Gemini Full Moon 2021 – Card Guidance

Published on: 16 Dec, 2021

Join us for the a spirit led journey into what it means to be sovereign


Spirit of Isis

Beloved Initiate,

there are times

to surrender and let go,

but there are never

times to give up!

Persist with your

bold faith and

inspired action until

the impossible happens.

Isis has the spirit of triumph

and will never fail in her quest,

no matter how bold or

impossible it seems.

Let her inspire you!


Isis - mother of life
Tarot - 7 of feathers





The Crone

Aging as spiritual journey.

The soul listening inward through the ear labyrinth.

Listening to the voice of the heart – place of knowledge and wisdom.

The old traveler on her way to the point of oneness, where she touches the cosmic whole.

Wingless flying straight into the heart.

Every step is perfect.



The Eternal Child

The Eternal Child is connected to the timeless, ageless, and infinite aspects of life.

It is radiant and fearless and seeks joy above all else and at any cost.

It struggles being bound to an aging body with physical limitations in a world that demands attention to detail and logistics.

The Eternal Child wants to nix all rules and responsibilities and go beyond what others say is possible.

It wants to return (with plenty of friends) to the land of the free, where divine wine and creativity pour from the earth and sky.

We all want a sip from the well of eternal youth…and this makes The Eternal Child naturally popular, perhaps even famous.

The Eternal Child glimmers. It reminds us what is possible, what is magical about this precious life.

When light it is joyful, playful, accepts all, magic.

When dark it is addicted, selfish, adrift, burns out. 

archetypes - the vessel
46 - iching

I Ching

58 – The Way of Vitality

This is about the drive and vitality for life,

the zest for life that shows in the fact

that things in the world

want to be improved.

It is a vital process, on many levels,

to challenge the status quo,

the mainstream and

not settle with being satisfied.

The zest for life is inexhaustible,

and we can make this energy available

to a collective, larger process.

Applying yourself in a way

where you prevent

insatiability or frustration.

At the same time if we are searching

and seeking satisfaction and pleasure

on the outside, then we will

miss the bliss on the inside.