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Leo New Moon 2023 – Card Guidance

Published on: 14 Aug, 2023

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Abundance of Sothis

Abundance in many forms

is increasing in flow to you.

Continue your good work

of building channels through

which abundance can

be delivered to you.

Freely share your talents,

love wisdom and self,

and enjoy the abundance

responsively flowing to you,

in many forms, over and over again.

abundance of sothis
tarot - two of coins



Two of Coins

The soles of your feet are the part of your body which have direct contact with the earth.

This card is all about transforming all that happens often – for example walking – from a mechanical, auto-matic, and unconscious act into a conscious one.

Take a step and be aware of it.

On the physical and mental levels become aware of unconscious patterns, step aside, and simply observe.

Balance the new with the old.

It’s all a game, a flowing back and forth.

One part of you is still connected to the old; another dares to step out into the unknown.

In the Tao Te Ching it is written “A way is created by walking it”.




The Ring

The Ring is an image of connectedness.

Rather than viewing life as linear, as a series of progressive achievements, The Ring challenges us to sense the cyclical, infinite nature of our world and experiences.

Beginnings and endings fall by the wayside as we practice seeing ourselves as part of the cosmic circularity of creation.

For this reason, it’s no surprise a ring is worn on the finger to represent eternal love that surpasses space, time, and worldly things.

So much can be projected onto this archetypal image, because it mimics the Earth’s orbit around our great sun and the intimate bond between two lovers.

It is the micro and macro united. This card calls us to deepen connection with self, other, and the world at large. Meanwhile, there may be a literal ring waiting to adorn your finger.

When light it is connectedness, humility, sacred cycles.

When dark it is unconscious repetition, starving for connection.

the ring archetype
I Ching - 16 Enthusiasm

I Ching

10 – The Way of Naturalness

This is a time to take the path of ease.

It is about wu wei, which is subtle, the art of inaction, of doing nothing. Which in turn, means the art of being. This doesn’t mean that we literally ‘do nothing’, but it does mean that we come from a place of being as we move through the world.

At the heart of being, is authenticity, and being natural, yourself, from a deep place of inner truth, worth. When we do because we are told to, this is not being authentic. You cannot make a career of being natural and authentic – as a guru might. Beingness is not part of a polarity though, it’s beyond polarity, it’s a state of a neutral space.

It’s inclusive of all, there’s no marginalisation. It’s like the earth in a way, it holds it all with no judgment. This is a space of no agendas, no purpose even. To exist, we usually have to ‘be’ someone, or ‘do’ something – the more we struggle, the more we feel like we exist. This hexagram is about moving beyond that now, and letting transformation arise from doing nothing – no problems, no challenges, nothing to fear.