of Authority

This is both about losing control and trying to maintain control. A balance of maintaining control and being flexible enough to change to accommodate a new situation.

The greatest fear is the fear that we may cease to be, which drives this need to keep control. The dilemma here is discipline. We need discipline to stay aware and present. Too much discipline, on the other hand, will create a rebellion or resistance in our environment.

The challenge for every human being is to find their true inner authority, our voice that emerges from the depths of our inner world. Authority comes from giving up control and opening your mind and heart. We allow the greater power inside us to shine forth, and this power is our natural nobility of spirit that helps us rise above life’s challenges.

The Gift here is one of steady and strident refinement. Valour is needed by all travellers into the beyond, because it takes valour to die with an open heart. To give up our identity, our attachments, our body, and merge into the limitless light requires the exquisite cocktail of courage and love.

Once we’ve given up our “me-ness”, then valour is all that’s left. Valorous acts are the operational mode of consciousness when freed from personal control.