Leo New Moon 2023

Leo New Moon 2023

by Maia Mires

We have a New Moon in Leo on 16th August at  10:38 BST. 

Wednesday 16 August – New Moon in Leo 10:38 BST

Wednesday 16 August – Mars trine Uranus 14:53 BST

Tuesday 22 August – Venus square Jupiter 13:16 BST

Tuesday 22 August – Mars opposite Neptune 21:34 BST

Wednesday 23 August – Sun into Virgo 10:01 BST

Wednesday 23 August – Mercury Retrograde 20:59 BST

Friday 25 August – Mars trine Pluto 1:23 BST

Sunday 27 August – Sun opposite Saturn 9:28 BST

Sunday 27 August – Mars into Libra 14:20 BST

Tuesday 29 August – Uranus Retrograde 3:38 BST

Thursday 31 August – Full Moon in Pisces 1:35 BST

This New Moon is in square to Uranus in Taurus, so we might expect the unexpected and even some volatility.

Venus has completed her trip to the underworld, so we are past the half way point, and so while it might not feel like we are on the ascent yet, we have for now, passed through a portal and come out the other side. This can start to open the door to opportunities and connections.

Mercury however stations retrograde on 23rd, around the same time Mars opposes Neptune, these days might prove a little vexing as we are more susceptible to miscommunication and misunderstandings. Be mindful of what you do without clear idea of outcome.

A few days later the Sun opposes Saturn, bringing a heaviness or challenge, especially in respect to relationships. For a few days prior to that we might feel a sense of foreboding. Next week needs more awareness from us than usual. It’s certainly not a time of things lifting just yet.

Venus stations direct on 3rd September, and then begins to move forward on 4th. These could be a pivotal few days. Interestingly from around now for a whole month until late September, Venus will be in square to Jupiter.

Aries New Moon 2023 Act 2 - 1

Mars will be moving into Libra, the sign of its detriment, which could challenge us to be more interconnected, but not making it an easy task, although there will be the feeling like that’s the way we need to go regardless.

Seeing the bigger picture though, having just exited the peak, or depth of Venus’ journey to the underworld, there’s a lot to process. 

Venus’ month long square to Jupiter will certainly help us broaden our understanding of all things of the upper and lower worlds of Venusian ruled things. One of these things will be our relationship to our abundance. How it withdraws and flows.

Venus’ journey down under has got us in touch with what we really desire, and perhaps how to get there. A big part of getting what we want is dealing with loss, or letting go. Of course we have an innate resistance to go to these places, to what we perceive as the polar opposite of love.

It’s only in opposition though, if we are not deeply in touch with inner and outer spectrum. For pain, suffering and loss when traversed deeply enough open up to love.

Our heart’s are being reconfigured at this time, and there are many journeys toward the goal of reconfiguration. Venus in the upper world is very different from what she discovers from the depths of her soul in the lower world. Different rules of life apply.

Our tendency in the upper world, is to fix, placate, avoid the pull of the darkness, project it out, and then be vulnerable to it. Either way, once you have been to the underworld a few times, nativity and denial is no longer an issue.

Aries New Moon 2023 Act 2 - 2

Fixation on finding the issue out there, which is called separation consciousness, or duality, in search for the enemy, needs to have a deeper conversation.

We need to separate off in order to come back to our wholeness. It is not our enemy, it is an ally, to be able to leave our divinity behind and enter fully into our human experience (although it’s always a distortion or misperception that makes us feel we are alone without support).

There are so many levels to this, as we first need to realise there is a very real enemy out there, before we can take ownership of it ourselves.

Getting stuck or frozen in a state, where there is no movement, no flow, no capacity for realignment, is natural. Since we can’t process everything at once, and sometimes there is a need for a pause for us to simply feel and bear witness.

At the same time, while the story of duality and polarisation is still very present and will continue to be present for a few years yet (in terms of the larger cycles), the experience of journeying to these places now alchemises the very resistance and fear of entering into those spaces.

This then causes us to embody more of our own unity within, since we are not polarised to what we experience. It no longer holds us, triggers fear and freezes us. In other words, we enter into freedom.

The goal to be free, which we are all searching for, regardless of the path we choose to get there, is what unites us all. Our judgment of another’s journey, is what we are seeking to relinquish, among many other things.

Venus Retrograde particularly forces a journey into what binds us – at all levels of our experience of life. From our relationships, to our subtle perception, to our resistances and fear. It is all up for questioning.

Aries New Moon 2023 Act 2 - 3

The New Moon and the next few weeks gives us an opportunity to look at our soul contracts, and begin the journey of dissolving, through acknowledging our learning, and what we have evolved on from, what we can now let go, and experience of the loss of fully.

Dysfunctional patterns are rife in all our relationships. It’s a “I’ll teach you this, if you teach me that”. They are not meant to be equal from the 3D perspective. They are not meant to be easy. They are there so we can harness and reclaim our freedom, our sovereignty.

At this time, we have the opportunity to complete some of these contracts and make leaps forward in our growth. Since Venus meeting with the underworld puts us firmly in contact with reality. It’s a very subjective experience, which can’t even be put into words.

What we do need is patience, trust and our presence, so we have time and space to allow things to move through as they need to. Never forget, we are doing so much by bringing all these levels of our reality together, we are realising our nature, that we are multilevelled, dimensional beings.

It will no longer be something we regurgitate without feeling, but something we experience at all levels of our being. These in between stages, transition points, require a deep appreciation of the complexity, dichotomy, and paradox of our experience.

The dynamics of Mercury are complex over the next few weeks, you could see it as just more of the kaleidoscope opening up. Whose me and whose not me? Whats real and what’s not real?

I think Uranus at this New Moon is setting the tone for the next month, that is, expect more from life, allow it to redirect you and take you where it needs to take you. Be open to whatever is in front of you. And know when you are holding, controlling and mitigating the flow.

On a more mundane level, finely attuning to yourself, your words, not also communication beyond words, is in order to navigate this Mercury retrograde, since it has a lose opposition to Saturn.

A level of confusion is in the air and we can’t entirely avoid it. If we switch to consider it as opening a door into the truth, and be open to whatever that might be (as unfixed as it is currently), rather than something we need to get clear on, we allow for a creative dream door, possibilities and potential.

The potential is at our fingertips, but we have to flow with what is, and as they say, be like water – whether that be frozen water or flowing water. It is a time when it is what it is and let your path emerge from the steps you take.

Practical solutions, if you are looking for those, comes in the form of looking at the details of your life patterns and pulling things a part, and from that place, ascertaining what to do with that information. Keeps yourself darting to all areas of the court, until you settle in on the object of your analysis.

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