Leo Full Moon 2023

Leo Full Moon 2023

by Maia Mires

We have a Full Moon in Leo on 5th February 2023 at 18:23 GMT.

Sunday 5 February  – Full Moon in Leo 18:28 GMT

Monday 6 February – Mercury sextile Neptune 18:26 GMT

Wednesday 8 February – Venus sextile Uranus 5:29 GMT

Friday 10 February – Mercury conjunct Pluto 17:16 GMT

Saturday 11 February – Mercury into Aquarius 11:22 GMT

Saturday 11 February – Mars sextile Chiron 18:02 GMT

Wednesday 15 February – Venus conjunct Neptune 12:25 GMT

Thursday 16 February – Sun conjunct Saturn 16:48 GMT

Saturday 18 February – Mercury sextile Jupiter 2:13 GMT

Saturday 18 February – Sun into Pisces 22:34 GMT

Sunday 19 February – Venus sextile Pluto 17:04 GMT

Monday 20 February – New Moon in Pisces 7:06 GMT

This is certainly a Full Moon where our creativity that pour out. It is also productive.

The quiet before the storm, is the best way to describe February. On a mundane level, there’s a couple of interesting aspects to look out for; a Venus-Neptune conjunction on 15th and a Sun-Saturn conjunction the following day on 16th. This should make for an interesting Valentine’s Day.

Expect an afterglow of idealistic, romantic love to quickly turn into a realistic, grounding perspective – for longer term couples, committed in partnership this shouldn’t be an issue, but for those fresh in, it might feel more like a thud to the ground, albeit hopefully a gentle one. 

Perhaps the way to view everything currently is through eyes that see the future vision, keep some perspective, and not so much in judgment of the here and now. Things are less than perfect in many people’s lives and we are learning how to manage a lot within that.

Leo Full Moon 2023 - 1

Sometimes, when we get attached into believing that the present day reality isn’t as it should be, and we have failed, made a mistake, or lost our way, we have only lost sight of the larger perspective and the bigger future, that we are working towards and that inevitably requires certain, less than perfect steps to be taken to get us there.

Judgment of the present needs to be a careful balancing act between realistically assessing what needs to change and what we can immediately change, and what needs to be worked towards, and what even cannot be changed, and must be accepted, at least for now.

When making choices, we have to come back to what feels right for where we are at now, but also where we want to go. Our values and principles are changing, shifting to spaces that require new external environments and situations to thrive, and so we are being asked to reflect this self-lovingly, rather than cling on to the old and fear.

These next two weeks speak to paying attention to what supports growth, and what restricts it in our lives. If we hold onto restriction, there might be a reason to do this, but we need to then have an eye on the future and how we get there, rather than just accept our lot.

If we are not able to leave our comfort zone (after 3 years of ‘stay safe’ we can see why), then yes it just might not be time, but we need to check that out more deeply. There’s no need to chastise or judge self or others for this, but stay aligned to your vision and tune in to what might be a better time. Our channel is always open to receiving insights into the cycle we are in.

It goes without saying that a tendency to live a safe, materialistically focused life, belies a deeper issue that needs to be addressed. Being in touch with your inner material, the stuff that runs and motivates you, the desires and needs that are no longer creative, but withhold life, is going to become increasingly important.

The mother both nurtures and prohibits growth. She gives, yet clings. She creates, yet restricts. Amid this complex energy, The Mother holds the key to the eternal challenge of love. 

Leo Full Moon 2023 - 2

Where we are at, which direction are we going in, having an eye on the future, even when we fall into a hole, this is foundational now. But this future cannot be some idealistic dream that you think will one day land in your lap. Life rarely works like this.

We need to be prepared to act, to think, assess and listen for universal feedback. Blocks suggest it’s not the right time. Flow says the time is now. Yet our capacity to do all of this stuff will only work for us if we have a centre, have done some work, and have a connection with our Divine source.

Without this inner connection, at this time of the planet, life is going to feel like it’s going very awry. The density, materialism of life and the downward pull will put breaks on everything and by the year end, we will be deep in a mire.

It’s best to start cultivating or find a way over the next few months to set up your life so you have that connection solid and true.

A growing polarity is emerging between those that want to continue their lives without subtle or drastic change, and are prepared to die rather than change, and those that are beginning to sense their perhaps recently lost and now rediscovered, embryonic self-empowerment is getting them back on track.

At this time, know that great shadows are the expression of a great light that only reigns at another level. Look for the light that corresponds to the mighty shadows of these present times, and conversely face the shadows that reflects the tremendous light.

This is how we can empower ourselves, and see life with less polarisation. Whatever side of the fence you find yourself on, there is always another side.

Power is not something we own though, or even become, it’s what moves through us. If we are full of ‘stuff’, this power will be stifled. Look instead at your attachments, to either side, which is what holds back channel of power. Power and love must always come together. And if they are not, there’s always more to discover.

Leo Full Moon 2023 - 3

As we align more with life, our inner compass, and the cycles that guide us forward, we will naturally feel that empowerment, as it’s aligned with the source and course of life itself.

The outside world, and its antagonistic forces, are not going away anytime soon. We need to clean ship so we cannot experience their impact in our world, in a destructive sense. That means releasing the fear-driven emotions and density within.

Know what is destroying you and what you need to destroy, and address it this year.

With Pluto on the verge of Aquarius, we need to understand that might not be a time where communities and groups thrive, not yet. This is a time when we as individuals need to work through our own stuff and get ourselves into a place where we are not projecting out our own inner demons.

Many people, regardless of whether on a spiritual path or not, want complete escape from the world now mirroring back to us, this vast shadowy underbelly of humanity. Understandable I think, but we can’t fall into this trap. However we run away from our stuff, is still running away.

Know the difference between stepping away or stepping back, and running away. We can be incredibly devious with ourselves. We can convince ourselves of anything, in order to avoid facing the truth or reality!

We are all at the edge of thresholds, on precipices, and we can feel it. Some of us are now ready to step through, others have a little more work to do, and some will not choose to step through. We never know who is going to make it or not, and we must keep the door open for everyone, without detrimentally impacting ourselves.

We can nudge, but not force others, when we see where they need to go. It’s natural to want all of those we love to come with us, this is what a mother does, it wants to take all life with her. But, we need to understand this is not how life is going to pan out. And accepting this reality, is going to make it easier on us in the forthcoming years.

Furthermore, we need to get good at making distinctions. There is a lot of work to do on this path, especially if higher levels are to be reached. We do not know what’s possible until we experience it, and so we cannot assume that we are ever ‘there’. It’s best to assume humility, at this juncture.

Most of what we experience spiritually, energetically, is transient and meaningless on this path and so we are looking instead for what holds true, has value, feels permanent and solid. Keen discernment and self-honesty, as well as humility, should be our cornerstones, so we avoid getting stuck in spiritual delusion or bypass.

The final Sun-Saturn in Capricorn, which bookends this conjunction of Sun and Saturn in Capricorn (on 16th) is a helpful time for us to retrospectively look at our ours and make sense of how we are doing. What is built on value, reality and solid ground, and what is not.

And this will take us forth into this year’s most needed changes, which under the Jupiter in Aries, can now be engendered.


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