Scorpio Lunar Eclipse 2022

Scorpio Lunar Eclipse 2022 – Card Guidance

by Maia Mires

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign



Queen of Heaven

The Queen Of Heaven, the Divine Empress of the Skies,

acknowledges your feminine authority now,

as a man or a woman.

You have a life path

of spiritual leadership

to bring qualities of mercy,

compassion and wisdom into the world.

Isis - Queen of heaven
Tarot Cards - 4 cups


Four of Cups

Recognizing emotions. Accepting responsibility. What are you feeling this very moment? Clarifying, structuring, and unraveling your emotions.

Where and when did a positive or negative emotion originate? What are you doing with it now? Do you indulge in it, hold on to it, or exaggerate it? Observe how emotions affect your well-being.

How was a particular feeling created? Halfhearted and superficial feelings can be a virtual maelstrom, pulling you in magnetically. Dark, un-clarified, dull, or clear bubbling emotions.

Learn to distinguish your many feelings. Observe your feelings without identifying yourself with them. Establish boundaries. Emotions that are cleansed and clarified turn into abundance.


The Box

We begin our archetypal story with The Mother’s love. Through her sensual, fertile, and life-giving energy all creation takes form.

Regardless of our birth story, each of our hearts beat for the first time in the warm womb of The Mother, where she offered resources from her body for the building of our own.

Yet her tale is not so simple, as The Mother (especially of the earthly plane) contains both light and dark aspects of the ferminine. With the best of intentions The Mother wraps her loving arms around her creations and begins to grip what she meant to set free.

The mother both nurtures and prohibits growth. She gives, yet clings. She creates, yet restricts. Amid this complex energy, The Mother holds the key to the eternal challenge of love.

When light it is glowing, generative, creative, nurturing. When dark it is dim, exhausted, controlling, limiting.

Archetypes Cards - the mother
I Ching Cards - 11 Peace

I Ching

30 – The Way of Lightness

This hexagram is about being lost in the details or the clouds. Belief can get in the way, fixing us into rigid mental mechanisms that we can’t see beyond. The truth of reality becomes obscured by our inner structures that fixate us into certain understandings and essentially limitations of life. Here we are susceptible to propaganda, ideologies, social engineering, institutional thinking and of course elaborate seemingly perfected methodological systems that we think bring us truth. They are just layers of illusion masking as truth. The only way to discover what’s real and founded upon truth is to go into the experience of that system or structure of perceiving and thinking and apply knowing and critical thinking.

They think they are believing the right things, that others with clout say is the right things to believe, that they are being honourable. But it’s pride in very good drag. But we need to be responsible for our own beliefs since we can prove anything if we are convinced enough. We can believe we are here for a bigger purpose and a whole host of roles, yet this is what obscures the truth. The truth is that you are light and not all these other things.




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