Scorpio Lunar Eclipse 2022 card guidance

Scorpio Lunar Eclipse 2022

by Maia Mires

We have a Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on 16th May 2022 at 5:14 am GMT. 

Monday 16 May – Full Moon in Scorpio 5:14 BST

Wednesday 18 May – Mars conjunct Neptune 7:33 BST

Thursday 19 May – Sun trine Pluto 13:11 BST

Friday 20 May – Mercury sextile Jupiter 2:33 BST

Saturday 21 May – Sun into Gemini 2:22 BST

Saturday 21 May – Sun conjunct Mercury 22:18 BST

Sunday 22 May – Mars sextile Pluto 23:15 BST

Monday 23 May – Mercury into Taurus 2:15 BST

Monday 23 May – Sun sextile Jupiter 12:05 BST

Tuesday 24 May – Mercury sextile Mars 4:27 BST

Tuesday 24 May – Venus sextile Saturn 12:06 BST

Wednesday 25 May – Mars into Aries 00:17 BST

Wednesday 25 May – Mercury trine Pluto 22:49 BST

Friday 27 May – Venus square Pluto 7:29 BST

Saturday 28 May – Venus into Taurus 15:46 BST

Sunday 29 May – Mars conjunct Jupiter 11:31 BST

Monday 30 May – New Moon in Gemini 12:30 BST

This lunar eclipse is in tight square with Saturn. The last eclipse tightly conjoined Uranus. This then activates the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square which finally completes at the end of this year in October. While Saturn-Uranus are not in tight square now, this configuration suggests we are going to have a lot more Saturn-Uranus issues this year, not just perhaps strongly in October.

The nodes are within 3 degrees of this eclipse, which packs a punch. Certainly with Saturn so closely involved, there’s a time for really digging deep into your resolve, it won’t be a time without struggle, challenges and finalising tough decisions. Working hard, for what you want, or feel you deserve, is now necessary. Handouts are not really on the agenda over the next few months. We are being tested on our discipline and commitment, despite the difficult internal and external processes we are going through.

Saturn in Aquarius challenges us to find people who align with our dreams. It’s a time to find people who on on side, focused and able to offer what you need to commit fully to your goals. Just be conscious to align with others who allow space for freedom and individuality.

This is also the perfect time for deep forgiveness work, for releasing old traumas, through working with the more lunar space, deep shamanic connection alongside the Divine. The heart can really open and soften.

Taurus Solar Eclipse 2022 pic 1

Fascinatingly Venus forms an exact conjunction with Jupiter at this eclipse within a couple of arcs of minute – it doesn’t get more exact than this. If you are a Taurean or Libran, this eclipse might prove interesting, since Venus is your ruler. Anyway, with Venus and Jupiter working so closely together in Pisces, where Venus is exalted (like the Moon is exalted in Taurus) there is a feel good factor about this eclipse.

A solid grounding into our spirit is available to us to now, our focus is more on the feminine, perhaps even a real opportunity to dive deep into this space since on the 2nd Venus moves into Aries, and shortly after Jupiter into Aries also. Both giving us more a fiery and outward expression.

Jupiter moves into Aries on 10th May, the same day as Mercury turns retrograde. This will make us feel more dynamic and pioneering, perhaps even more so if we deeply take advantage of the healing open to us at the eclipse. 

The Scorpio Moon is being eclipsed, as it is at the Lunar South Node, so this is a time to prepare for letting go of that which is holding you back or confining you and not giving you the time, space and resources you need to do what needs to be done. It really is a time to get serious and pick up more responsibility to your life especially in terms of the bigger and broader picture, over the next few months.

Taurus Solar Eclipse 2022 pic 3

Scorpio energy asks us to dive deep. Into our emotional baggage and purify that which is holding us back in this process of realisation. We might be more acutely aware than ever now of that which is keeping us weighted and heavy and unable to move forward in our dreams.

All of us have been pushed, and will continue to be urged to go within. People have lost many stable foundations in their lives over the last two years. Jobs, relationships, family, friends and many other forms of stability and dependency have all been torn away from people. It’s felt very ruthless and very few have escaped this endless astrology of elimination.

All of the outer planets have been involved. Neptune has been exposing our delusion. Pluto has been mining our souls very deeply. Uranus has been shocking us into further levels of trusting the process of change. The more tenacious and fixed we have become in response, the more we will struggle to keep up with the onslaught of forced change.

This Full Moon axis spans Taurus-Scorpio, fixed water and earth. With Saturn challenging this Taurus-Scorpio axis, step more into your detachment and trust, and observe the emotions, rather than overly engage. All of it is to show you where and what is still holding things in place, unhealthily. Since we are all being asked to move to the next level.

Taurus Solar Eclipse 2022 pic 2

Mars is in tight conjunction with Neptune reactivating the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction of the end of April. Mars usually active and conflict oriented, in Pisces develops tendency towards surrender and letting go, rather than putting the gas on the wheel. When Neptune is added in, it only serves to amplify this condition.

In Pisces that surrender could be useful. We can tap into or attune to the higher ideals and service we feel we need to connect into to drive our being into the action and disciple that’s required to move things forward. This would be going to the next level.

If we choose to avoid or escape action, the shadow tendency being staring dreamily out the window at best, then we might miss the opportunity to step into the higher service quality. We can now move beyond our usual familiar range of motives and intentions, to urge ourselves into action, but from a different place. This Mars-Neptune lasts for a couple of weeks.

With all the deep internal programmes coming up for some space and witnessing generally this year, it’s also a good time to take a break, or to focus on healing the physical body. Neptune can help with the healing process, especially when the healing emerges from a more essence level.

Our creative energy is also peaking, so with Mercury retrograde also active, it’s time to rework creative projects. Mercury retrograde helps us refine, edit and go back over what needs a revamp. And we can really do this with far more alignment to the higher unconditional love frequency of Neptune. This is a good frequency to infuse into your projects. See what calls for your attention.

Neptune’s dissolving process could certainly mean we end up in a bit of a soup on many levels, so be spend some time reconnecting with yourself and feeling your real feelings.

Jupiter entered Aries on 10th May and will be there going direct for some time, this gives us that extra boost. Mars will form a conjunction with Jupiter, bringing together courage and wisdom. Again, it’s a different flavour here, more purpose than service. But either way the two are intertwined because of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction that it retriggers from the end of April.

It really is a time to get on the saddle and move into action based on what we want to give, receive and see in the world. We have had many, many false starts over the past couple of years, these energetic conditions feel like they really are laying more of the foundations required to get things properly moving.

What is interesting is the mutual reception between that of Mars and Jupiter. Mars is in Pisces and will be most of May, which is Jupiter’s sign. Whereby Jupiter is now in Mars’ sign of Aries. With their approaching conjunction at the end of May, we have quite some time to really connect into this purpose and service and take action. The conjunction occurs in Aries.

So despite any deeper issues arising, concerns and emotions surfacing, really do connect to those healers and therapists to resolve the physical side, get the boost you need, to really then take your purpose forward.


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