Leo Full Moon 2022

by Maia Mires

We have a Leo Full Moon on 16th February 2022 at 16:56 GMT. 

Wednesday 16 February – Full Moon in Leo 16:56 GMT

Friday 18 February – Jupiter sextile Uranus 00:13 GMT

Friday 18 February – Sun into Pisces 16:43 GMT

Wednesday 23 February – Mars sextile Neptune 19:12 GMT

Thursday 24 February – Mercury sextile Chiron 5:06 GMT

Thursday 24 February – Venus sextile Neptune 16:04 GMT

Friday 25 February – Mercury square Uranus 2:21 GMT

Wednesday 2 March – Sun sextile Uranus 5:05 GMT

Wednesday 2 March – Mercury conjunct Saturn 16:33 GMT

Wednesday 2 March – New Moon in Pisces 17:35 GMT

The Sun is in the final degrees of Aquarius, and the Moon is making an opposition to the Sun at 28 degrees. But we have many other more interesting things happening with the stars, and some deeply esoteric, unusual aspects.

A continuation of the theme of truth and knowledge occurs with Mercury sojourning into Aquarius 1 degree at this Full Moon. What do we know and what can we ascertain as truth and fact. What matters, what’s important, what’s valuable, and what doesn’t hold those qualities. We are awakening up to the difference between belief and knowledge. 

We either convince ourselves, or are just simply programmed, without any conscious awareness, into what we trust and believe to be true, and right. But how do we actually know that something holds truth? 

The dominant consensus or mainstream is our basis for judgment and so this is according to our preconceptions. What conforms will naturally pass through any filters easily and anything that contradicts the ruling paradigm will be filtered out. This is a given. 

Discovery of the new generally commences with the awareness of an anomaly, with the recognition that something has violated the paradigm-induced expectations that govern the consensus expectations. We interpret information in a way that doesn’t violate our own or others expectations. In other words, people choose, mostly unconsciously, to see not what is in front of them but what they expect to see.

Mercury-Mars-Saturn November 2021

This is important as if we are not aware of our expectations and the fears or preconditions that set up those expectations, which can be a whole manner of things like needs and desires, then we are run by them. We need to learn to isolate and discern between what is a belief and what is truth. The question as to how it multifold and is a journey.

Someone said to me the other day that life was about the healing journey, I thought perhaps… but if you are only interested in your healing and not in the larger pursuit of truth, then I’m not sure you will get that far. I know many people on the healing journey, but few on the journey of truth. As truth is not for the faint hearted.

Mercury has entered its second shadow retrograde phase, still under its effect although it’s in Aquarius (out of Capricorn). Its completion of Mercury retrograde was a while back but the shadow phase still brings a residue. 

Aquarius Mercury asks us to be aware of this false sense of knowing or truth, false prophets, and get into contact with where we substitute a belief for knowledge and truth. In truth, perhaps the largest journey here for us all is the realisation of the ‘false prophet’ syndrome. If it exists at the heart of our world, and I am beginning to believe it does in a myriad of forms, then our whole reality is forms around lies.

Venus and Mars are in a long conjunction, supporting relationships, in the same degree separated only by a quarter of a degree. Mars is moving faster than Venus, and on the heels of the recent Venus Retrograde in Capricorn. 

Scorpio New Moon 2021 pic 1

The Mars-Venus conjunction happens not once but twice, at this Full Moon in Capricorn at 16 degrees at 14:28 GMT, just a few hours before it’s exact, and also on 6th March at 1 degree Aquarius. In between those dates Venus-Mars also conjoin Pluto, pretty intense and very significant.  

Between today’s Venus-Mars conjunction and 6th March, there’s a lot of astrology. With Jupiter, Nessus and Neptune as well as Vesta all forming conjunctions at different points. The important one for this post is Vesta which Venus-Mars conjoin around 25-26th.

But Nessus’ involvement implies a revealing of past experiences, and I suggest this is both on an individual level and a collective, industrial scale. When I say ‘collective’ I refer to those foundational relationships in history that define our relationships now – our biblical history.

Our history, what we ‘believe’ to be the past, defines our present and future. Unfortunately most of history is distorted or contains deep deceptions with the purpose of creating imbalance. Our world is such that the more disconnected you are from your heart, the higher up you go. This is our upside down world. And so we aspire to the wrong values.

If we do not know the truth of our planet, it’s evolution and history, (and we don’t) then we do not know how to bring heaven to earth or how ascension functions in reality. Most people are caught up in the programmes of monotheism (one God – Christianity, Judaism, Islam), atheism or the New Age, which suggests all manner of crazy things for the path of shifting consciousness. 

Even if we are not consciously in one of these cleverly designed programmes of imbalance and disconnection, then we are living out this stuff unconsciously and vercariously. There are no exceptions, we are all party to some of this as we are exposed to it from many different angles.

The reality is, the foundations of true ascension, which is only through the heart and above the Sun (solar plexus), as in taught in the Egyptian deities (pre Hyksos). Monotheism (one god, father – Sun worship) promotes the Sun as supreme deity, limiting us all to the solar plexus (before the heart) and thus Lucifer, the light bringer.

Hence in a nutshell, all monotheist religions, and this is a big but accurate statement, is luciferian worship, limiting consciousness and holding back ascension.

Christianity for example teachers only through the Son can you reach the Father, and so the whole focus is to the Son as in Sun as in Solar Plexus – emotions, desire, power. It is only through the heart can we get beyond these power games. 

Hence the Vesica of Pisces – the true teaching of the Church of Egypt, which of course Jesus taught, yet this is not the bible as we know it, which teaches the sphere of heaven, earth and humanity – the triad.

“Three generates all beings: heaven, earth and man together generate everything. Heaven expands, earth changes, man educates and nourishes” Ho Shang Kung, earliest commentator on Lao Tsu.

Scorpio New Moon 2021 pic 2

Anyway, this is what is coming into being, or realisation with this Venus-Mars conjunction, which has been ongoing for ages. It’s a deepening of this process, and awareness of it (as has been more deeply elucidated in me) and an embodiment, ultimately, which we are certainly not at yet. Only through devotion through the heart can you reach the Father and the Mother whereby you become the Father and the Mother in all you do – Venus and Mars.

The connections with Vestal virgins (represented by asteroid Vesta) and Venus-Mars-Vesta in this upcoming conjunction, well I assume this is about the temple of our hearts and maintaining our devotion and service to this space. The vestal virgins were priestesses and temple housekeepers, tending the eternal fire, keeping it burning.

The word temple has its roots in Ancient Greek, temnos meaning to cut off a sacred area, as well as templum meaning space, tempus (time). A paradigm for both time and space. It’s where we find ourselves, in time and space. Which is within the heart. Sacred spaces, our temple, protects us from chaos. It’s where we need to now go, earnestly, with devotion.

We need to tend to this inner sacred temple, with Vesta-Venus-Mars in conjunction over the next few days.

Our relationship to the past is crucial as it has crystallised certain patterns in us which define our entire relationship to reality and our own expectations.

As this activity is happening in Capricorn, the emphasis is on the value of our traditions, our history and what it holds, and so there is now, as I see, a reckoning of our history. 

There is history that holds truth, and ‘history’ that does not. Our capacity to again, isolate and discern what is truth, real knowledge, valuable, and the traditions we need to return to or keep, as opposed to those we need to now throw out, frankly determines our entire path going forward.

The Mars-Venus conjunction is drawing back the veils at many levels of existence. This relates to all types of ‘history’ and ‘the past’. From our own relationships to what we learnt school. Expect a bit of inner and outer challenges as these dynamics work themselves out.

We are seeing the relationship between our lower (solar plexus etc) Mars desires and our heart Venus ascension, beyond our desires. Lucifer remember keeps us down, weighty and confined below. We need to learn to ascend to our hearts and out of this Lucifer driven society. This is what it means to exist the matrix, if indeed there is a matrix.

Giving some sacred space to our inner temple, holding space for ourselves as it were supports us. 

The fire represents our inner feminine fire, the fire of our creativity, and service to something greater. It is our devotion, where we devote ourselves to something, do it happily and without the feeling of sacrifice, which we get from Neptune and the false Christianity.

Fortunately as an aside, the epic biblical journey of Neptune through Pisces will be over in 2024, ending this obsession with the ultimate ‘biblical’ sacrifice, of the individual for the collective.

We are learning to keep the flame of the soul alive. With Venus-Mars there’s a lot of creativity and a healthy sacrifice and service where we don’t feel like we need to give things up. In other words there’s joy to be had in it. This is when we know we are in the devotion of our hearts.

When Vesta is not working well, we are highjacked by our expectations of ourselves, demanding too much purity and perfection, essentially giving up the sacrifice of the self. Are we on the good side or bad side of Vesta?

No doubt you have been learning (with Venus-Mars) how to exchange yourself with others and with Vesta it brings in the element of sacred sexuality, learning this exchange with the addition of a greater power. To do this, it cannot be about giving ourselves over, this is why we need this inner temple alive, so we can connect with the spiritual fire within.

It goes without saying that we can go a little crazy with all this energy around. It’s got an element of self-absorption in this frenzy of devotion. Pluto adds in a little more intensity and complexity. But clarity and insight we will get, especially into our capacity to relate, which is foundational for this journey of the heart.

As this activity shifts into Pisces, the Sun shortly in a few days and then the other planets later in April, we should have access to more softness. Neptune co-rules Pisces, which is also the sign of the exaltation of Venus. 

Reality is shifting beneath our feet and before our eyes, we are seeing things now from a different space, from a heart space. It’s subtle, but will get stronger. Let this new perspective in and foster it, cultivate it. 

The past or even the challenges within the present are being replaced with a deeper level of truth. This truth means we cultivate new energy and deeper resources. It’s a subtle yet deep transformational process.

One more point is that the first degree of Aquarius, where Venus and Mars meet again exactly on 6th March, was also conjoined by Jupiter-Saturn back in December 2020. This heralded a cycle that back then which is taken further forward by Venus-Mars now.

So the next few weeks are in short very important. Observe and feel, reconnect with your heart, and see what else you pick up. See where you get led. 

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