Moon guidance card guidance

Leo Full Moon 2023 – Card Guidance

by Maia Mires

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign


Mother Of Life

When life seems dry,


filled with repetitive tasks

or simply stagnant and stifled,

Isis, the Mother of Life,

holds the ability to revive even the most numb,

resistant and difficult circumstances in your life.

She calls to you now,

seeking to bestow gifts of life upon you.

Be bold and brave;

open your arms and receive.

Isis - mother of life
6 of cups - Tarot


6 of Cups

A wave, pleasure, harmony, and love.

Feelings from your childhood arise. Feeling secure, being held, being cared for and loved.

Become aware of everything associated with those feelings.

What role did saying and prayers play? How did they still work in your unconsciousness?

Choose the healing and the pleasant ones.

With every wave you bring positive feelings into the present.

Allow yourself to be carried by the waves.

Intimacy, openness, touching, and sexual pleasures.

Allow yourself to open up to other people on an emotional level.



The Mother

We begin our archetypal story with The Mother’s love. Through her sensual, fertile, and life-giving energy all creation takes form. Regardless of our birth story, each of our hearts beat for the first time in the warm womb of The Mother, where she offered resources from her body for the building of our own. Yet her tale is not so simple, as The Mother (especially of the earthly plane) contains both light and dark aspects of the ferminine. With the best of intentions The Mother wraps her loving arms around her creations and begins to grip what she meant to set free. The mother both nurtures and prohibits growth. She gives, yet clings. She creates, yet restricts. Amid this complex energy, The Mother holds the key to the eternal challenge of love. When light it is glowing, generative, creative, nurturing. When dark it is dim, exhausted, controlling, limiting.

Archetypes Cards - the mother
6 I ching - Holding together

I Ching

8 – Holding Together

The image we project to the world, the image we have of ourselves and of others bring the dilemma of imitation. In it’s repressed state, we won’t leave our comfort zone and it manifests in our willingness to become institutionalised, to live an ordinary, mundane, monotonous, safe lives. When we’re not aware of the fear that drives us, we live very superficially. Mediocrity isn’t about externals but the quality of consciousness. The shadow here is about wanting to look good in the eyes of society, whether you’re wanting to please or rebel against its norm. With this hexagram, all of our definitions of who we are, melt and we begin to enter another dimension and into our true style. This is always rebellious because it’s always recreating itself. It isn’t afraid or in reaction to the mundane material plane. We have to surrender our ideas of who we are. This is the genius of non-imitation, it’s capable of anything and everything, never fixed. Our style is in our radiance, aura, the timbre of our voice, as we allow ourselves to rest in the uncertainty and vulnerability of life. True style goes all the way to the Source. It is the continual arching of consciousness as it surprises itself by mutating in every living moment. Then we reach ease, where our consciousness just rests.




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