Gemini New Moon 2022 – Card Guidance

Published on: 29 May, 2022

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign


Queen of Heaven

The Queen Of Heaven,

the Divine Empress

of the Skies,

acknowledges your

feminine authority now,

as a man or a woman.

You have a life path

of spiritual leadership

to bring qualities of mercy,

compassion and

wisdom into the world.

Isis - mother of life
Tarot - 7 of feathers


Eight of Feathers

The eye’s vision.

A changing of perspectives.

The stronger you hold on to the past the more you copy it again and again, the more distorted and grotesque your perception will become.

Recognize shadows and ghosts for what they really are.

When do they show up?

Why do they show up?

How do they come into being?

Recognize their dynamics and play with it.

Everything you see is you.

It is all perceived on your retina.

Forgive yourself and acquire a new perspective.



The Self

The Self is the prism that allows the spectrum of our personalities to radiate. It does not judge, prohibit, suppress, oppress any of its parts, as it lovingly knows that all aspects have a time and a place, and leads us to experience the full breadth of life’s offerings.

The Self is the central abiding container, the awareness of the infinite universe of possibilities. When this card appears, its call to step back into witness consciousness, to observe yourself navigating the world. Ask yourself, “am I the stew, or am I the chef?” In most situations our ego draws us into the cauldron where we swirl, spin, and smolder in chaos. Yet The Self is a graceful culinary dancer, watching, waiting, observing as the spectrum of ingredients become the flavour of our life. Look in The Mirror for thirty seconds or more. Attempt to see the you behind the you.

When light it is witnessing, accepting new aspects of self.

When dark it is disjointed, fatigued, diffused energy and purpose.

archetypes - the vessel
Tarot - 7 of feathers

I Ching

55 – The Way of Freedom

Most of the time we experience life as though we are somehow victims of material reality and in servitude to our bodies and the emotions that flood through. Escaping the lower, emotional reality to transcend into higher spiritual states is a way we can become trapped.

Yet every emotional experience, if it makes you unhappy, tells us that there’s something there to heal, there’s a correction, we’ve forgotten our true identity as Source.

In the search for the heightened state, the fullness, we want it to last forever, and we can cling. But it’s natural for states to change.

But as the Sun appears to set and the moon appears to wane, they always remain full. There is fullness within the emptiness, an inexhaustible source. But attitude is everything and true abundance is where we know whatever state or emotion, it is as it should be, even if it then becomes the raw material for inner alchemy.

This card is about riding on top of the waves, letting peace reside within, and life replenishes you from this space. Trusting in life, knowing that some of the highest levels of consciousness annihilate the illusion of some kind of spiritual experience.

Everything serves us, if we can choose the attitude to see it. And if you can’t find that place, use that as fodder to find the place requiring healing.