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Pisces Full Moon 2023 – Card Guidance

Published on: 30 Aug, 2023

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign


Divine Guardian

This is a time of significant

spiritual growth and

healing for you.

You are protected during

these times by the love and strength

of Divine Mother Isis.

Relax and allow your

transformation to happen.

Your Divine Guardian

protects you now.

Let go.

Trust unconditionally in

what is happening for you,

as there is only divine love beneath

the surface of the present situation.

Divine Guardian Isis Cards
Daughter of flames


Eight of Coins

Mindfulness and cooperation.

A single leaf can tell a whole story. It reveals to you the tree it belongs to. (Belonging and cooperating are two sides of the same coin.) The leaf tells you about the roots of the tree, which supply nourishment to the leaves from the bottom upward. In the same manner the leaves supply nourishment to the roots from the crown downward.

The sap from the Earth’s womb and the light from the universe nourish the whole system consisting of roots, trunk, branches, and leaves.

The leaf tell stories about the workings of the cosmos, about coldness and heat, light and darkness, spring, summer, fall, and winter. It talks of the interconnectedness of the plant and animal kingdom and the human realm.

There is no hierarchy, only an interconnectedness and interrelatedness. If you look closely at a leaf, whole worlds will open up. The leaf is an octave.

Whereas the number four represents a space defines by its boundaries, the number eight is ruled by cosmic dimensions.



The Temple

When we think of The Temple, we often envision an architectural structure in a far-off land. We are quick to distance ourselves from the sacred, assuming we must expend much effort in order to arrive there.

Yet The Temple is a universal and omnipresent energy, accessible in the highest and lowest, richest and poorest of places. Visiting The Temple might be as simple as stepping into the dappled light of The Forest, slowly and sensuously kissing a lover, or closing your eyes to travel inward.

This card is a call to reexamine what you pay homage to and what you reject. What do you spend your time worshiping (your phone, money, material goods)? What barriers do you draw between yourself and the sacred? Perhaps there is room on your altar for something new, something surprising. Offer it to the heavens.

When light it is reverence for all, life as sanctuary.

When dark it is idolatry, cults, strict spirituality.

The Stone - Archetypes
54 - the marrying maiden

I Ching

52 – The Way of Restraint

We’re conditioned to forget as we grow up – we forget how to breathe which leads to the Shadow of Stress being a manifestation of Shallow Breathing. As our cells don’t get enough oxygen, we move out of balance with the whole and with nature. The moment we do, we experience stress. No one enjoy’s stress; but we become addicted to it. The fear that we haven’t got enough time comes from this Shadow. It’s all about time and our perception to it. We have to slow down, not our vibration, but our rhythm. The Earth, Gaia, has a tempo, we can feel it everywhere in nature. When we forget this tempo, our DNA contracts and sends our body into a stressful state, an alarm goes off. We have to trust that alarm instead of ignoring it. The Gift of Restraint is to align oneself with cosmic timing. It exudes calmness and allows the organism to rest, pause, regain perspective, clarity and timing. It’s not to put a break on enthusiasm. The 52nd Gift is filled with optimism, idealism and enthusiasm because that’s the dynamic energy of life. It provides an attunement to a deeper flow that lies beneath everything. It reveals the secret of slowing down and the secret of breath. The movement is within the stillness, and the stillness is within the movement. Stillness is not death or an icy lifeless world, it’s bursting with potential and potency. When the 52nd Siddhi of Stillness takes us, there’s no drama in our life. We simply observe but do not engage. Stillness is the wellspring of joy, the font of blis and, the end of all seeking.